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Copy Machine Supplier Scam: How It Works

As any office worker knows, getting phone calls about the state of your office equipment is all in a days’ work. However, there is one call to look out for; accepting their “free” offer could prove to be quite costly for your company, and your boss might not be very happy with that. How does the scam work?

Watch the video below to see the sneaky Copy Machine Supplies scam exposed:

Copy Machine Supply Scam Video

The Copy Machine scam involves a caller (from a real company, but with deceptive practices) asking you for your copy machine model number. The alleged reason the information is needed to send a new manual for the machine.

However, instead of a manual arriving, boxes of extremely overpriced toner matching your machine arrive, along with an invoice for the unwanted copier item.

Copy Machine Supplier Scam: How To Avoid

Most offices have a service agreement with a copy supplier; if the caller is not someone from your supplier, just hang up the phone. The only person that would be supplying you with a new manual would be the supplier.

Also, mention to the caller that if you want a new manual you will print one online; this usually causes them to hang up the phone. Always be aware when someone is calling and offering something for nothing; remember, if it seems too good to be true, it usually is.


Copy Machine Supplier Scam: How To Report

Make your family and friends aware of this scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report Scammers To The FTC Here


How to protect yourself more:

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27 thoughts on “Copy Machine Call”

  1. Received a call from "Rego Manufacturer" customer rep, regarding our copier, and the need of the model number. When I asked her what copier is she referring to, she said "I just need to update our records here." Called me 3 times, saying the same thing. If she were legitimately calling from my copier company, they should know what brand of copier that I have.

  2. These people call every couple weeks. They are so rude. Today however, the guy kept hanging up on me and calling back. He must have called back five times, each time calling me some very inappropriate words, then hanging up. I managed to see the phone number (which is usually blocked) 818-433-7180. When you call it, it’s just busy. These calls started when we moved into our new office a couple years ago. They call every couple of weeks for the last four years. I don’t know how to make them stop!!

  3. got a call today from "customer service for your copy machine" the number and name was blocked so I knew it was a little fishy, plus for the fact they didn’t even say the company our copier is actually through. That caught me off guard. She then said "I need your model number off of your copier machine so I can send you a new manual and I said, "If your calling from my customer service department, shouldn’t you already have my model number?" And she didn’t say anything and just hung up.
    Haha some of these other comments on here are just hilarious. -"sure let me get it for you, its 123 F.U.C.." hahahaha! I should have thought of that.

  4. Caller id showed blocked call. Caller said he was "customer service for the copiers." When I asked, "What copiers?" he immediately hung up. Called 2/24/16.

  5. I received a call from them today, the number was displayed. Usually it isn’t, so I decided to harass them a little bit. The voicemail I got was for a lady named Josie. If anyone else would like to have a bit of fun with them, the number is 480-447-3483.

  6. I get calls from these people as often as once a month, and normally they hang up immediately when I ask them which company they are calling from. Today, however, went a bit differently. Today it was "John" from the "service center" and when I asked him where he was calling from he proceeded to call me a litany of filthy names, including c**t, f-ing nigger lover, etc. I just stood there listening; his rant when on close to a full minute-at one point he even put the phone on speaker phone to presumably continue the rant from afar.

  7. These people never give up! They call my work once every couple weeks. Today they called and it was a woman with the same old story about them updating, and need a copy number. I asked what company she was which and she said, "Uh I don’t know" and hung up. Cant say I’ve ever gotten that response from them before. Usually they just hang up right away. Idiots… What kind of people have jobs like this? Ridiculous waste of time.

  8. They call all the time but this one is my favourite response.

    The caller asked for the digits off the copier so I told her to hang on and ill go "read it off the machine" after I let her hold for a few minutes she was actually still on the line. I told her that the model number has some letters in it and if that’s the one she was looking for. She of course said yes. So I said ok, here it is. "123 F.U.C…" she was like oh Mam your so clever! I was laughing so hard I nearly peed, and then obviously got the click! haha people these days!

  9. I got a call today, did not catch nor care about the name of the caller, he was male, and he was american (as in he spoke with no accent) He said he was calling about "our copiers" and when asked "which one?" he responded "all of them.."

    yeahh, okay…

    so then he proceded to tell me i needed to go and get some information off my machine and when asked "why?" he said he was mailing me…something/updated material or some bull$h1t, so i just responded with "noooo" (like the maid from Family Guy except I didn’t say "no, petah…"

    CallerGuy responded "No what?" and i simply said "no, you are not sending us anything…" to which i was greeted by him hanging up on me

    Phone numebr calling from came up as "000-000-0000" so obviously a spoofed number..

  10. I’m in Colorado Springs and I received a call from a blocked number at 1:20 pm today. He stated his name was Chris and he was calling about about our office copiers/printers. He then said he needed the names and model numbers of our copiers. I asked why he would need that information if he worked for our office machines provider. He then proceeded to call me some not very nice names in an attempt to bully me into providing information. I then realized what was happening and hung up the phone as he continued to insult me.

    The call took me by surprise as the rudeness started right away, but I’m definitely not stupid enough to provide one bit of information to any company I do not already have a working relationship with. I like how they hide behind blocked calls. It’s probably a good thing, because if I had any identifying information for his company, he would regret making that phone call.

    I like some of the suggestions provided by other commenters. I might entertain some of these ideas to have fun with these callers!

  11. Toner scam. Called from private number. When I asked where she was calling from, she wouldn’t tell me. I then proceeded to ask her in a very calm voice, "Can I ask you another question? Do you sleep well at night <pause />… you know, knowing you are evil by trying to scam people?" She called me a not very nice word and hung up 🙂

  12. A "Sandy" from the "Customer Service on our copiers" called today. She wanted to get the "6-8 digits on the front of the copier." I have been through this several times with scammers, so I tend to waste their time. I told her to hold the first 2 times she called, and she would disconnect and call back. The third time I told her I was in a room full of copiers and they were all serviced by different companies, so I needed to know which one she was looking for. She told me the closest one to me would be fine. I laughed out loud. I then muted her while my coworkers and I made fun of this girl and then when I came back to the phone I told her I was having a lot of trouble figuring out what she wanted, and hung up on her. She called back! Said, "This is Sandy again and I realize you are having trouble but it was very rude of you to hang up on me." I replied with, "Thank you for calling back to tell me that." (Then I hung up again) I don’t understand how anyone could work a job like that. They have to know they are the scum of the earth… How do they sleep at night?

  13. OK when they call I tell them my name is Olive R Pitt they I spell the name for them and they repeat it.
    Then the real fun starts, I then them we have 2 copiers Xerox 710 and a Xerox 914 as and we have a Xerox 914 these has not been in production for 30 years.

    Next time the call I give the name Rich Opulent, what a wealthy name. Tell the me have a MITA 455688334a

  14. I just got a call today from these people asking for the serial number. I said we didn’t have a copier as we share our office with another companies and use there copy machine. He sighed and said, so you cant get the number for me? I said no, its not my responsibility to deal with the copier so I dont feel comforatble giving out information. He then called me a lazy little C**t and hung up…..WOW!

  15. Just got this same call…never happened before so I researched for possible scam…lo, and behold! ha!
    Girl calling didn’t even give me a chance to decide to answer her question (2 digit number off machine)…almost immediately hung up…didn’t try very hard to scam me. Tried *69 to call back…number was anonymous.
    I’ll be ready for the next one.

  16. These people call our office all the time. Today they called asking for the 3 to 4 digit number on the front of our copier to send us the new updated manual. I said if you were our copier company you would know that and hung up. He called right back I answered and he just said who do you think you are hanging up on me and then hung up. Called back immediately a third time and after I said thanks for calling this is Kelli he said "Kelli so smelly" and hung up again. Its a shame that this company is some how able to do this. I wish I knew who they were.

  17. A company that’s number comes up "private" called to day asking for my copier model number. I asked which one (they call all the time) the girl said the one up front stupid. and she hung up.

  18. Every time I’ve gotten this call they say "I need to verify the number on your copy machine." So I ask "Well what number do you have?" They hang up.
    Yesterday a guy actually gave me a number…made up I’m sure…and I said "Nope! Wrong." He said "Well what is the number?" and I said "Sorry, I’m not going to tell you." and then I laughed! He hung up.

  19. I got a call from "Lynn Meyer" saying she was from the copier company and needed to check the model number, I asked "Where are you calling from?" Her answer — click! Twice now.

  20. Pete called and said he needed to verify the model number of our copier. I asked him what model number his records showed? He said there isn’t one. That’s odd if you are calling for "verification!" This type of call has been around for years.

  21. numerous calls asking for serial off copier
    ask them for their number and click, run them around.
    sounds like a job for the FCC,FTC,FBI,CIA,NSA,CTTC and local authorities…..

  22. We get this call all the time. I recommend companies find ways to annoy the callers…the following ways work well:
    -Put them on hold while you "check the serial number" pick it back up and scream
    -rip into them say the company burnt in a fire and how dare they call at this time
    -make a static noise
    -ask them for their address so you can send them overpriced supplies from your business
    -pretend to be a law official, say the business was shut down for illegal practices and interrogate them
    -bark like a dog
    and the list can go on…
    just annoy them.

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