MidweekPay Scam


MidweekPay Scam: How It Works

Scam Detector has received several emails today from people complaining that they’ve been spammed with something that we would call the MidweekPay Scam. Potential victims have gotten notifications on their cell phones claiming to be from a money lending website, www.midweekpay.com. The MidweekPay text message tells the recipients that their loan request has been approved. To get the money, the victim is invited to access the MidweekPay website and to start a new application process.

Below you can see a screenshot with a couple of spammy text messages inviting the recipients to visit the MidweekPay page (on the left), as well as the automated, customized welcome page (on the right):

The MidweekPay text message says:

Money Transfer in state OH

Trans. #37673 09/05

Client: Hawkins

Amnt & Apprv: can be changed after IBV

Appr.: https://MidweekPay.com/cmmxkbngm”

Here is the thing: the hook works because the MidweekPay text message features the last name of the recipient, too (see “Hawkins” above), so the victims have a reason to believe that the notification is legitimate.

However, how MidweekPay gathered the last name is a different story. It could be purchased from third-party phishing websites or any other telemarketing lead list offers. Regardless, hundreds of recipients of the MidweekPay text message told us that they don’t account for this money lending company.

More vulnerable are people who have applied for a loan in the past. In this case, most of those are gullible and proceed with filing the application form and giving away their private data.

On the reverse note, beware of loan repayment calls such as the Wiggins Adjustments one.

MidweekPay Text Message Scam: How to Avoid

The MidweekPay text message is just a luring and deceiving scheme, meant to collect your personal data, as well as your financial information. If you look closer at the midweekpay.com website, you will notice that they don’t have ANY option of contacting their office, whether it is an email, physical address, or customer service info. It is the first red flag you should look for when trying to find out more about a site.

Even if the company does lend the money, it is hard to be trusted. If you get the MidweekPay text message on your phone, just ignore it.

MidweekPay Text: How To Report Them

Warn your family and friends about the MidweekPay Scam by sharing this article on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here

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Natalie Brown

I received a email saying I win PayPal cash reward money for $750.00 so I checked the reviews these people would do anything to get your information so I’m going to brock them from my phone. I believe they want through my PayPal account, and see I send money to my Pastor for my tithes. Thank you for letting me comment.

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