Top 7 Tips for Staying Safe Online


With the rapid expansion of cyberspace come associated risks. We are constantly hearing about scammers, frauds, malware, internet bullies, and so many other threats, leading us to perceive the internet as a dangerous territory. In as much as there is some truth in it, there are several ways through which you can ensure that you stay safe online, to avoid the above dangers.


1. Manage All Your Accounts

Securing your different accounts with strong passwords is highly recommended. Ensure that you do not use the same password for different accounts, and also, make the passwords difficult to guess. Mix letters, numbers, and symbols in your passwords to make them complex even for the most notorious hackers.


2. Do Not Log Into Your Accounts From Several Devices

While you could possibly log in to one or two of your accounts from the office computer, or a cyber café, details can easily be stored within the device. Some browsers save passwords, and if you are accessing your accounts from a public computer, you are putting yourself at a high risk. If you must use them, confirm you have deleted your history.


3. Always Keep Your Device Secured

One of the most effective ways of ensuring online safety is through installing an updated version of an antivirus software. It detects all malicious malware and prevents them from infecting your device. From a host of antivirus software, practice utmost caution when downloading.


4. Do Not Open Suspicious Links

The digital space has been ruined by the amount of suspicious pop-ups appearing on different websites. These pop-ups are mostly about things that may interest you, but that is the catch. You are being trapped into clicking, and giving away your personal details. For enhanced security, open websites that have a prove of security, and do not respond to unknown requests.


5. Change Your Passwords Regularly

Regardless of how strong your password is; it is advisable to change it often. Crooks have a way of monitoring password patterns, and it is only a matter of time before they can capture all the details they want. Changing regularly throws away all the progress they might have made.


6. Share Very Little Personal Information Online

The advent of social media opened up a new craze, almost a competition of lifestyles. The urge to post a lot about your personal life only exposes you to frauds. There are all sorts of personalities on social media, and some of the information you share might be used to bully you.


7. Avoid Public Wi-Fi Networks

We all love free things, but they can be costly in the end. Public Wi-Fi networks are in most cases unsecured. Whatever website you visit, or whatever you're doing online can easily be viewed from another device, hence, compromising your privacy.

There are so many other steps you can take to ensure online safety. Ideally, the buck starts and stops with you. Your security is in your own hands, and it is the little things you do that determine how safe you are in the highly-crowded digital space.


How To Report Suspicious Activity Online

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