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How the scam works:

If you have a business, you have probably considered at some point using programs like Google Adsense or Adwords, where you post your company’s ads for advertising and only pay for it when somebody clicks on your link. The scam happens in two different ways:

1. Your competitor uses an online robot to click on your ad non-stop. This way, you’ll be happy you get hits, not knowing that the competitor is causing your money to drain away, while you are not making any sales.

2. There are other programs that are offered with the same concept and the PPC (pay per click) you are charged is promised to be lower. In this case, scammers are the programs themselves, using automated robots to hit your link several times a day – so you pay them well.

How to avoid:

In either case, the best way to avoid this scam is to get stats. This way, you will see where the hits come from. If you notice that most of them come from the same city, you’ll know you are being taken for a ride.

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2 thoughts on “Click on Your Ads”

  1. Lee Auslander

    I am a 100 year old world war 2 veteran. My computer developed a virus. I found an ad on craigslist, which read as follows Don’t throw your computer away, I will fix it for just $25 an hour. Help me get my new business started by calling me. If I cannot fix it, you pay me nothing. On Monday May 4, I called and spoke to the repair man, Mathew Wilson. I asked him where he was located. He told me he was in Northport, FL (40 miles from me). I told him that was a little far, but he insisted he would come out to me, no problem. He came and checked the computer. He told me he would have to take it to his shop for repairs. I made a copy of his auto license, The next day, Tuesday May 6, he returned the computer. He told me he had spent 8 hours fixing it but would only charge me for 4 hours. He insisted on being paid immediately. After he left, I found he had not repaired it at all. I called him, and he promised he would be out the next day. The next day he called and said, "I cannot fix it." "Okay" I said "please return my check." He has refused to do so.
    I had to call in another REAL repair man, who easily fixed my computer in less than one hour in my home.
    I have been scammed and I want my money back. Please help me. Thanks.

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