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Government Grants and Support Links for COVID-19 Crisis


OFFICIAL: Full List of Government Grants for Individuals and Financial Assistance Links in the US, UK, Canada and Australia

***This page is updated daily with the newest resources as governments are still announcing financial support (and upcoming dates), so feel free to contribute by adding a comment or sending us an email at info at scam-detector dot com.


The coronavirus disease has ravaged the world and is threatening to tear down everything. There have been 5.1M deaths recorded worldwide until today and governments and agencies have made serious efforts to bring it to an end.

While the world is yet hopeful for the eradication of this outbreak soon, notable policies to keep citizens capable of taking care of themselves have been implemented. These policies have been put in place to alleviate the demerits caused by COVID-19. As expected, they help to make the crisis easier to manage.

list with government grants for individuals


Economic Stimulus Packages: Real Ones vs. Fakes

Governments around the world have swung into action offering grants and financial assistance to families in distress. Good examples of such support are the state, federal and provincial stimulus packages, varying from place to place in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. In this article, we will offer a comprehensive list with government grants for individuals and official pages referring to how to get the financial support in all four regions above - or, whatever is about to happen in that direction. See the list later in this material, so you can avoid the fake government grant offers.

However, there are complications.



COVID-19 Financial Assistance For Families: The Tagline That Scammers Use to Get Every Victim

As the grants seem to draw closer attention, there seems to be an impending problem for citizens: the fake support pages and economic stimulus announcements. Criminals took advantage of these initiatives to rip people of their hard-earned money. Let's take a look at some scam examples before getting into the real, official announcements. Here they are:

The first type of Government Grant scam comes as a text message on your phone or a social media post, whether you live in the US, Canada, Australia or the UK. It states that you have qualified to earn money to help you stay at home with your family during this crisis. With all the news you've heard around about the Federal Stimulus Package, it may be easier to fall for the trick than you thought.



As soon as you click on the link, you will be redirected to a website that would be requesting your personal information and bank details. The scammer will ask for these details under the guise that they are trying to verify your identity and process the amount for your grant. Make no mistake as this is false and the real reason is to rip you off your money and personal information. The Government doesn't offer money via calls or text messages.



Government Grant Money: Avoid Text Messages

The messages usually contain malicious links, as you can see in the image below: "URGENT: UKGOV has issued a payment of 558 GBP to all residents as part of its promise to battle COVID19". Or, in a different variant, "as part of the NHS promise to battle the COVID-19 virus, HMRC has issued a payment of £258 as a goodwill payment. Follow the link to apply [suspicious link]".

text message grant uk


In the United States, the link would direct citizens to a bogus government agency named U.S. Emergency Grants Federation. On their website, they would request for your social security number under the guise of determining the amount of grant that you're eligible for.

In other variations, easier to detect, the website may claim that you are able to get extra money -- sometimes they promise you thousands of dollars -- or that you can get your funds instantly. They would request that you share more personal information and pay a fee to handle the transaction.

It's best that you ignore any of such messages or don't click on the link at all. If you'll be offered a grant by the government it would be done through the proper channels offered below. Also, take note that government authorities would not ask for your details or a processing fee. Rather, they have all of your details already and would be able to handle any such transaction themselves.


See If You Can Qualify For Financial Assistance Below

That being said, Scam Detector has been spending a lot of hours in the last week to collect all the official information for you, trying to debunk fake stories and protect everyone from financial fraud and identity theft. Or, in case you want to see if you can qualify for state, federal or provincial assistance - check out the list below. Just keep in mind that not all of them have grants to offer (at least fior now, keep an eye on them), but also critical information regarding financial assitance of some sort. Most of the organizations below have other links included, which could take you to the next step. 

You can also contribute with links too, as we keep this article updated daily. 


government economic stimulus


United States

General national links:

Coronavirus Response Act HERE

General Information of Grants and Loans HERE

Small Business Guidance and Loan Resources HERE

By state:



Alabama Government Support HERE

Alabama Public Resources HERE



Alaska Government Support HERE

Alaska Economic Stabilization Plan HERE



Arizona Government Support HERE

Arizona Financial Support HERE



Arkansas Support and Resources HERE

Little Rock Emergency Relief Fund HERE



California Government Support HERE

California Employment Development Department HERE



Colorado Government Support HERE

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Information HERE




Connecticut Government Support HERE



Delaware Government Support HERE

Small Business Support HERE

Food Bank Support HERE



Florida Government Support HERE

Orange County Emergency Information HERE



Goergia Government Support HERE

Small Business Support HERE



Hawaii Government Support HERE

Daily Updates HERE



Idaho Government Support HERE



Illinois Government Support HERE

Economic Assistance HERE

Resources for Businesses, Consumers and Employees HERE



Indiana Government Support HERE

Workforce Development Information HERE



Iowa Government Support HERE



Kansas Government Support HERE



Kentucky Government Support HERE

Lexington Response and Resources HERE



Louisiana Government Support HERE

Department of Health Update HERE



Government Support HERE



Maryland Governor's Latest Information HERE

Maryland Financial Incentives HERE

Maryland Layoff Aversion Fund HERE

Maryland Business Response HERE



Massachusetts Government Support HERE

Massachusetts Financial Resources and Guidance HERE



Michigan Department of Health and Human Services HERE

Michigan Strategic Fund Support HERE

Michigan Unemployment Benefits HERE



Minnesota Department of Human Services HERE

Minnesota List of Temporary Waivers and Modifications HERE



Mississippi State Department of Health HERE



Missouri Department of Social Services Family Support HERE



Montana Governor' Official Response HERE

Montana Office of Public Instruction HERE



Nebraska Official Updates HERE

Nebraska Economic Assistance HERE



Nevada Government Information HERE

Nevada Government Updates HERE

Nevada Grants Management Unite HERE

Nevada Department of Health and Human Services Programs HERE


New Hampshire

New Hampshire Government Updates HERE

New Hampshire Business Finance Authority Loans HERE


New Jersey

State of New Jersey Official Updates HERE

New Jersey Financial Assistance Available HERE

New Jersey Financial Relief For Businesses HERE

New Jersey Jobs and Hiring Portal HERE


New Mexico

New Mexico Government Support HERE


New York

New York Full List of Resources Page HERE

New York Financial Assistance for Businesses HERE

Other Resources HERE


North Carolina

North Carolina Low-Income Services HERE

North Carolina Unemployment Insurance Changes HERE


North Dakota

North Dakota Tax Guidance HERE

North Dakota Student Loan Relief Program HERE

Greater North Dakota Chamber Updates HERE




Ohio Economic Support HERE

Ohio Pay Benefits for Reduced Work Hours HERE

Ohio Utility Assistance HERE



Oklahoma Resources and Guidance HERE



Oregon Government Updates HERE

Portland Water Bureau Financial Assistance HERE

Portland General Electric Payment Extension HERE



Pennsylvania Government Information HERE

Pennsylvania Financial Assistance for Small Businesses HERE


Rhode Island

Rhode Island Government Updates HERE

Rhode Island Department of Health Updates HERE


South Carolina

Soouth Carolina Updates HERE


South Dakota

South Dakota List of Resources HERE

South Dakota Loan Fund Program Access HERE



Tennessee Office of the Governor Information HERE

Tennessee Financial Aid Available HERE



Texas Support and Guidance HERE

Texas Economic Development Updates HERE

Gainesville Resources HERE



State of Utah Updates HERE

Business Survival Tips HERE



Vermont State Updates HERE

Vermont Guidance for Businesses HERE



Virginia Official State Updates HERE



Washington Official State Information HERE

Washington Governor's Resource List HERE


West Virginia

West Virginia Updates and Information HERE



Wisconsin Official Support and Updates HERE

Wisconsin Financial Support HERE



Wyoming Department of Health Update HERE

Wyoming Support for Small Businesses Information HERE


canada flags



General info:

Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) HERE, but beware of the CERB Financial Support Scam!

Canada's Economic Response Plan for COVID-19 HERE

CRA Defer Tax Payments HERE

Mortgage Deferrals Info HERE

Industry Mobilization HERE

Watch the video below to see the annuncement of the Canada's Emergency Response Benefit:


By province:


British Columbia

Government 5B Relief Plan Info HERE

British Columbia Provincial Support HERE

Watch the video below with the announcement of the $5 billion economic stimulus package in British Columbia - and how they are allocated:



Alberta Resources and Financial Support HERE

How to Apply for the Emergency COVID-19 Benefit HERE

Health Budget Increase News HERE

Student Loan Suspension Information HERE



Saskatchewan Government's Official Updates HERE

Saskatchewan Financial Support Info HERE

Saskatchewan Business Support HERE

Saskatchewan Financial Support Plan for Employees and Employers HERE



Manitoba Government's General Information on COVID-19 HERE

Manitoba Financial Assistance HERE



Ontario Financial Information Info HERE

Ontario Health and Wellness Info HERE

Ontario Statement on Economy HERE



Quebec Temporary Aid for Workers Program HERE

Quebec Student Loan Debt Repayment Suspension HERE


New Brunswick

New Brunswick Government Support HERE


Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Government Support HERE


Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island Government Support HERE


Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador Government Support HERE



YukonGovernment Support HERE


Northwest Territories

Northwest Territories Government Support HERE



Nunavut Government Support HERE


economic stimulus


United Kingdom

General Information on the Coronavirus situation HERE

News and Communications Update HERE

COVID-19 Guidance HERE

Guidance on Business Support Grant Funding HERE



Australian Economic Stimulus Package HERE

By province:



Government Support HERE

Jobs Support Loans HERE



Victoria Government Support HERE

Victoria Business Support and Resources HERE

Victoria Payroll Tax Refund Info HERE



Tasmania Government Support HERE

Tasmania Support and Stimulus Packages HERE

Tasmania Response Measures HERE


New South Wales

Government Support HERE

Financial Support for Small Businesses HERE


Western Australia

Western Australia Government Support HERE

Western Australia Financial Support Info HERE


South Australia

South Australia Government Support HERE

South Australia Business Information and Support HERE

South Australia Department of Human Services Information HERE

South Australia Economic Response Package Informtion HERE


How To Avoid The Financial Assistance Scams 

All the links above are real and you can trust them. Most state governments end in .gov. However, keep in mind that for other random 'offers' you don't have to pay any fees to get the government grant. What looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Why would you need to pay the government to get a grant from them? When you have to pay for a "free" government grant, then it's not exactly worth it. Any authentic government agency would never request for a processing fee.



On the other hand, be on the search for look-alikes. Don't just assume that they are legitimate agencies in this modern era filled with scammers. When you're offered a loan, try to do your own research. Check to see if such a government agency like that even exists in any reliable search engine. Get the contact info of the government agency in question. Then, place a call to them and try to confirm that whoever has called you is from a legitimate source.

Never assume social media offers are coming from a real Facebook friend, even if the information has been sent from a profile that belongs to an acquaintance on your list. It could still easily be a scam, as criminals can easily hack Facebook accounts or any other social media platforms. If you get a suspicious offer from someone claiming to be your friend, call them to verify. It could save you from a lot of financial trouble.

However, since we are talking about COVID-19 fraudulent practices, be aware of the Cancelled Flight Compensation Scam, Economic Stimulus Package scheme and the Gold IRA Investment Scam.


How To Report a Scammer

Let your family and friends know about this article by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers and any other suspicious COVID-19-related activity to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


How To Prevent Identity Theft and More

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