NCPDP Fake Employee

How the scam works:

Many people use prescription drugs. In fact, according to the US Food and Drug Administration, over half of all North Americans are on at least on prescription drug at any given time.

This has led to a pharmacy on every corner, and the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) is a standards development program, founded in 1977 to oversee pharmacies and ensure good standards and practices in pharmaceutical care.

This latest scam is geared towards pharmacists and pharmacy owners. A caller, identifying themselves as being an employee of the NCPDP, will contact the pharmacy from a blocked telephone number and request massive amounts of information from the pharmacy.

The requested information includes the owner’s name, NPI number, email addresses, home phone numbers, cell phone numbers and EIN numbers. If the person is unwilling or hesitant to give such personal information, the caller will threaten to report the pharmacy to the Better Business Bureau.

How to avoid:

Be aware that while the NCPDP does occasionally have to call pharmacies to request information for verification purposes, they will never require that extensive a list of information for their records. Request that the caller send you an email to verify their identity as an employee with the NCPDP. Any emails coming from the legitimate NCPDP will end in The real NCPDP will never hesitate to send an email to verify their identity.

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