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Copy Machine Supplier Scam: How It Works

As any office worker knows, getting phone calls about the state of your office equipment is all in a days’ work. However, there is one call to look out for; accepting their “free” offer could prove to be quite costly for your company, and your boss might not be very happy with that. How does the scam work?

Watch the video below to see the sneaky Copy Machine Supplies scam exposed:

Copy Machine Supply Scam Video

The Copy Machine scam involves a caller (from a real company, but with deceptive practices) asking you for your copy machine model number. The alleged reason the information is needed to send a new manual for the machine.

However, instead of a manual arriving, boxes of extremely overpriced toner matching your machine arrive, along with an invoice for the unwanted copier item.

Copy Machine Supplier Scam: How To Avoid

Most offices have a service agreement with a copy supplier; if the caller is not someone from your supplier, just hang up the phone. The only person that would be supplying you with a new manual would be the supplier.

Also, mention to the caller that if you want a new manual you will print one online; this usually causes them to hang up the phone. Always be aware when someone is calling and offering something for nothing; remember, if it seems too good to be true, it usually is.


Copy Machine Supplier Scam: How To Report

Make your family and friends aware of this scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report Scammers To The FTC Here


How to protect yourself more:

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We get this call all the time. I recommend companies find ways to annoy the callers…the following ways work well: -Put them on hold while you "check the serial number" pick it back up and scream -rip into them say the company burnt in a fire and how dare they call at this time -make a static noise -ask them for their address so you can send them overpriced supplies from your business -pretend to be a law official, say the business was shut down for illegal practices and interrogate them -bark like a dog and the list can go… Read more »


numerous calls asking for serial off copier
ask them for their number and click, run them around.
sounds like a job for the FCC,FTC,FBI,CIA,NSA,CTTC and local authorities…..


I said ok, tell me again your name and your company… CLICK! She hung up.

Candace Cane

Pete called and said he needed to verify the model number of our copier. I asked him what model number his records showed? He said there isn’t one. That’s odd if you are calling for "verification!" This type of call has been around for years.


I got a call from "Lynn Meyer" saying she was from the copier company and needed to check the model number, I asked "Where are you calling from?" Her answer — click! Twice now.


Where are you calling from?
Customer Service.
Customer service from what company, exactly?


Every time I’ve gotten this call they say "I need to verify the number on your copy machine." So I ask "Well what number do you have?" They hang up.
Yesterday a guy actually gave me a number…made up I’m sure…and I said "Nope! Wrong." He said "Well what is the number?" and I said "Sorry, I’m not going to tell you." and then I laughed! He hung up.


"Sure, you writing this down? It’s 1-2… 3-4… 5-F… U-C… K-Y… 0-U…Got that?"


A company that’s number comes up "private" called to day asking for my copier model number. I asked which one (they call all the time) the girl said the one up front stupid. and she hung up.


These people call our office all the time. Today they called asking for the 3 to 4 digit number on the front of our copier to send us the new updated manual. I said if you were our copier company you would know that and hung up. He called right back I answered and he just said who do you think you are hanging up on me and then hung up. Called back immediately a third time and after I said thanks for calling this is Kelli he said "Kelli so smelly" and hung up again. Its a shame that… Read more »

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