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Federal Grant On Facebook Scam: How It Works

The Government Grant Scam has two variations: one coming from people you know, one from people that randomly contact you on Facebook. Let’s take a look at both and see how the scam works, how to avoid it, and how you can report it. Feel free to share your experience in the Comments section and expose the names that the scammers use. Let’s see.

Watch the video below to see the first variation of the Government Grant Scam exposed:

Government Grant Scam Video

In this scam, random people befriend you on Facebook and send you messages informing about a new federal program that allows you to receive money that you don’t have to return. “The funds are available for special crisis – the first priority on their list with Government grants for individuals“, they say. Cyber crooks use many names and usually powerful titles such ‘Reverend’, Facebook marketing manager’, ‘Pastor’, etc. In the latest scam, the name used was John Eric David, who contacted our reader Ronald – see image below:

Scammer John Eric David (fake profile) was trying to get Ronald to access the bogus website: in order to collect all the personal data from Ronald, in order to award him the grant. Needless to say, giving your address, social security number, bank account and all the other data will lead to identity theft and the stealing of your money.

government grant facebook

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Second Scenario: From People You Know

Let’s look at the second scenario of the Government Grant scam:

You receive a Facebook message from a family member or a very good friend. Not suspecting anything, you start reading: “Morning. Make time today to apply for this federal grant. It’s not advertised publicly. I got the info from someone at work, so I am sure you will get it. It’s what you need, and you can only get it today! I am busy for the next few hours. My phone is off. I will call you as soon as I am done”.

Let’s say the message is from your mom.

She gives you a link, which seems to be a Government webpage. They are giving a $12,000 federal grant to hard-working individuals who either own a small business or are thinking of opening one. The grant is available only today, so you really have to get the ball rolling ASAP. You download the form and might even call the phone number listed, for more information.

After you are assured that you completed everything properly and your chances to get the grant are high, you submit the application form, along with a $199 fee.

You are told to wait five business days for the official results. However, they will never come. What just happened? Scammers create bogus Government pages with fake phone numbers then hack into Facebook accounts and start sending messages like the one above.

Watch the video below to see the Grant Through Facebook scam narrated by a victim:

Facebook Grant Scam Video

Facebook Grant Scam: How to Avoid

The crooks have everything set up so when you read the message you notice the fact that the sender says she won’t answer her phone, so you know not to call her. Even worse, the scammers could even talk to you live on Facebook Messenger using the chat feature, while you really think it is your mom. You only have a few business hours to apply and criminals make everything possible to avoid the victims calling the other person.

Refuse to proceed if you are rushed to pay a fee, especially in a case like this. Talk to the real person who sent you the message. If you really can’t speak to them, examine the website very carefully.

Open the real Government’s website by typing it into the broswer yourself, to see if they have information about the primised grants. On an official website there are always links to their programs and services, contacts in different departments, news releases, etc.

The scammers could reach out to you not only through Facebook, but via Instagram messages as well, so beware. It is known that the easiest way criminals catch their victims these days is by promising free money through social media or reward systems. Alternatively, through bitcoin and other complicated cryptocurrency deals.

Always do your research online. If you are really looking to make money through social media or reward systems, use only trustworthy platforms that have been certified already. The world’s largest free online rewards program is Swagbucks, where you get paid by doing things online which you might do anyway, such as searching the web, discover products, or take surveys. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. You can register for free HERE.

Government Grant Scam: How To Report

Make your family and friends aware of the Government Grant Scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report Scammers To The FTC Here

How to protect yourself more:

If you want to be the first to find out the most notorious scams every week, feel free to subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter here. You’ll receive periodical emails and we promise not to spam. Last but not least, use the Comments section below to expose other scammers.

federal government grants facebook

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  1. Sudre van der Merwe says:

    There is a facebook scammer on facebook under the name of Lenabeby Ajet. Can someone please do something about it before someone else fall for the same dumb story like my poor friend. Thank you.

  2. jay says: is a new one.
    They are using it on facebook.

  3. R.Hughes says:

    I received a message today from a woman from church. She said,my name was on the list for 100,000.00. She got hers. I was cautious, so I asked where her daughter frankie was living now. Then, when I said I would call her, she said she was on vacation. Gave me this guys name and phone number. They wanted me to fill out the form, but no detailed banking info or card number were requested. or

  4. Mary Beth says:

    Here is some of the communications my FB friends are being sent from someone claiming to be me. This is specifically place for those who need assistance paying for bills, buying a home, starting their own business, going to school, or even helping raise their children with old and retired people.
    i got 100,000$ delivered to me after 24 hours you can apply too

  5. Monica says:

    Well I got an email from Thomas Mark claiming to say I have a grant for $49,000.00 for me to pay my bills, take care of my only son…and the household. Sounds too good to be true but I AM cautious about it as well since I know that people in general just won’t give money away like that….

  6. Someone in Texas says:

    I received a message on facebook from a friend from school, stating he had just been delivered $50K from the UPS guy, and that he saw my name on the winner’s list. Told me to click on a website, and the guy’s name was George Williams, and then give them my contact info. I was to send, via Western Union, $1K in order to get $50K. Well, I never followed thru, but am hoping this will help someone else who is fooled, too.

  7. Phyllis Lephew says:

    An old high school classmate has been trying to chat with me the last couple of days. I thought but it turned out to be a scam. It sounds like the previous comments left on here. It gave me an email to get in touch with They had already received their $100,00.00 dollars and my name was on the list too. He was trying to help seniors, disabled people to get this money. More like they wanted to help themselves.

  8. Didi Lorillard says:

    Like Joshua Jensen, a friend of mine chatted me up on the FB Chat saying that he saw my name on a UPS list of local people who were being offered a grant for their devoted service to their community, or some such BS. This person, whose name is used, is an upright cool wonderful nerd who I totally trust. The impersonator said he had gotten his money and that I should think of all the worthwhile things I could do for my community with the grant that had already been approved. Did I mention I never applied for any grant?. He repeatedly wrote in his chat, "Trust me this is the real thing, contact Jordan A. Smith on chat and he’ll give you instructions for collecting your grant. You have already been approved."

    Well, I phoned the real friend and he said someone had hacked into his FB page and was impersonating him on Chat and directing his friends to contact Jordan A. Smith on Chat to collect a bogus grant. Did I mention there was a processing fee and delivery charge mailed to another state in cash in advance to receive this "grant." My actual friend had already reported Jordan A. Smith to Facebook, but this hustler is still trying to scam Facebook users. Jordan A. Smith’s page is still active on FB. The moral of this story is to pick up your cellphone and call the person who is supposedly chatting you up on FB Chat. In other words, beware of CHAT, because it is compromised. You think you’re chatting with an old friend and it turns out that you are NOT.

  9. Didi Lorillard says:

    Like Joshua Jensen, a friend of mine chatted me up on the FB Chat saying that he saw my name on a UPS list of local people who were being offered a grant for their devoted service to their community, or some such BS. This person, whose name is used, is an upright cool wonderful nerd who I totally trust. The impersonator said he had gotten his money and that I should think of all the worthwhile things I could do for my community with the grant that had already been approved. Did I mention I never applied for any grant?. He repeatedly wrote in his chat, "Trust me this is the real thing, contact Jordan A. Smith on chat and he’ll give you instructions for collecting your grant. You have already been approved."

    Well, I phoned the real friend and he said someone had hacked into his FB page and was impersonating him on Chat and directing his friends to contact Jordan A. Smith on Chat to collect a bogus grant. Did I mention there was a processing fee and delivery charge mailed to another state in cash in advance to receive this "grant." My actual friend had already reported Jordan A. Smith to Facebook, but this hustler is still trying to scam Facebook users. Jordan A. Smith’s page is still active on FB. The moral of this story is to pick up your cellphone and call the person who is supposedly chatting you up on FB Chat. In other words, beware of CHAT, because it is compromised. You think you’re chatting with an old friend and it turns out that you are NOT.

  10. Daron Weathers says:

    I received a message from a lady named Holly Susanne Swanson on Facebook that I was on a short list and I could get a 49,000 dollar grant. To send a message to A guy claiming to be named Thomas Mark wrote me back and said I qualified for the 49,000 dollars and would need to send 650.45 dollars western union to an oriental name in a New York apartment. Then on top of that Some guy was text messaging me over and over 1 right after the other to hurry up and send the money. The lady on facebook said to me that she made the 650 payment and received the check the same day and would not lie to me that she received the check. Then she had to go shopping. The guy texted me he had to go to a meeting. Thomas Mark, I tested him and told him I made the payment but did not actually make the payment and he has not written me back. It is an out right scam. Please be aware of the scam and do not fall for it.

  11. sherry rempel says:

    I got fooled big time I had a friend that told me he saw my name on a ups list he told me he got 50.000 dollars then he gives me a link to a thea London that confirmed I won she asked me to send 500 dollars via western union then after she got mt money she wanted another 1500 for taxes found out later my friends facebook was hacked I learned a very painful lesson it will never happen again

  12. Susan Dunn says:

    Some one used a cousin of my Mom on FB stating that I was chosen off FB to get from 100,000 to 500,000 $ from government that had set aside Billions to help FB users in the community. This guy was really good at being deceiving . Would only talk to me by texting . No credit check, asked if I were deaf or could hear. He wanted 1000.00 to cover file and delivery fees , for the amount of 100,000 $ . 1500.00 for 150,000 $ and 2000,00 for 200,000 $ and so on. They would deliver this money right to my door the following day. When I asked my cousin to phone me to discuss this the answer he gave me was he was too busy and could only talk to me on FB. Not hard to figure out SCAM.

  13. jazlady says:

    Same happed to me today.I picked up the phone and called the person he was supposed be asked her and she said no,I called the scammer out and told him I had just called her and you are fake leave me alone or you will be reported! I blocked them out told my real friend to change her password,changed mine.And turned off my chat messages for awhile!

  14. Katrina says:

    My mother and I both got scammed out of money, by a person claiming to be named as Tonia Mares. she said she was from the facebk & federal Government grant support, i looked up everything, and could not find anything about it. she had hacked into my mother’s aunts friend account and told my mom she had won 700,000 and a new truck and that they would deliver it to her house, after she paid 5000 for fees so it would be tax free. My mother told her she didn’t have that much so the woman said what can you pay? she said 200 so then she said to western union it to Nigeria. After she had sent the money, the woman said it should be there tomorrow. We waited, tomorrow comes nothing happened we ask her about it, oh they got delayed, then she asked for more money. After that she had contacted me saying i won too. I foolishly gave her 650 dollars, and got nothing. I confronted her saying it’s a scam and i reported her and the page and still she is on there and the page is also, she blocked me. I just want everyone to know that Tonia Mares is a scammer and dont send any money Because you wont get anything. she steals the people’s accounts and post on her page saying they got their money, so it looks real. it’s not.

  15. Victoria M. Dukes says:

    I was private messaged from a friend on Facebook. Didn’t take me long to see her page was hacked, but I milked the situation for more info.

    "My friend" went on to tell me how she was awarded $50,000.00 cash money just by paying $950 in delivery fees. Told me it was a real blessing (smelled a rat, because her husband is an attorney!!) that they were ‘approved’ and she sent her $950 to Western Union and rec’d her money – $50k in a BOX DELIVERED BY 3 GOVERNMENT AGENTS TO HER FRONT DOOR WITHIN 24 HOURS.

    She directed me to a phony Facebook page, using some woman’s picture as the attorney in Washington, D. C. who asked which amount I wanted to request – for $950 you could receive 50k, for $1500 you would receive $100,000…….right on up to paying $7500.00 and you would actually receive $750,000.000!!! The phony attorney kept messaging with me, as I was trying to gather information to report the scammer. Fake Facebook page was TINA BARBARA STEVENS out of Washington, D.C. which I googled; there was NO attorney, or anyone with that name, by the way. W

    What concerns me – many people on Facebook are not that wise to the ways of scammers and schemers – they will stop at NOTHING to get money from unsuspecting elderly, mentally challenged, young people wanting something for nothing.


  16. Kathleen Perry says:

    Yes the same exact thing is still going on with me and they act like it’s a friend of mine in New York and its really legit but haha they don’t answer gave me ups numbers said they got pulled over by mitzvahs good one never get calls back say I’m really busy If you can text u can call its fake from Nigeria and swear it’s my FRIEND said she had to get new phone 2wks ago haha they got me for 170.00 plus 30 for western ur haha first it was texas address then he had a delivery in Nigeria haha it was Lee castration the.. Bob gates and Obama free 100,000,00 nations Grant they aught to be on death row nasty people and literally act like it’s my FRIEND on Facebook now saying irs needs 400.00for taxes 40percent haha it’s not even keep saying now call ups to get money back haha scammers and I can’t believe they still be trying me haha boy’s I think they hacked me can’t get email now

  17. tammy bbaker says:

    I got message from an old school friend. But thought it was a scam. I don’t have personal contact numbers for her how do I let her know she has been hacked. Or worse

  18. gene mayer says:

    Scammer, Murray Melinda, claiming she works for FB in customer service in Corporate Office, CA

  19. Bonita says:

    I’ve been scammed my self by this, they randomly pick one of your friends on face book to send a message to you. I’ve lost money I just want it back is that possible. Plus I just want to know how can it be STOPPED. People are getting HURT.

  20. Marilyn says:

    New FB scam for sending grant money to people. My page was hacked and I was wondering how a longtime friend got unfriended. When I refriended her it connected to this fake page. "AG David Mueller" who works for the US Goverment as a grant writer. And they wanted me to fill out a form. Closed down FB immediately.

  21. susan says:

    ag david muller is at it again . he said i could get $ if i give him $2000.00
    ha, ha

  22. Tom says:

    Just got scammed by these me situation, I was suspicious from the word "hello" from a former high school football coach of mine who has been on my friend list for years. Made me suspicious when I received a new friend request. I confirmed it to see what would happen and within minutes I got the "hello" by itself via FB Messenger. Played along and made silly claims and comments of my own to lead the person on and to see how he/she would respond. Every response was off target and the quality of written English deteriorated more and more with every response. Hilarious. Finally, I agreed to pursue "my money" so the person sent an odd photo of some old lady with a FB link. Of course, I did not click on the link. Instead, I asked the other person to provide the name of a mutual acquaintance of our whom I said I needed to contact first in order to pursue the money. Crickets. No response. Then, an hour later, my Messenger said I could not respond any longer as the conversation had been abrasive and reported as spam. Weird. The overseers of FB either intercepted it or the scammer pulled the plug after recognizing that I was on to the person. Oh the joys of our society sometimes. Folks, there is no such as a free lunch. How could you ever get suckered into something so ridiculous and far-fetched and so obviously bogus? No one is to be trusted. Ever. Especially on social media. We all must assume that every contact may be a false one. Proceed with caution. Achtung, baby!

  23. Marcella Tarver says:

    I had a friend inbox me asking me how I was and proceeded to tell me how she was busy trying to figure out how to invest her government grant. Wanted me to do it too. I contacted the Federal Government Grant person, Frank Atwood Snr, and became suspicious because of his bad grammar at times. I was in boxing him and my friend at the same time and almost believed it. I asked my friend how a mutual friend of ours was who had died many years ago. She never responded. I reported both conversations as SPAM to Facebook.

  24. rpotter1 says:

    I just received a friend request by someone that had already was my friend. The message was I got my grant and I was your name on a list you qualifies for a grant too. I did get curious. She sent me an email address to make inquiries. I should have known then. But I didn’t until I was told I did quality in receiving a grant and to send them money so I can get the grant. That tipped it off. You don’t send money to get money. Grants don’t work that way. He tried to convince me he was legal. I can send half now and half later. I told him sorry I have no money. Then He said, there is a representative that will be in my area. So I asked him if he will meet me a the Police Station and the Sargent will be there too. I did not hear another word.

  25. Mary shields says:

    I’ve been scammed by 2 people from facebook now lucky I didn’t send money but this is getting ridiculous

  26. Dana burke says:

    My Facebook page has been hacked by a grant scammer please fix this issue this person is harassing all my friends on Facebook and it’s anoying

  27. Lorraine Castillo says:

    I just received a call from a grant scammer asking me to call back 315-210-8632 or 917-200-9240. They gave me a grant ID to accept a $9000 Grant from the government. (yeah right) Phone number is listed as unknown. If anyone on my friends list hears from these guys, don’t answer. I don’t recommend stuff like this as a general rule so if they say it’s from me they are feeding you B.S.

  28. David Corp says:

    I have just received a friends request from someone I know but new to friends on facebook. I answered the request, then they said hello, how are you then started to go into this gocernment winners scheme, saying they have just received £20000 and when they signed saw my name on the list. they gave me a name and facebook person to contact somebody about online lottery winners etc I contacted them and they said they have to check whether I am still on winners list, they came back and gave me a winners code to write down, then they told me they need £500 paid to them before my winnings can be sent to me by UPS they wanted this sent by moneygram or western union, I have not done this, and will not after reading all the reports on this forum

  29. D. Anderson says:

    Just happened to me on Facebook. Someone must have hacked an old classmate’s page and began telling me about a grant she received. Said I had to pay fees in order to get grant money. This was a scam. I asked what the delivery fee were for and they said for the delivery agent. Right….So I had to unfriend the classmate.

  30. RUkiddnMe says:

    Nothing is for free and if it’s too good to be true it is a scam

  31. Marilyn says:

    My facebook experience is similar to some listed here. A friend asked me to "friend" her. (again??? of course it was a phony hacked account) and then she started chatting about her good fortune. She had received a $200,000 government check and she saw my name on the list when the Ups person delivered hers. She told me to visit a FB site and ask if my name was still on the list.
    I followed their advice and ended sending moneygram for $1000 for fees & tax; then I would get my own check in 12 hours. Luckily (but belatedly) I woke up and was able to stop the moneygram and got my $1000 back. How could I fall for such a ripoff?

  32. Elisa Montesinos says:

    I was contacted by a friend who told me that she received a Give back money grant of 100,000,00 from the STATE ECONOMICS DEVELOPMENT ADMINISTRATION. She told me she saw my name in the winning list so she ask me to contact Mr. Nash Randolph through facebook ASAP. Mr. Randolph confirmed me that I was in the winning list and ask me a lot of information about myself including my drivers license picture. After I sent all the information we ask me to send $475 by Money gram to the person who was supposed to bring the money to my house. My friend confirmed me that after she paid, she received her money the following day. After all this someone else told me my friends account was been hacked.

  33. Tasha Hughes says:

    I am victim of an online Grant Scam, by an individual going by the name of Johnson Washington on Face Book. Money Gram and Western Union forms of payment which I was conned into making the payments by, should you require them. This scam has caused me and my family $19,275.00 of financial hardship in scam fees, believing that this Government Grant fund was real and that I would be receiving had been granted $700,000 in money from the Grant as soon as these now false fees are paid.the emails in which I received by the scammer going by the name of Johnson Washington- Works at American Grant Specialists and GRANT Neighbourhood Association on Facebook. I had also contacted Government grant scams- Just answer online Nick-Fraud/investigations/financial analysis said that the Certificate of approval was false information and known as a Grant Scam.

  34. Larry Galbreith says:

    I just lost $250.00 today to those scam it could have been worst but I didn’t go through with the rest of it . They me to complete the transaction is had to send them $485.00 I’m glad my mother in law told me not to do it.

  35. Joahua eastman says:

    I reported one of thise scammmers and got them removed after they sent me their "friends" profil page wich i reported after thwy blocked me. Something didnt smell right. So i repited itband it was taken down one less scammer scum bucket to deal with one facebook i hope.

  36. edwin parry says:

    I was almost scammed by a company called the going cash grant promotion, friended a hacked friend , they then tried to get my information from me on the promise of a grant of money that had been awarded, look out for this name Agent Walden Tucker stay clear, stay safe .

  37. Maxeene says:

    who is Ronald Wilson from the CDFA, got a message from him stating that i have won 150,000 but need to pay 750 before i can collect. I am very skeptical about this offer, I think it is a scam

  38. Melvin BB Grant says:

    Agent Edward Martin. Clifford offered me a Facebook Grant after an apparent hack of my contacts, and I got to choose the grant/prise amount, of course I had to pay for processing and delivery UPS charges first. After unsuccessfully trying to contact alleged contact who set me up for false opportunity, I just quit communication. Been the target of scams since social security benefits started. Beware, if it sounds too good, it’s a scam!

  39. Rose Tackett says:

    Does anyone know if the woman Laura Hinen on Facebook is really a true person of Federal Grants?

  40. Alfred Wright says:

    I was told that I have received a fb grant award for $150.000.00 and wanted to wire $650.00 to someone named Wuyiwa Samson in Nigeria through money gram. They use Kimberly fb page to send me a number 555-666-6374, and have been texting me and calling me to send money. Please catch him before he gets someone.

  41. LOU BARRETO says:


  42. eric says:

    They are all SCAMS,i almost lost my $400 until i met this guy ne— who told me he was a hacker, i didnt believe because i almost got scammed until he proved his work by hacking my husband’s gmail account and showing me his private information. ne— i thank you a lot…..
    you can also add him on BBM PIN: [blocked]

  43. me says:

    beware of agent james wayne offering grants, you send $1000 & you receive $40000 – $2000 & you receive $80000 – 3000 & you receive $120000 don’t beleave them, wish them all the worst that life has to offer as wishes can come true, complain to FB if you don’t it will keep happening to others, FB has to address these security issues instead of profiting there billions….. make some noise people lots & lots of noise

  44. Graham says:

    I came very close to being scammed. I received a chat message from a Friend asking to be their friend on Tuesday January 31, 2016. Of course, I said yes and asked if they were re-loading their Facebook page. They mentioned that they had a Trogan in their page and wanted to start from scratch. Made sense to me. I had done that with email once before, so I could understand.
    She then asked me if I had applied for the gov’t grant, to which I replied,"Which one?" She replied about the one where you have a bit of debt and the grant was supposed to get you back on your feet. She asked if if I wanted her agent’s contact info and I said I’d give it a try.
    I got hold of him in Facebook Chat and he took down some of my personal info and delivery info, but not credit card info at that point(Thank God!) He then mentioned that there was a clearance fee to process the grant application. It went from You Pay $1,000 Get $40,000 all they way to You Pay $40,000 Get $1,000,000.
    I told him I couldn’t get the $1,000, because my card was maxxed out and I didn’t think I could get that much from a friend at short notice, especially after the Christmas holidays. etc.
    He said if I could get some of it, just to get the ball rolling and pay the rest when I got the grant, so I said I’ll see if I could do that. I then went to a friend’s place and asked to borrow a couple hundred bucks and showed them the transcript to which I had copied and pasted each individual conversation into one .doc file. My potential loaner was suspicious and preferred not to lend me the cash.
    When I got back home I decided to go to my Friends chat message and it had disappeared. I went on to their homepage and then to Send a Message and there were no previous messages between us. BINGO! Scam attempt.
    I hope this comment will be enlightening information to those going or gone through similar attempts at getting personal privacy.
    The Agents name in Facebook Chat is George Eddie, FYI.

  45. andrea pinion says:

    please help me i think im being scamed by leonard beckman im 9 mounths pregnet with 3 kids one severly disabled and i cant take this please help

  46. schuu santos says:

    beware of J thomas hunsucker. i know him personally, but i feel someone else hacked into his Facebook account. hunt down this dumb motherfucker!!! and restore to what was manipulated.

  47. Anita Lewis says:

    Think I’m being scammed by John James phone number is 541 65 3776

  48. Megan A McQuiller says:

    I think Richard Williams is trying to scam me.

  49. Jean says:

    This Richard Wilson claims to be a grant person from Washington DC and will give you huge amounts of grant money that does not have to be paid back. He first steals a facebook iD,picks a friend’s name from their list and then sends a link that looks like it came from them. He FB me again this morning. He has been trying for over a week to get me to send him the required funds so they can bring me my $120,000.

  50. Padine says:

    I am online right now with this scammer called James Mark..saying I should pay PGK1,000 to receive PGK15,000 in 24 hours and so forth. Thank goodness I proof checked and found your site!

  51. Olona says:

    Got a message request from family member and all of a sudden I could get grant money from Rainbow Grant because she saw my name on winners list. First reaction was scam but played along to see. Sure enough could get $90,000 for $550. When said didn’t have suggested getting a loan since I needed to do this in 5-6 hours. Unfortunately they got enough info from me to call me. He had an American name and profile but an Indian accent. Dead giveaway! Luckily didn’t get financial info!

  52. rzgar says:

    Please help, ill love here is the bank card number I 6037997159173674

  53. Robert D Richardson says:

    I was suckered into spending over $3000 because I had gotten a grant from Social Security Winnings Grant Association. Over the last 4 months I have paid over $3000 trying to get the $100,000 I had won. It started when I accepted a friend’s request on Facebook from Jessica Roberts. She told me how she had won a Grant and sent in $500 And in 12 hours she received $50,000.00 from this group by way of Michael Anderson. Well, I fell for it not knowing she was part of the scam. I listened to her constantly telling me how wonderful Michael was and now she has disappeared and I am out my money. Michael is still to this day trying to still get money out.of me by swearing to God if I just send $200 more I I’ll have my $100,000 in one hour. When I think of all the idiotic thins I did it turns my stomach. I supposedly have not gotten my money because of a traffic accident, driver was robbed and the latest, he was delivering my winnings, Got an hour from my house and was stopped by the IRS and had to pay $1200 in taxes. But from the goodness of their black souls I would only have to pay half $600 before I got My money. I am embarrassed by what I did but I have to tell my story. I am 66 years old living on Social Security and will continue my efforts in getting these people what they deserve.

  54. Nancy Castro says:

    I just got a request on Facebook from Cathy Ellen Castellano. Her message, It’s a new empowerment funds program set up by airtech worldwide grant with the help of the world bank and untied nation to help all citizen and Retired Citizens Pay up their Medical bills , Taxes, Bills and use the Rest for other Necessary thing. I asked her where she got that information. She said, a friend of mine that got hers told me about it and they delivered $90,000 to me but i saw your name next to mine on their winners list when i wanted to sign my name…I knew was a scam. I blocked her. How come she saw my name when she doesn’t know me…

  55. Denise Simpson says:

    I keep getting phone calls at least twice a day from what sounds like an India accent. It’s hard to understand what their saying most of the time. They don’t give their name nor say what company their from. They say I have been awarded a government. rant for $9000 which I don’t have to pay back but to be sure I spend it on paying bills or some necessity. Do I want it on a credit or debit card or western union. I said I wanted a check. He gave me two phone numbers to call, one was for if No one answered the first number. He then needed to know my zip which I gave and the wanted my address but I just hung up. I’ve told a lot of them i knew it was a scam cause you don’t get money for nothing. I just thought I would dbl check , already knowing that this had to be a scam.

  56. felton clark says:

    Williams Olalekan Riggins Sr.
    call this number then and explain to them that you are not a fruad and tell them to call me back 1-843-740-2800
    williams olalekan riggins sr. impovement programs in conjuntion with facebook its a fruad.

  57. Dana says:

    That is the URL passed to me through Google Hangouts from someone I had connected with via an entrepreneurial business group on Google Groups. She had been trying to sell me on a network marketing opportunity called Helo, similar to a Fitbit, but more complex. That is a legit business and we interacted several times as I reviewed the information and was trying to decide whether or not to take the plunge. I like the device, but there are things I don’t like. Anyway, she seemed legit too and she has communicated consistently on the biz opp. Today, she pings me again on Hangouts and tells me she’s buying a new house and tells me she got a "home improvement grant" through some company that is federally funded or something. She asks me if I’m interested and I say sure, cuz who isn’t interested in free money. So she sends me that link and it’s to a FB page with no information, a picture of an old lady and nothing else, really. I follow her instructions to message the page and pretty soon I’m communicating with someone who has English as their second language. This in and of itself may mean nothing, but it’s suspicious. I made the glactically foolish mistake of providing a bunch of PII, but no actual financial information, all thru FB messenger. The person on the other end (who I now believe may have been my Hangouts contact) sends me some "legitimate looking" numbers. Then comes the catch, I have to wire $1200 in two payments, to some dude in Texas in order to get my $150K grant. That’s a deal compared to some of the other comments I’m reading on this thread. That’s where I pulled the plug and blocked the FB page AND my other "friend" on Google Hangouts. I can’t believe how close I came to doing this and am now concerned that someone has enough information about me to open credit in my name and have a big, ol’ party.

  58. Tammy Boyd says:

    Thanks for the info this is something I really needed to no. Need to sign up for scam detector.

  59. Barbara says:

    Someone just tried this on me. Got a message from someone I knew, but it wasn’t them at all. Don’t fall for this!!

  60. Tom Springer says:

    Just had a guy contact me through one of my friend’s Facebook Messenger. He was telling me to sign up for a free federal grant called "Global Grant Funds" and gave me a phone number of 502-547-4480 but never gave me an "agent" name. He was persistent and kept encouraging me to call and to let him/her know how it went. I asked what time we golf this weekend and never got an answer. BUSTED!!! Please be careful. I notified my friend of what was going on with his account.

  61. Mack says:

    I had gotten a message from a high school friend of mine. He said that he saw my name on a winning list with the SEDA (State Economic Development Administration) and gave me this number: 401-379-9950. I texted it like i was told to do so. The man said that his name was Agent George and asked for verification through facebook. As i was texting to number i was still talking to "my high school friend" who confirmed what he was saying stating that he and another person was asked the same thing. i then agreed. I shouldve known it was fishy because i did not get a verification prompt from facebook, but i was still told i was a winner. "Agent George" texted me from 401-227-7306 saying that it was his mobile number and that the other was a work number. He wasnt in a rush to get money though he asked for $650 and that i would receive $70,000 within 8 hours. I changed my facebook password after he asked for access. he responded saying not to "toy" with the account. I found that to be a bad sign then that all of this was not true. i am glad i researched it before it was too late.

  62. Jo says:

    Same thing happened to me this morning….was having a convo with a "friend" through messenger…told them way too much about by family…thank goodness I didn’t say names….must’ve had some sort of inkling that it wasn’t the real person. Anyway, they then asked if I’d heard of the Monetary Annual Grant through Facebook…told me they had received $100,000 and they saw my name on the list. Knew then something wasn’t right….kept them talking and then they sent me the link – DELETE AND BLOCKED !! These scammers will try almost anything. Consequently I have contacted the real person to let her n know and also another family member to verify. Which turns out that she has had another profile made up to!!

    Keep on your toes…I’m going to now send out a question for every new friend request….keep it real people 🙂

  63. Alison says:

    I just got one of these too. Very slick and persistent message just kept coming. Said she got a grant for 90,000, then every couple of minutes it would send a message saying just lick the link, this is legit, how are you progressing?

  64. Deanna Kramer says:

    I just got a random "hello" thru fb from someone I’ve known a long time, but never see and haven’t talked to in years. I said hello back how have you been and they said wonderful b/c they had just received $ from a grant and wanted to know if I had heard of it. I said something about how her daughter and family were doing and I got no response to that, just another have you heard of this grant? I immediately googled the grant and noticed it could be a scam. She said no $ from me was necessary, but I have enough sense to know that I work for a living and am not going to qualify for free $ and there is no such thing anyway. She gave me a name and phone # to call, but I didn’t and now she keeps saying to let her know what happens and when I get on the list for the grant. I blocked her b/c it’s obvious this is not on the up & up.

  65. Mohamed waqar h bhatti says:

    Mohammad waqar h bhatti

  66. sherry says:

    I knew this was a load of crap, when my friend just kept on telling me to do what they told me. send them the money.

  67. Lynda T says:

    Yesterday I received a message through Facebook messaging from my cousin saying that she had received a grant from the UN and my name was on the winners list. I live on a state pension and in debt the person who I contacted through Facebook messenger was Debbie Carignan William. Like an idiot I gave them a lot of information about myself including my email address and mobile phone number. However I will not be sending any money to them but am worried about identity theft. I am actually on a Debt Management Program and am not allowed credit cards etc. I have contacted my cousin’s son through messenger to let him know what has happened and asked him to contact his mother about this.

  68. Gretchen Davis says:

    I just received a FB message from a friend that I haven’t talked to in a long time. Asking me how I was doing. She answered back very casually and then asked if I heard of CAP? I said, no, what is it? She then said it’s the Central American Progress Grant where all retired, unemployed or employed, or disabled get a check. She said she got $50,000 delivered to her doorstep and when she was signing the paperwork she saw my name on the list and wasn’t sure why I haven’t been contacted yet. Then I was given a phone number with the Agent Paul Ward. I became fishy because we are both attending my nieces wedding in a couple of months and I asked: If this is really my friend, when is the wedding we are going to? They replied with, you already know that answer.. I said exactly my point, if you were my friend you would have proved it by saying when the wedding is. Then they guessed and said, Tomorrow!! I said, yep, def not my friend because the wedding isn’t even this month and if it was tomorrow I would have already traveled up there.. they keep trying talk to me and being pushy.. I think it’s so cruel to mess with people like this. Just be careful and be observant for sings that it’s not really your friend! I went to her profile and clicked on message and there was no conversation between us. So I contacted her and reported the incident!!!

  69. jean says:

    I have been contacted by a spokesman Anita Barnes saying that I have been selected to receive a grant.

  70. Jess says:

    My husband almost just got scammed for $500 by a man claiming to be Justin Felix Lafayette. This person used my hubby’s fb messenger to extort money from him for a federal grant. Luckily we literally just got back from Kroger after stopping a western Union money transfer. I luckily had a terrible feeling about it as soon as I got home and looked it up. The exact scam is listed all over this site!!!! I’m so glad we put a stop to it before it went through!!!

  71. Susan Gordon says:

    Just had someone contact me through one of my friend’s Facebook Messenger. He was telling me to apply for a free federal grant to get $50k. I was to contact Lisa Swanson by text at 530-384-5554 or I could click on the link he sent at I kept texting this person to keep them busy so that he/she would have less time scamming other people. I could tell this person was getting aggravated. HA HA! Don’t fall for this!

  72. Colin Brady says:

    Jennifer James wants to send me 350 grand as soon as I send $1,500. It’s called the Government Green Grant Fund

  73. Matt says:

    My mom was contacted by one of these scammers. She sent $7K to them and got a box of cash by UPS she says. The UPS driver followed her to the bank to verify it was real. I’m certain it is a scam because the guy refuses to give his agency name. Only the federal government. Additionally, his picture on the page shows him with the US flag and a state flag, that belongs to a different state from his phone number. Will not contact you by a real phone number. Only the fake one. Has anybody ever got a box of money? Mom won’t have it checked.

  74. LM Howard says:

    well my name is l m Howard and I thank instead of all this other scamming and stuff like that you need to set aside a person just to be asking people real people who want to know where they Grant went to they name and where is that now instead of just doing all this what you just said just try to help them quicker if they did do a scam by doing all of that you let them get away quicker father television asked me my name and everything now I’ve got that money I got to do I’m not a robot thank you.

  75. Jill says:

    Contacted by a friend on messenger. We chatted and I even asked how her sister was doing …. they responded with the sister’s name. Started getting suspicious when friend started telling me about a grant ….. My friend would not go into something like that and my friend always texts me …. doesn’t Messenger me. So I texted friend who said it was not them……. blocked this person from Messenger. Very strange how they knew personal info.

  76. Arron Jordan says:

    There is one called Christmas bonus that is happening an it has hacked my account and is now harassing people contacts and then blocking them ,I have lost all co tell of my account and Facebook are actually useless in these cases ,people be warned an take note of advise given on this page

  77. Lynne peacock says:

    I was contacted through a friend on Facebook urging me to sign up urgently it sounded very suspicious saying she she received 350.000 in from global government grant and to contact a agent

  78. Sonya Fox says:

    It just happened to me. Received a message through messenger….different to the one we usually use to chat on…and she started telling me ‘the good news’….about a grant she received and didn’t have to give back. I became suspicious when she started pushing me to click on this link…urgently…and the language consisted of bad English….I thought it was just autocorrect at first..but the bad English continued. So was a scam…I blocked the user and sent a message to my friend that her Facebook account had been hacked. Thanks so much for this site!! Beware everyone.

  79. Gary Dreher says:

    Someone named Arther Cook is using facebook chat and messenger by use of brother to give me a grant for $100,000 for a fee of $5,000 some.

  80. Roger Baker says:

    My wife received a facebook messenger text from whom she thought was a dear friend. She was to afraid to try, so I her husband applied. The person texting me was named "Frank". The phone number he used is 1-747-221-6294. We paid him $500 in hopes of receiving $50,000. It was supposed to have been delivered today 4/22/2020, although I became very suspicious when he wanted $1,000 more for insurance. He kept texting me back, but I had added him to my contacts so I blocked him from contacting me anymore.

    I still have our complete dialog saved on my phone.

  81. FRANCIS says:

    First I was contacted by a lady I thought I knew. but then she didn’t responde correctly. She told me in a FB messenger conversation that she had received this "Winning money" $150,000 in cash from this man Donald Smith who she said works for Lions International. She told me to contact that person. First she gave me a number and told me to sms to contact. It was late at night for me when she told this and I didn’t have credit on my phone. So I actually did text that number this morning. now late in the evening again she contacts me and gives me this link to the person who she said is from Lions International and that I should ask him to apply for my "Winnings"… I contacted this person and they said that I was able to apply for $150,000 if I gave them a lot of about 10 points of private info. and then I tricked him into telling that there was also a fee of $500 had to be sent right after sending all private info and then once that was paid 5 hours later the money would be sent. I have screen shots of conversation and pictures used. They are not very clever because they have not got a good picture of the lady who is a real friend of mine and they had her birthdate as in april 1905. So I do hope not many people give these people money. It is such a low thing to pray of people like this…

  82. trina collins says:

    First, I got a friend request from a blood relative which I thought was strange because we’re already friends. A few days later I got a message through Facebook messenger from the scammer while I was talking to my blood relative on the phone. The scammer, pretending to be my relative, asked me did I hear about a government grant information on BBC News. The scammer said he just got a $400,00 grant.. My relative told me they were getting calls from other people saying they sent "friend request." Well, any way I immediately changed my password on Facebook and my relatives deleted their accounts. If any relative of mine got $400,000 in government money, they wouldn’t have told me via Facebook.

  83. Pierre says:

    Here is what i received today:

    We are pleased to inform you that Facebook is rolling out a plan to give 100 Million dollars in aid, through loans and ad credits, to small businesses affected by the corona-virus outbreak.
    The program aims to reach up to 30,000 eligible small businesses in over 30 countries where we operate. your name was among the 30,000 Lucky winners. The online draws was conducted by a random selection of emails, you were picked by an advanced automated random computer search from Facebook, the Aid program which is a new innovation by Facebook is aimed at saying A BIG THANK YOU to all our users for making Facebook their number one means to connect, communicate, relate and hook up with their families and friends over the years.

    Kindly get back to us for further instructions if you are interested.

    Yours Faithfully,
    William Buchwald
    Powered By Facebook

  84. saundra edwards says:


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