FOR PRESS: Need a Fraud Prevention Expert Opinion?

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Media companies can contact Scam Detector for any type of interview or opinion on fraud prevention via email info at scam-detector dot com. Please tell us the scope of the interview and provide us an ideal timeframe. We’ll get back to you in a timely manner.

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1 thought on “FOR PRESS: Need a Fraud Prevention Expert Opinion?”

  1. Referring the scam on the on-line mediums. You have done a very good job connecting each to either Hong Kong, or Gibraltar. Of all the outfits that are involved, I believe it is almost now public Knowledge (I hope), that the person does not even exist whatsoever. It is also common knowledge that all of these other outfits are All outside the United States. Every one of them. Not American. There has been no way to even find a Single Person that is in the refer-to-me-me-refer-to-you ‘brotherhood’, until Now. If you had absolute proof that “Tara-the-Medium” (2019) Boston Voyager] is a fraud, and as of December 25th, she has been officially indicted into the cyclic-fraud. If you had a chance to re-interview her, fraud or legit, she can tell us all about she got wrapped up into it, how she has no control over it, and exactly what her level of involvement is. If you were to ‘publish’ Tara’s story, it should automatically Discredit all the others in the Brotherhood as well.

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