Facebook: Store Malfunction

How the scam works:

(with video below) Many people spend a lot of time on Facebook, and as a result, there are a lot of pages that are created to draw those users to visit.

One such site is a fake Facebook event page regarding free iPads from a malfunctioning online store. The site claims that this online store failed to include a payment page and the result is customers getting free iPads. The text used might be something along these lines: “Hey guys, this online store is messed up. I received a free iPad and was never asked to pay for it”.

Once customers click on the link to the “store”, they are led to a site where they are asked to complete surveys in order to qualify for their free iPad. No matter how many surveys they complete, no iPad arrives. But how do you recognize if the profile of the person administrating the event page is fake or not? Here are some good news.

Watch the video below to see how you can easily identify if the profile contacting you on Facebook is a fake.

How To Identify Fake Profiles on Facebook Video

How to avoid:

The best way to avoid this scam is to remember the old adage: You can’t get something for nothing. Any legitimate store site would not fail to add a payment page, therefore that claim is red flag number one. And most survey sites promise payment of some kind but almost all fail to deliver. At the least, visiting survey sites is a nuisance and wasted time; at most, it could lead to malware on your PC.

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