How It Takes a Criminal Only 82 Seconds To Access Your Bank Account

These Phone Calls Can Have Fake Background Noise or Change Voice

You’ve heard of caller ID spoofing, but did you know that’s very easy now for ANYONE to call you and make your phone display show any number and name they want They don’t even need to be tech savvy or have access to any special software.

There are apps for everything today: to order food, to place filters on your pictures, or to find cheap flights. Well, there is also one that allows any user to change the number that shows on a recipient’s phone display. Not only that, the caller can add various background noises, to make you believe that he is in a busy office. How does it work?

Watch the video below to see how scammers can change not just the background noise, but their voices as well:

SpoofCard App Explainer Video

The app is not just a mobile app, but a desktop as well. So crooks don’t even need to download the app on their phone, they could just do desktop calls!

Now imagine this: your phone rings, the display shows the name of the local police. When you pick up you hear an ‘officer’, while Police sirens can be heard in the background. Would you believe is a scam?

The same thing happens when criminals use the names and the numbers of your local banks. According to Tony Sales, who has been dubbed as ‘Britain’s greatest fraudster’, it could take only 82 seconds for a victim to believe the call is legitimate and hand over his/her bank account. In a UK-based TV show called Undercover: Nailing the Fraudsters quoted by Daily Mail, Sales explains how scammers operate.

The app is legal in the US, but for example, in the UK “users must have expressed permission from the person being called in order to spoof call them”, which barely makes sense.

For users in other countries, the SpoofCard website states that: “it’s your responsibility to determine whether the use of the app and other capabilities of SpoofCard are legal in the country where you are calling to and from”.


Popular Feature: Calls Go Straight To Voicemail

The app is free, but users need to buy credits to start making calls. SpoofCard uses both Pay-as-you-Go plans and monthly memberships. For 100 credits (100 minutes) they charge $100US.

Once users purchase the credits and are ready for their ‘conversation’, they type in the number they want to ring. Then they type in the caller ID that they want to be displayed on the recipient’s phone to disguise their identity. From there, the call is connected.

how to make phone calls showing a different number


Scammers typically use the “suspicious activity on your bank account” plot, luring victims into handing over their bank account details. There is also a feature in the app that lets the user send his call straight to voicemail. This feature is a very popular amongst scammers as they avoid conversation and only leave call-to-actions in the voice message.

The fake background noises that can be added to the calls vary from Police, traffic, casino, and dogs to interference and airport sounds.

The makers of the app claim to have over 4 million users worldwide.

The original intention of the SpoofCard creators was to provide professionals an option to use their cell phones to respond business calls from home (evenings, weekends) without revealing their personal numbers.

One of the testimonials on their website is from a doctor who said: “I respond to emergencies from my home and mobile phone. Using SpoofCard I can maintain my privacy so clients only see my work number”.


Spoof Calls: How To Report

Warn your family and friends aware of the Spoof ID Caller Scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers or any suspicious activity to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


How To Protect Yourself More

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