Influencers, Beware: Blog Advertising Fraud Hits The Online World

Influencer Advertising Scam: How It Works

Blogging has become a big-money industry. Many influencers earn a good living by blogging and selling advertising space on their successful blog sites. Given the amazing success that so many have achieved from this endeavor, could scammers be far behind?

This latest scam has been reported to us by one of the most influential travel bloggers out there, Travel by Dart. However, your niche could be any other than travel, and you can still fall victim.

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In the Influencer Advertising Scam, the blog site owner receives an email from someone claiming to be a representative from an advertising agency. The rep is offering the opportunity to sell advertising space for your blog on other popular blog sites, as well as providing guest bloggers that are professionals in their respective industries.

Of course there are advertising companies and media buyers all over the world, but in this particular case scammers offer to pay you in advance for a year, just so they get your personal and financial information. Not to mention that typically – to be one of the legitimate agencies’ client – you need to have hundreds of thousands of followers/fans (if not millions) to qualify.

Influencer Advertising Scam: How To Avoid

Never reply to an unsolicited email from any company that you can’t find anything about online. Offering their services or a great once-in-a-lifetime moneymaking opportunity might sound good, but they are often too good to be true. If the owner of the blog seeking advertising does not contact you themselves it is likely not a legitimate offer.

Contact the blog site owner in question yourself, to determine if he knows anything about this offer, or if he is using this upstart company to help sell advertising space.

Sure, there are various platforms that intermediate connections between influencers and bloggers, but make sure you research extensively all the names involved.

Influencer Advertising Scam: How To Report

Warn your influencer friends about this scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report Scammers To The FTC Here

Verify a website below

Are you just about to make a purchase online? See if the website is legit with our validator:


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selma hrynchuk
Selma HrynchukSelma is a fraud prevention specialist renowned for her expertise in private eye investigations and a remarkable partnership with law enforcement agencies. Beyond her investigative triumphs, her public speaking engagements and written works have empowered countless individuals to protect themselves and stay ahead of deceptive schemes. Selma's legacy shines as a tenacious agent of change, unyielding in her commitment to battling fraud and ensuring a safer world for all.

10 thoughts on “Influencers, Beware: Blog Advertising Fraud Hits The Online World”

  1. I want to warn of the scams being carried out by the couple of thieves: Philippe Ballesio and Rosaline Ballesio, they manage the companies: Btcmt4 and others, those companies that offer services that do not work. They charge money in advance and then the systems they sell stop working, many people are reporting being scammed by these people, please report them.

  2. And, be careful with those pages that promise you to recovery your stolen money!

    Specially the page "BTCMT4", this website is administered by Philippe Ballesio and his wife, Rosalie Lai Ballesio. This couple make you believe that they will help you.

    They use their email (plakumust@/ to communicate with the future client, they ask for a payment of 2,000€ for the lawyers. But then, they disappear. Don’t trust in al those pages that "help you" to recovery money.

    Be careful, and help us to report them.

  3. Very usefull information. Seriously,there are more and more scams. I use programs and websites.before do smth. There are group of people, who have bad expierence with scam. And they help people to recognize scam. Stop Scam together.

  4. Just information, We have done a review of the new site ( And the result is scam sites.

    Registry Domain ID: 2024607114_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
    Registrar WHOIS Server:
    Updated Date: 2016-04-28
    Creation Date: 2016-04-28
    Expires Date: 2017-04-28


    Remember.. SPECIALPRINTPART.COM IS SCAM SITE. So do not ever to make purchases in their companies. Or you will lose your money.

    Hopefully this information can be useful to you.

    Thank you

  5. I am really glad that you share this important information with us, it’s really important that we share this type of scams info publicly and because of this everyone aware of these scams and fraudsters. Problem is everybody wants to make money in an easy way and that is the biggest reason to fall for these scams and the senior citizens are the best and easy target for these scammers. These scammers wants only and only your money because this is one of the easiest way to make money. You work your whole life and make money by doing lots of hard work and sacrifices and they just took all of it within one night and banished.
    There is only one way to secure yourself that never share your account or important document info with a stranger and don’t fall for fake and unbelievable schemes.
    Be aware.

  6. I am really glad that you share this important information with us, it’s really important that we share this type of scams info publicly and because of this everyone aware of these scams and fraudsters. Problem is everybody wants to make money in an easy way and that is the biggest reason to fall for these scams and the senior citizens are the best and easy target for these scammers. These scammers wants only and only your money because this is one of the easiest way to make money. You work your whole life and make money by doing lots of hard work and sacrifices and they just took all of it within one night and banished.
    There is only one way to secure yourself that never share your account or important document info with a stranger and don’t fall for fake and unbelievable schemes.
    Be aware.



  8. Tulga Demir
    The Con, The Scam Artist

    I was business partners with Tulga Demir and one of his victims too.

    The inspiration for this site to expose Mr. Demir as the despicable psychopath, scammer, narcissist, and thief that he is. My mission going forward is to prevent others
    from falling for his deceptive web of lies and manipulations which dozens of
    people including myself have fallen victim to over several years.

    He’s a parasite to society and everyone needs to be made aware of this cancer.

    I am providing photos and documents to substantiate everything I’m claiming so you
    may judge for yourself. All information including court documents, images, text
    messages, emails are either public information, was in the public domain, I had
    or have authority over, or personally belongs to me.

    You can view the fraudulent complaint he filed to try having the site taken
    down. Despite his slick talking claims, he has never been a successful
    businessman, never was wealthy, and as of February 2015, he is yet to generate
    a single dollar in profit for anyone who has trusted him with their hard earned
    money. Despite all that, he feels entitled to owning a Rolls Royce, lived in a
    $15k a month Penthouse in Miami with it’s own private pool, go on luxurious
    vacations, live an exorbitant lifestyle and spend tens of thousands on strippers at his favorite hangout, Dean’s Gold in Miami.

    About his Mugshot, $100k cash bond and court tracking device.

    Example of how he would embezzle company funds via his Amex to his girlfriends paypal.

    $490,551 Judgment , $1,864,813.15 Judgment, $113,264 Judgment….

    Extorting his wife not to divorce him to get his green card

    Deceived investor/friends into lending him money

    Exorbitant Lifestyle at investors expense

    Luxury Vehicles

    Paid for all his legal and immigration expenses

    $300,000+ in personal IOU’s owed me

    I was financially comfortable until Tulga came along and wiped me out.

    etc, etc,
    etc. Much more as you continue to read. Just make sure to click on ALL the
    links as you read along.

    It’s important to know his history so you understand the depth of his ongoing
    deceptive nature which is in his cold blood. A mini wannabe Madoff. A financial
    terrorist who has a quick and convincing response to any question you may have.
    A Wizard of lies. By the time you realize it, it’s too late and you’ve lost
    your money. My goal is to put an end to that cycle and prevent him from
    continuing ruining


    I met Tulga when he was trying to open a club in South Beach back in 2007
    (Club Sin). He portrayed himself as this uber wealthy successful businessman
    when in reality he was broke and living off of and spending investors money. He
    was in debt to many people already. He even used his own brother Tugend and
    screwed him over with payments for a Lamborghini in the amount of $113,000

    Judgment and another gentleman for $22,000 for a mercedes AMG he leased for Tulga under his brothers name again and never paid for it. You may contact him directly and ask how much he was taken for. He even had two Hummers under another persons name because one wasn’t enough. How much of it was his money? Zero.

    Anyone who knows him will recognize these key words he uses when talking about his past “accomplishments”.

    $100 million warehouse line of credit, hedge funds, Investment fund, own his own investment company” etc. Watch the 22 second video below to hear it from his own mouth.

    Completely fabricated lies. Would be Impressive for someone who had no
    schooling or licenses to sell or trade securities and overstayed his Visa while
    laying low and hiding from immigration until he could get married to a US
    citizen for his green card. Speaking of, eventually he found someone and poor
    girl was also scammed and used and now responsible to pay his $70k tax debt while he’s been living with his girlfriend since 2012. Nice guy. He’s still married btw. He left her so destitute that if she does divorce him and he gets deported, she is responsible for his tax debt so they’re still married. He will not pay his taxes until he gets his
    permanent green card. You will see that it’s a major strategy he uses in
    keeping people broke and in debt in order to control them.

    Anyway, back to his claim of being wealthy. If he had all this money in the
    past, why was he being sued so many times? Some for petty amounts on his credit
    cards for less than a few thousand dollars since 2002? All public record. Just
    goes to prove he was broke when he was trying to open the club and was counting
    on investors. They all lost their money and got scammed. Several hundred
    thousand. See it here Miami-Dade County Clerk Record Search Type in Tulga Demir and you will see a list of about 40+ lawsuits .

    This I would assume is the tip of the iceberg since it’s only Miami so who knows what else is out there.

    I also know of two additional lawsuits in Broward County with Reliable Title llc in 2005 and another company. Same mess. Anything he touches goes to hell. That lawsuit was also for several hundred thousand dollars.
    Over four dozen court filings with disputes? So before he goes claiming
    these are petty issues look at each one in detail. Nice track record for
    someone who claimed to be so successful and all about integrity.

    Since it’s not normal to ever run a background check on any of my friends,
    I believed his convincing stories and sincerity like most people have done.

    Getting back to the club days. You will see this behavior repeats itself
    later on as he recklessly spent investors money to the point that the club
    never opened. It was all about his image. I was there and saw it all unfold. He
    claimed the IRS had frozen his accounts due to some tax issues since he had
    made “millions” which led to him being unable to pay anything but I go to find
    out recently that it was a total lie. Simple truth, he failed to raise more money. One of the investors was trying to sue him for $490,551.52 since 2008 for fraud but he’s been able to dodge them all these years until now.

    He’s been able to have the case delayed due to technicalities but it’s finally caught up to him and the trial was set for Jan 2015 and he lost but I’m sure he will appeal.
    He knows how to manipulate the system. Once again, he dragged his own brother
    (who is an amazing honest person but also got caught up in his manipulations)
    into his web of irresponsible behaviors.

    He also convinced his uncle in Germany back in 2004 to invest over $220,000 and how much have they seen back from that investment? Zero. Unfortunately the other victims
    in that situation was his mother and father who were disowned by the rest of
    the family due to Tulga’s scam.

    Unaware of his history which he has mastered at hiding and expunging his
    records, we became close friends and I took him and his brother into my home
    after they were evicted from his condo at the Green Diamond in Miami. They were
    homeless and had no one else to go or anyone to help them (now I know why), I
    took them into my home. After living with me for several months, I eventually
    helped him with his own place expecting his “tax money” issue to get resolved.
    I never expected it would be over 5yrs but once you’re in it you’re in it so I
    kept lending him money and helping as much as I could to the tune of several
    hundred thousand dollars.

    He was family now. I compare it to taking in an injured animal that no one
    wants thinking it was a temporary thing but then you can’t just dump them when
    you get tired of the situation. You take on that responsibility and you see it
    through. You continue to do what you can for as long as it takes because that’s
    what loyal friends do. At least that’s how I was.

    I paid 110% of his living expenses , Rent Utilities, Food, Groceries, Cell Phone, Legal
    Fees, Immigration Fees, and sent money to his family several times (I was only
    able to find one Wester Union receipt (but Tulga Demir | Information, Documents, Photos I have others in storage I believe), and even paid to have them come visit on more than one occasion. I gave him a credit card to use (which he was supposed to make payments on but never did) since he was unable to have any bank accounts in his name due to his legal issues.

    It was just easier for him to use a credit card to keep track of a total rather than me
    constantly giving him cash. When immigration finally caught up to him and he
    was in jail for over a month, the day after knowing the bail amount, I bailed
    him out with $100,000 CASH! Keep in mind that immigration bail is usually about $5k but his was $100k.
    Why so much? Why were they trying to deport him so badly? The man with a million excuses claimed back then it was because
    he’s Turkish and a Muslim but obviously they knew his criminal record and his
    history and they wanted him out. I, not knowing better pulled off miracles and
    saved his life many many times. If I had only known.

    What’s interesting to note is that of the hundreds of thousands he’s in
    debt to me in personal loans , he only made one pathetic payment of $200 via
    a cashiers check because he couldn’t have a bank account due to his green card and probably all those lawsuits too.
    If there were any other payments ever made, I would love to see proof of that or even show where he ever earned any money during all that time. He didn’t.

    All that I did for him, some might find it foolish but I did consider him
    like a brother, a best friend and part of my family. I did what I could to help
    him and his family. At the time I also honestly believed that we shared the
    same goals, the same integrity, values and the same hard working discipline
    that I always had so he would be a great business partner. My best friend and I
    would build this empire. How great would that be?

    I financed several business ventures which nothing became of them for one reason or another. During this time, for over 5yrs, we never generated a penny and lived
    completely off of my savings and my income from various things I had going on
    from prior to meeting him. While we worked together though, It was the first
    time in my life I wasn’t able to generate money from any new venture.
    Eventually we got into Oil and created GEA. Also, 100% financed by me of course
    because he was broke and in debt.

    I was fortunate to have done well for myself and have always lived below my
    means. I was not rich but I was very comfortable and had a good life; no
    stress, no problems. I was fine. I had a modest home which was located across
    the street from the beach in Miami Beach and was almost paid for in full. Car
    and motorcycle paid for in full, had amazing credit, money in the bank, a
    retirement account, a savings account, and zero debt. I responsibly managed my finances. I was financially stable .
    All that is gone now since this cancer made his way into my life and
    everyone elses life he comes in contact with. Lost my home, my car, motorcycle,
    sold everything I could to survive, my savings, my retirement,

    my credit, $44k tax debt from profit our company made that he spent on himself. Other debts for about $100k, and responsible for well over a million dollars in company debt he created and now I am divorced as a result of everything. My financial issues
    prior to this cancer entering my life? NONE.

    Coincidence? So as I spiral downwards, my best friend and business partner
    was embezzling investor funds (I’ll get to that later)
    and was living well, has the audacity in his narcissistic mind to say to me
    that I, yes I, was using him which he uses to justify what he was doing. You
    can close your mouth. I know you’re in awww right now.

    How did I get to lose everything you may ask? I went all in financially on an amazing
    opportunity and we pulled it off. Our oil company, GEA was a huge success, we
    made it, for… about a month until it got to Mr. Wannabe Show Off’s head and
    felt entitled to it all. Rather than reinvest back into the business, he
    started spending on himself. Within two months as I stayed dazed and confuse in
    KY. Yes, that fast.

    He had it all planned out and totally caught me off guard. Here’s what happened

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