Mobile Numbers Go Public

Mobile Numbers Go Public Scam: How It Works

(with video below) Scammers send mass e-mails, phone texts, Twitter posts, or even make telephone calls, informing that “Starting the 15th of next month, all mobile phone numbers are going public”. They also mention that the numbers will be released to telemarketing companies and “you will start to receive sales calls that you will be charged for!” How does the scam work?

Watch the video below to see how this scam exposed:

Mobile Numbers Go Public Scam Video

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Of course, nobody wants that so it is no surprise that hundreds of thousands of people all over the world fall victim to this scam. The scammers ask for personal information and – in the case where they contact the victims by e-mail – provide a link to a fake Do Not Call Register service.


Mobile Numbers Go Public Scam: How To Avoid

Mobile phone numbers are not going public, and if they do, you won’t be told about it just like that. Media will make it public.


Mobile Numbers Go Public Scam: How To Report

Make your family and friends aware of this scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report Scammers To The Federal Trade Commission Here


How to protect yourself more:

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36 thoughts on “Mobile Numbers Go Public”

  1. ?(608) 455-0975? Is an IRS SCAMERS
    I guess they are an Indian gangsters
    Yesterday the used 7743101576 , every while they call me

  2. please be aware this person play male and female to scam people on facebook and qeep and dating sites she tell people she will come to them the person must give petrol money when pay the money in with e wallet or shoprite transfer or airtime when the people pay the money in she or he receive the money they begin to lie and hit and run and change cell numbers , when you call the person they never answer , the cell phone number is , 0727028072 , 0766779989,
    0799456245 the one number still works 0761040568 , the person did scam me for more then a year with 55 000 rand i’m willing to go to court i got all the proof i need

  3. this person scam people on qeep this person use fake profile photos to make money her number is 076 104 0568 and the number before this one 079 945 6245 be aware

  4. please be aware of this person she play people for money on qeep any dating sites she is a scam she tell you she wil come to you for a date when you pay the money in any transfer like shoprite or e wallet she never came or ask for airtime please make sure on qeep when they ask for money or airtime it’s not false or fake They also sent fake fotos on qeep for airtime or money
    the phone number are 0799456245

  5. The following number 0729280381 0r +27729280381 is a scam they set up a meeting to get a quote and then
    steal your cell phone

  6. DONT ANSWER 810-928-2440; They never left a message, called twice in one day and finally answered. It is a foreigner hardly able to speak English and was saying that I was due to receive $7,000 from the Governments Grant department. I had received a similar call months ago where they asked me for personal information. However I would only give my email and they hung up on me. Today, I said the same; I would not give any information but for him to email the information. I gave him the email and asked if that was OK. He literally said "No" and hung up the phone! How dumb; please do not give them any information. When I call back the number is "not available". Horrible scammers, obviously!

  7. Rodel aldea jr

    09099579367 09058010236 this number is scammer she take money from me please report this this is a seller from OLX please help he took seven thousand pesos i send him for laptop and he never talk to me or txtted me beware of this scam.. Full name: Danilo d garcia..

  8. 0400296812 is a scam artist. He said he has an iPad to sell, takes your money and says it never got into his account. You then annoy him so much he says he got the money and has sent the iPad.. Which surprise, surprise never comes. If you have hired this person, live with this person or are this person watch out. He is bad news.

  9. 13072007092 scam numbers named adrianna. Snding inappropriate messages. Used phony email address to send text to my phone. Watch for this sender. He or sheay change it new e-address n new phone numbers but pls do watch out.

    Using email adress to send messages
    [email protected] and number is above. I blocked it with phone app security.

  10. I keep getting calls from a number I don’t know 707839-9541 I tryed to call it back but it’s no longer in service it calls me up to 10 times a day how can I make it stop. As of 12/4/14 I have revived 6calls every 30 minutes

  11. who wouldnt like a free cruise? yeah right! all you have to pay 9s a government fee of 59.95! look out for this number 510 275-4992

  12. 14389382481

    this number is a scam told my grandparents I was in jail and pretended to be me and not to call my parents put a fake lawyer on the phone and got 2000 dollars don’t pick up

  13. (*) I was cheated by my chatmate named John Smith in yahoo messenger. He got my info details and said he will book for a flight to New Zealand this Feb.6, 2014. And now am upset he us not appearing then. This is his mobile number + 18188510939
    I hope you can help protect me to his scam


  14. I recevided an email scam.This person from a foreign country tells me if I send money I will receive money hahahalol lol lol, I have never fallen for these things, because a compelte stranger in a foreign country has my email address. hahaha lol lol lol

  15. I got a new scam…# 408 780-4751.
    First message asks you contact them if a certain person has been contacting them or you are a victim of their scam and will be rewarded $600k.
    I ignored the scam but saved it for a few days.
    Next I got another text via the # saying …. we appreciate your assistance and you are being sent $600k via western union . There was more to both messages but I can forward them to any email or #.
    I know the #is Boston based but I’m sure its Nigerian scams. I have chatted with so many scammers its radiculous. Even one that had a cell #based a town away.
    I look for key chat proper English mistakes especially the lack of using the letters ( l, or putting combo words together like I am/I’m or putting (s)at the ends of word.. online translators don do that either. Latinos translate when trying to speak English,they use I and me a lot. But use ..I am … sometimes proper and or in wrong ways. I personally haven’t had many Latino scanners other then them being here in the states and looking for a spouse to stay and offer you deals. I understand their reasons vs deportation.I know how they converse mainly because I lived around many Latino as well they babysat my son. However these were legal ppl but lived in San Ysidro Ca and hv spoke to many that jumped the fences before they had walls. They were more scared of us then us of them. I happened to be pregnant and walked out to a huge desert area to let my Springer spanielrun and do his duty. Also very potective as well as 1coyote that walked with me occasionally and showed me what bad coyotes did to anyone. Though he did eligible things, I didn’t nark on him. Think as you will but at least he wasn’t neglectful to ppl no matter what and actually had a masters degree but refused work due to his race. Well spoken man but older then myself. But going to mix , I and me is used a lot. Anyhow just look for ppl that start their chats with …am……

  16. I received an e-mail from united nations I would be sent by federal express increments of 5000$ until I had drawn out 2.5 million dollars all a scam they have contacted me twice different names watch out check out un they don’t do that so there you go I think it was 49.$to pay for delivery and it was from south Africa

  17. This person called him self mosses Williams is a fraud and scamming person he have calling person regarding washing black money, i went him to be track this number +919953856952 Vodafone network from New Delhi

  18. @Maria Morales i had the same problem. i kept calling the guy back, asking if he was going to come arrest me. i even live a block away from the police station he said was going to arrest me, put him on speakerphone with an officer, and he hung up. i calle

  19. I received an email from 2013 as the sender. They indicated I had a bank draft of $800,000 to be delivered by federal express services flint Michigan. Phone number 234-810-651-2203. Obviously an international number. Also mentioned South Africa.

  20. Maria Morales

    A Indian guy called me Friday telling me that there was a warrant for my arrest concerning a 1400 dollar loan He told me if I didn’t pay 700 dollars they would come and arrest me
    The phone # is 214-702-5812 from TX

  21. Hi, I’m Rob.
    In France, I regularly receive calls from 0899 numbers which, when answered by the auto-answering (network) service, leave no message. I presume that these callers want me to respond to their premium rate number, or worse. It’s a pest because I have to grab for my spec’s to see the calling number, risking losing a call which I want. I can’t yet find a way to block incoming numbers on my primitive non-web-connectable but lovely, simple Nokia N 1112 type RH-93. I see from a Google search that I’m far from being the only one in France to receive these calls, so for the info of other expats . . .

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