Rental Car Damage


Rental Car Damage Scam: How It Works

(with video below) Did you ever rent a car only to have an unpleasant experience when you return it? Imagine this. You've been on vacation for the last two weeks and don't have a care in the world, driving around in a rental vehicle that you are just returning as you get ready to hop on a plane to your next destination.

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You drop it off in the lot and go into the office so they can give it a final once-over. And the bad news come. How does the scam work?

Watch the video below to see in action the sneaky Rental Car Damage scam exposed:

Rental Car Damage Scam Video

A mechanic walks past the office and gives you an accusatory look. You look back, surprised and confused.

Calling you over he asks you to start the car. When you try to start it, which you've been doing everyday for the past two weeks, it doesn't work. The mechanic takes you back in the office and they draft up a bill with hefty charges for the "engine troubles" you caused. You insist you didn't do anything, but they aren't relenting.

Little do you know, the mechanic flooded the carburetor on purpose while you were waiting inside. The fees they're charging are way beyond what it would cost to fix it.

What's even worse is that shady car rental companies, as seen in the video above, claim that you damaged their vehicle and require that you fix it only at a specific car body shop they work with. In reality, that body shop belongs to them. Needless to say, the prices would be much higher than usual, as that may be a business within a business, questionable indeed.


Rental Car Damage Scam: How To Avoid

This scam is usually pulled on people who are not mechanically inclined. Tell them you've heard of the scam and threaten to call a lawyer. If they're smart, you'll be on your way in no time.

When you look for cheap car hire or discount car rental, make sure you read some reviews online first. Even if you have car rental coupons. Do your homework. Always research the car rental companies on forums or simply by typing in the name of the company in a search engine, with the word 'scam' beside it.


Rental Car Damage Scam: How To Report

Make your family and friends aware of the Rental Car Damage scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


How to protect yourself more:

If you want to be the first to find out the most notorious scams every week, feel free to subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter here. You'll receive periodical emails and we promise not to spam. Last but not least, use the Comments section below to expose other scammers.


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26 thoughts on “Rental Car Damage”

  1. I hired a van from a reputable car hire chain called Practical Car and Van Rental in Chorlton Manchester.
    It turns out they are a franchisee and actually a very small company.
    I returned the van with an undamaged door and after they took away to clean it damage mysteriously occurred.
    They demanded £525 with scare tactics for a scratch which will clearly polish out.
    I refused to pay telling them I would get legal advice.
    Where do I stand legally ?

  2. Google "enterprise ding and dent scam" to save yourself the hassle of this office. The rep informed us that there was major damage in the form of a dent and red paint on the vehicle. There was ZERO damage when we returned the van. She blantantly lied because on the pics the red is the reflection from a car seat on their property. This office lied and I have text messages and pics to prove it. So, they kept our deposit and sent us a bill for $275. $475 for thumb size dent that was already on the vehicle when we rented it. The reps are very shady here. Video the car inside and out and video the rep, if you ever have to rent from this location.

  3. We rented a car through Avis in Toronto for the summer and while we were driving around the campsite we discovered that the hyundai sonata has a sunroof and pressed the button for the sunroof to open now here comes the problem when we were trying to press the button back to close the roof it wont close properly and the whole sunroof ended up sliding at the back of the car but luckily it didnt break. still intact. We called Avis to request a car replacement because obviously the car is not safe to drive when it’s sunroof has a potential to fly in the highway or it might rain and we cant close it. They were very good at sending a new car to us . The Avis rep drove another car and for some reason he drove the hyundai back to Toronto and we were assuming that they will tow the car since its sunroof is malfunctioning. When we returned the replacement, no one said anything about that car, we got our deposit back and forgot about it and 4 months later we received a call saying we have to pay $1300 for the damages. What I dont understand is that a sunroof is a vehicle feature that is meant to be utilized and since it malfunctioned I dont think we should pay the damages. Another thing was why after 4 months they will come after us and why they didnt say anything for so long. It is a 2016 vehicle and it should be under warranty or something. please if anyone knows how to get out of this nightmare because I dont wanna pay for something that is clearly not my fault.

  4. I too used a rental car from Bradenton FL airport – AVIS – 5 days rental to assist my elderly mother after a death in the family. Mimimal driving and always parked in private driveway. The car drove funny and I thought about bringing it back but since I wasn’t driving much and it was only for 5 days it was doable. Upon returning the car the Avis guy in the lot came running after me to inform me that there was a scratch along the trim under the door. I did not cause any damage to this car, but Avis guy said "well you should have taken pictures of the care when you picked it up!" – seriously??? I don’t know what the final outcome will be but I’m certainly not going to pay for damage that I did not cause. Any advise on recourse appreciated.

  5. pissed off consumer

    This scam is still going on with Enterprise. I rented a car from the Bradenton, Florida location in March, 2016 and the car I rented had been backed into a tar covered telephone pole by the Enterprise employee who parked the car prior to my pick up. The ‘damage’ (tar on the rear bumper) was noted on the pick up receipt. When I dropped the car off at the Tampa airport, the car was flagged for damage and I was escorted to the glass booth office where the person behind the counter looked at my pick up receipt and told the clerk who had looked at the car and discovered the ‘damage’ that the ‘damage’ had been noted and I was free to go. Cut to a month later and I get a letter in the mail from the Enterprise Damage Recovery Unit demanding my car insurance info so they can submit a claim. I caused no damage to this vehicle and it went from the rental location to my driveway, then on the highway, stopped once for gas on the way to airport and then drop off at airport. I had the car less than 15 hours and it wasn’t driven anywhere other than to the airport, nor was it out of my possession or in a location where any ‘damage’ could have occured. My sense it that this is a complete scam run by Enterprise to extract more money out of their customer base after the fact. How can I prove a lack of damage one month later when who knows how many other people have rented the car since I had it a month ago? The car was cleared at the drop off point. Enterprise is running some kind of huge scam and if you google it (enterprise damage scam), you’ll see thousands of other posts from other victims of this scam. I refuse their claim and will fight it tooth and nail and warn as many other people as possible to STAY AWAY FROM ENTERPRISE RENT A CAR!!

  6. This morning I returned a rental car at Enterprise in Burnsville,MN. The salesperson went outside for about 15 seconds, came back inside and said " looks like you damaged the rear of the car". I said what and went out to take a look he was showing me what appeared to be some small scrape marks on the bottom bumper. I remember picking up the car that day and it was completely unwashed and dirty as it was brought in from someplace else so there was no time to wash the car. I intend to fight this bogus claim. I remember at the time of the rental the same guy really giving me the 3rd degree about not purchasing the car damage insurance through them so I wonder if this has something to do with it? Does anyone know of a possible "class action suit" against Enterprise for there tactics. I would love to know.

  7. Enterprise Rent A Car has not returned my deposit after 10 Weeks! May 11th I rented a car one way from Daytona to Ft Lauderdale in order to pick up a new car for my wife at a Mercedes Dealership. I drove directly to the dealership and the car was returned to Enterprise next door. By the 14th I had not received my deposit in my account so I called the Enterprise office where I rented the car and then they informed me there was damage to the vehicle and wanted my insurance info to make a claim. I refused and told them I drove the car directly to the dealership and there was no damage. The agent threatened me that I would be placed on their "No Rent List"… I asked for proof of the damage from both this local office and through corporate. Its now July 21st and I have received no proof of damage or my deposit. This a common complaint – I would be extremely cautious before renting a car from this company. SCAM

  8. I rented a car from Dollar March 2,2015 during a unusual snow storm in Raleigh NC. I returned the car totally clean on the interior…in fact I only drove it to and from the airport during inclement weather. When returning the person just handed me a slip and never acknowledged or told me that the car wasn’t clean enough…
    I was charged a $250 cleaning fee, upon disputing Dollar told me their manager was correct and I was wrong and I can no longer rent a car from Dollar, Hertz, Thrifty or firefly for disputing the charge. Lesson always wash and vacuum your car before you return it… Unbelievable!!

  9. Jackie Hundley

    I was also scammed by Enterprise. They did not honor the confirmation price and they pulled the damage scam on me as well. How can Enterprise be stopped? Consumers need assistance with the Enterprise Rental vultures

  10. i rented a car from esur enterprise and when i took it back i was toiled to go in to the office and the woman ho had the car from me got out of the car and whent round to the back of the car and then came in to the office and sed i had damaeg the bumper at the backand i had to pay 20050 pounds i toled them i did not do this to the car i dont like this companey thay are scamers i allso had witness in a nother car whatting to tacke me back home and thay sore whot she did wot can i do

  11. Enterprise made up a bogus bill with photos after we returned from IN (we live in FL). Supposedly we are liable as we were supposed to wait to get the car and return it from an employee of Enterprise. Hello! We were late for a funeral home visit late at night and it was 20 degrees. Certainly weren’t looking the car over in the dark and running late.

    Daughter complained that the door made a screeching noise the whole trip and told attendant same. Again, no one bothered to let us know we should wait for someone to look car over.

    Neither time did anyone from Enterprise offer to go with us with their "form" to fill out.

    After 3 weeks, she got a notice that the car had been severely damaged (with photos) and the whole left front had been smashed in to the tune of $800.

    I will not let this go. Enterprise big-wigs will be hearing from me with threats to go to their local newspapers in IN. GRRRR

  12. Once again Enterprise has screwed someone this time it was me! I rented a car from them and drove it for 4 hours, 200 miles and stopped once to fill with gas before I returned it. Before I rented I walked around the car looking in the obvious spots for damage and found one scratch which was noted. Upon return the agent used a flash light to look under the car and found some scratches in the paint. I would have had to use a mirror on wheels to see it and in fact I did not see this when I rented it. So now I am stuck with a body shop bill of a car that I did not damage and have no proof that they even repaired! It maybe still driving around with the same scratches waiting for the next victim! What a great way to make money I wish I could do it and get away with this practice. No to Enterprise!

  13. I recently rented a car from National ( now affiliated with Enterprise) for 1 Day at JFK recently. The car was dark blue. I picked it up at night…very cold night after a flight from SFO. I was not told to check for damage by the person signing it out. In fact, she just said to pick one of two cars and walked away.

    I had taken full coverage on the car. When dropping the car off the next day for my next flight, the attendant pointed to a ding on the passenger door and asked what happened. I said I have no clue. I was not in an accident and the ding was probably there when I got the car as the car had only been to and from the airport, a diner, and a mall parking lot. I always park far from other cars so I dont think this ding occurred whilst I was driving it.

    When back from my trip to the east coast ( a week later), I find a Fedex package in my bushes from National asserting that I had to fill out an incident report???? for the damage to the car.

    An indicent report? There was no incident. Additionally, I had taken out insurance ( full coverage) on the vehicle and this for was asking for me to provide my insurance info??? WTF

    I have called my insurance agent today, and am going to pursue this to the fullest extent of the law. I want people to know what a scam ripoff this company is. I will never ever rent from Enterprise or National again!!!! I rented from two other companies ( Budget and Dollar) during this trip as well and have not heard a peep from them. ALL of these rental cars have some ding, scrape etc in them. Its the nature and cost of business when you are renting cars out to thousands of people a year.

    Additionally the letter I received indicates that I may be responsible for the damage if I do not fill out this letter??? even though I took out insurance. WTF?

    How dare this company try to subrogate with my insurance company after I took out insurance coverage with them. This is a total scam. I will file a fraud report with my bank and contact an attorney as well. Perhaps this ia a class action lawsuit in the making. I encourage everyone to dispute these absurb accusations by National and Enterprise. Shame on them!

  14. Stay away from enterprise rent a car Newcastle upon Tyne central station I returned the car in exactly the same condition. They told me that my deposit would be returned in full. However a week later I realised the manager Sabrina Bhalla had fraudulently deducted £100 from my deposit. Stay away from Enterprise car rental .

  15. In October 2013, I too rented a car from Hertz at Zaventem-Brussels Airport. We drove it for a week without incident but when I returned it, the inspector "discovered" a two inch scratch on the front bumper, a scratch that they claimed wasn’t there when I rented the car. I protested that I didn’t put it there, nonetheless, they charged me 700-dollars for repairs. Since I had no before and after photos to prove my innocence, I got stuck paying (American Express) since I had not taken their CDW. Bottom line, avoid this Hertz agency like the plague. If you do rent from them, go over car with fine tooth comb and take pictures of any damage prior to driving off, as well as take photos just prior to turning in with time stamps.

  16. I rented a car from Enterprise for about 3 weeks following my car being totaled in an accident. My insurance company paid for the rental. 3 days after I returned it, I received a Fed-Ex letter from Enterprise’s damage recovery letter stating that I had damaged the vehicle. I immediately called the location where I obtained and returned the auto and asked the manager what damages they were claiming I had caused. He said the front bumper was dented on the underside. The rep who handed the car over to me and also received it when it was returned had NEVER inspected the car’s underside. They NEVER brought any damages to my attention while I was there. Seems they miraculously appeared after I left. WARNING: this is obviously a scam. My insurance company asked if I had taken their ‘additional’ insurance coverage and I hadn’t. She said that they try to collect the additional fees, one way or another, even if the have to fabricate damages that never happened while you had the vehicle!!!

  17. Rented a car from Enterprise in Greenville, NC 11/17/13 through 11/22/13. During pickup a dent was noted on agreement around the windshield and told not to worry about…. Returned car 11/22/13 a small ding above the wheel well was noted could hardly see and may have been on the car before the rental. An accident report was filed on the ding however no mention of the dent around windshield. Just received an invoice for the repair of the dent around the windshield and no mention of the ding above wheel well. Now fighting with Enterprise. I refuse to pay for damages that were made by previous renters. Pulled the vin number on the rental – 4 records on history but no claims for repairs. Makes me wonder if Enterprise is charging renters for damages over and over again…. Invoice provided was an estimate and definitely did not show the work being repaired only pictures of the dent around the windshield that was noted originally on the paperwork agreement…… Very frustrated, best advice I can give anyone…. Take lots of pictures of the vehicle before you drive it off the lot!

  18. January 3, 2014 my wife and I rented a car from Enterprise at the Buffalo International airport, upon arriving we were not greeted in a very welcoming manner which was very surprising given my previous experiences. Upon getting the car which was booked online the ERAC rep gave me a completely different price which was about $200.00 higher even though I gave her my reservation number. Lucky for me I happened to have a printed version of the reservation with me and when I gave it to her to have the price corrected she looked rather displeased. From there we went out to pick up the car, it was covered in salt from the winter roads and appeared otherwise to be in good condition. When doing the walk around with the other ERAC rep he was very nice and pointed out to me slight damage on the passenger side front corner panel, basically a small dent the size of a quarter at best. He told me this damage was already accounted for and not to worry as well. He then noted it on the contract by initialing on the car, from there we continued to walk around and no other damage was noted and he had me initial. Many days later and due to not being able to fly back out of Buffalo due to a storm I contacted them to see if I could take the vehicle back to Myrtle Beach, they agreed and I agreed to a $75.00 additional charge. When we returned the car to Myrtle Beach the ERAC rep approached the vehicle and immediately asked me about the dent, I explained it was noted on the contract which I unfortunately did not have in my possession as we left it home by accident prior to dropping off the car. I wasn’t worried about it and over a few days had completely forgotten all about it. Yesterday when I checked the mail I received an overnighted vehicle incident report and since have been trying to get this cleared up. While trying I have had to deal with rudeness, misdirection, finger pointing and much more. I explained to the damage recovery unit rep that I am not comfortable with filling out a form for something that was clearly nothing to do with me. I explained I do not nor will I allow myself to be responsible for someone else’s damage especially when it was pointed out to me, supposedly noted and I was told not to worry about it because they already knew about it. I tried explaining to the ERAC rep and damage claim rep that the damage if known would be recorded on and kept on file for the vehicle and they said it is, when I asked for a copy of that report they denied me. When I said this could easily be addressed by reviewing the security cameras of the ERAC rep showing me the damage on the car I was told I signed I am responsible no matter if the damage was there or not. When looking back this is what I believe happened, damage was pointed out and the ERAC rep said it was already previously noted and he initialed on the car. When done he had me initial, after I believe he check “NO DAMAGE” and steered my attention to initialing where I declined the insurance and waivers and then sent me on my way. This email could go on as there was much more that happened that led to nothing more than them talking in circles leading me back to this being my fault. At this time I have left message for their area manager and city manager and no one has called me back. I am going to email the CEO and I am going to file a complaint with the BBB and attorney general. If anyone has had luck in NY state with this please guide me in the right direction.

    Very Disgusted Customer

  19. Elizabeth Chasse

    I recently had a horrific experience with Hertz at Zaventem-Brussels Airport. I booked a rental car with them through and received a quote for a decent rate. I arrived at the rental counter on the morning of December 6, 2013 and received good customer service from the agent and proceeded to my car with which I experienced no problems. On the evening before my departure, I filled the gas tank at a service station so as to not have to deal with filling the tank in the morning. I was very careful throughout the 10 days of my stay and at no time was the car parked in any parking lots where it could have received damage. On the morning of the December 16th, I pulled into the Hertz check out area to return the car. While I was unloading my baggage and miscellaneous items from the vehicle, the check-in guy was walking around the car inspecting for damage. To my surprise, he approached me at the rear of the car and told me that I had damage to the vehicle. He showed me two miniscule superficial scratches, one on the left front hood of the car and one just to the rear of the gas tank fill door on the right rear of the vehicle. Having just filled the tank the evening before, I am certain that the scratch was not there then. Also, the car was quite dirty and these scratches looked very clean and new. I am convinced that this attendant purposely caused these scratches in order to obtain more money from me. He brought me into the check-out office to do the paperwork. The customer service guy there told me that they would be charging me 548Euros plus a damage admin fee of 50Euros for the damage. I told him that I felt that was extreme and he replied that he could have charged me 548Euros for each scratch and that I was getting off easy. I feel that this is a scam being done by Hertz Brussels Airport in order to boost their numbers on the backs of foreign visitors who are subsequently leaving the country. I have registered a complaint with Hertz and I have ordered my credit card company to dispute the charges. I would not recommend renting from Hertz Brussels airport regardless of the low fee quoted. I am hoping by writing this that I will prevent any other unsuspecting traveler from going through this nightmare. If you do rent from Hertz at Brussels airport, be sure to circle the car with the attendant while he inspects the car for damages or you could find yourself in the same boat as me. In addition, I rented a car from Europcar last year and had no issues whatsoever. Stick with them if you need to rent a car in Brussels.

  20. Company: OK Rent a Car (Mallorca)

    Location of pick up: Off airport Palma de Mallorca

    Period of rental: 3 days / 10.1013 – 13.10.13

    Overall cost: 480 euros tot + fuel (expected cost car rental 70 euro + fuel)

    Booking agent: Doyouspain

    We have been renting cards in Mallorca for around 30 years and never had a problem until …

    1. To begin with the airport pick up was late, but we still had to pay an out of hours charge.

    2. Before collecting the vehicle we were asked to inspect it in the dark for damage when it was not possible to see the vehicle properly and mark it on an inspection sheet. We hurriedly inspected the car as they said they were closing and provided no assistance or torch to inspect vehicle. So we only recorded the most obvious marks and scratches on their sheet. The member of staff countersigned the report and grinned at us whilst asking for us to pay additional insurance 30 euros for 3 days insurance saying ‘you’ll need this’. I asked why when we had rented cars for over 30 years and never had a problem – but we should have know better!

    3. When we returned the vehicle, the staff were rude and unreasonable and also tried to initially charge us for a dirt mark that I rubbed off with my finger. They then said we will get an inspector to arbitrate. I was unsure over what?

    4. In a few moments the inspector (member of OK staff) then charged us 180 euros for a scratch that was in a different place – under the bumper and not easily visible. We knew this was not caused during the period when we rented the vehicle. The vehicle inspector then refused to let us see the companies report on the vehicle. They also said it may have been another vehicle, but this was impossible as the scratch was under the car and was not visible unless you looked under the car eg from an inspection pit. And a collision would have caused damage to the whole of the bumper? Additionally a further 180 euro was taken from my card which we were unaware of.

    We are requesting a full refund of the 360 euro charge as it was not legitimate and taken against our will. The credit card company have agreed to review the transaction and we await the outcome.

    We would not recommend anyone to use OK rent a Car. To us it seemed like a scam and other reports on Trip Advisor confirm our experience is not unique. Had we realised any of this prior to renting, we would have not used this company.

  21. Hello,
    In Tuesday , October 15th, 2013
    I have dealt with entreprise a rent car in orange, ca many times. I rent car in October 4th 2013 for the deal 9,99$, I returned it back in October 7th, 2013. I rent again in October 8th, 2013, returned back October 9th, 2013 they give another car than the one I had before.
    Today October 15th at 6pm the manager of the office from where I rent call me and toled me that the car I rent in October 4th had water mixed with gaz, and to repair that will cost 900$, and they will charge me for that.I said its wasn’t me and I don’t know why she want charge me for something I never did, her answer was she’s not saying I did it but I was the last one who rent it.
    Please if anyone can help me or tell me what I should do

  22. I have dealt with Enterprise Car rentals MANY times, and they have always bent over backwards to make sure everything was okay. Hopefully these are very isolated cases, because I sure hope not to see this happen with Enterprise. (PS: I have rented from Enterprise in several states as well.)

  23. My husband and I were also scammed by Enterprise. We were out of town on business and rented a car from Enterprise in the Tampa intl airport. We inspected the car with the agent we found minor dings in the passenger door and he told us not to worry they were to small. Drove to our resort 30 miles away, parked the vehicle and never drove it again until we headed back to the airport 4 days later. We were greeted by 3 agents to inspected the car and the first thing the one did was open the drivers door to boost herself up to inspect the roof. She immediately found a dent right above the rear passenger drivers side door which I’m certain was not caused while in our possession. You had to dust off the roof and look at it at just the right angle to even notice. I was furious! We never inspected the roof when we picked the car up, nor did the agent suggest to. She filed a damage report which I did not sign and now I’m waiting to hear back from Enterprise. Any advice on what to do would be greatly appreciated!

  24. There is what the scam looks like in Georgia, some guy got screwed by Entreprise and posted a complaint on Pissed Consumer: So I rented a economy car from Enterprise in Rincon, Ga. The guy that was assisting me name was Connor. It was around closing time and he instructed a guy to go wash the car. After we finished the paperwork, we went outside and he told me to sit in the drivers seat of a blue 2012 Corolla and tell him the miles on the car. My rental was for the weekend special of 9.99 a day with 100 miles per day. After I read the mileage to him we began to do the walk around to look for damage. The car was wet but I proceeded to look at the vehicle to see if I saw any damage on the car. I only saw a scratch on the passenger side door because it wasn’t the same color as the car and he said that he was looking for 3+ inch marks or dents the size of golf balls. To tell you the truth, the car did not look like it had any damage to his specifications and I think it was because it was wet. We looked at the sides the trunk and the hood. I drove off in the car. When I got in the car and drove off, I was almost home when I noticed there was some kind of beverage sprayed on the passenger side window that the guy did not clean off. I thought to myself well maybe they didn’t care about that so I will clean it off. I kept the car and returned it and wanted to extend my rental. Conner was trying to close out my first rental agreement so he could get me back in the same car. Because I was going to keep the same car, he told me that he was going to look at the miles and gas. I was in the building talking to another person that worked there. I noticed Conner was walking around the car like he was looking for damage. That kind of confused me cause if I wasn’t turning the car back in and it wasn’t noted any damage, why was he looking around the car again. He was on the passenger side of the car looking at the side of the car and the roof of the car. He came to the door and asked me what happened to the roof of the car on the passenger side of the car cause there were 3 dents on it. I was floor and was like o.k. when we looked at the car the first time it was wet so I believe that we didn’t see a lot of scratches and dents on the car. He asked me if I parked under a tree and I was like the car was wet when we looked at it and I don’t have trees in my yard and I think a tree would cause more damage than that. I asked them to wet the car and see if they could see it even though now that we saw the dents it would be impossible to reenact the scenario being that we now know that there are three dents on the roof. I was livid because I knew that it was something that was not done while in my possession. I know from now on that if I rent a car, not to do a walk around while a car is wet. I had them wet the car and I took pictures of the area where the dents were. I even told him that we didn’t even look at the roof.. When we walked around the car I looked wherever he looked and that was on the body of the car around the sides trunk and hood|. I can’t even see on top of the roof that well?. They told me that I should have got there damage protection:. Connor was working real fast at reporting the claim to my insurance company and I refuse to pay for the damage that I did not cause and it was overlooked by both Connor and me:. This is the worse experience that I could have ever had with them and I am not going to be charged for something that is clearly a oversight on my part?. I believe Connor knew the condition of the car before he even had the guy go and clean it and then for them not to dry the car completely is another reason I think he knew". This is so sad that a company would be represented in this way.

  25. Another way to avoid this scam, especially the "flooded carburetor" issue, is to bring the car in and leave it running. Of course, you will need to leave someone in the car, but if the car is running, they can’t flood out the carburetor. If you have to turn off the car and then restart it, if it doesn’t start, wait 15-20 minutes (staying WITH the car) and ask to try it again. By that time, the carburetor will have drained, and the car should start. Of course, the BEST way to avoid these scams is to always do business with a reputable company, and check to make sure that other’s haven’t had problems with that rental location.

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