eBay Trading Assistant

How the scam works:

If you do eBay transactions and one day receive an e-mail containing an offer similar to the one below, delete it right away (the following is a real message received from a scammer, including its grammar mistakes):

“I found your profile using eBay Trading Assistant Program and I'm offering a long term cooperation to you. I've agreements with different outlet stores in different states, that allows to get the brand new products for a much lower price. I've many business partners in different states, they help me to buy / ship off stuffs and they check its condition for some % from my profit that I get when I sell all this stuff using Ebay service. We ship completely different types of products (from ice skates to binoculars), the average price of the items is $300-$600. We usually use FedEx delivery service to ship off the packages and USPS (rarely). I'd like to know what is your fees structure. I usually choose money transactions through MoneyGram or Western Union as a payment method, because it's the most effective way for me and it's easy to send. It would be great, if you could provide this money-sending service for me”.

Okay, if you don’t exactly understand what he is looking for, this is it: he wants you to list items, send him money for the inventory, and then he will ship the items when sold. Easy, right? Hmm, not really.

You will send him the money and list the items, but when the first sale is made, he is not going to ship the item. Then you will have to refund the money to the person who bought it.

How to avoid:

The eBay Trading Assistant Program is a great tool that you can use to grow your business, but scammers also take advantage of if. Bad English and a request to wire transfer the money should be your two biggest red flags in this deal.

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