Is Testerup Legit?

is testerup legit

Is Testerup Legit? In-depth Review

If you’re seeking opportunities to earn extra income online, you’ve likely come across various user testing platforms, and one that’s been generating interest is Testerup. But the question foremost on everyone’s mind is, “Is Testerup legit?”.

Given the prevalence of online scams, conducting thorough research before committing your time to a new side hustle is crucial. In this review of Testerup, we will explore the platform’s legitimacy, its advantages and disadvantages, and the experiences of individuals who have used it.

Testerup is \a legitimate website, but it comes with certain risks. Users have reported difficulties reaching the payment threshold, and some have needed help tracking their completed offers. This raises concerns about whether the time invested is justified.

Here is a Testerup technical analysis of the platform. Below is a screenshot from their social media platforms. Let’s start.

testerup scam

The Level of Trustworthiness in Testerup

There is a significant level of risk involved. With a relatively high cashout requirement of $70, we recommend dedicating your time to something other than this platform.

Earning money on Testerup involves playing games, completing paid offers, and testing digital products and services. The availability of opportunities varies and depends on individual users, meaning that different people may encounter distinct money-making prospects.

Some offers may necessitate spending money on in-app purchases or other minor expenses, with the promise of reimbursement later (provided you can meet the payment threshold).

While Testerup is unquestionably a legitimate website, several users have invested considerable time in completing offers, only to find their accounts blocked before they can cash out. This scenario entails further time spent contacting Testerup’s customer service for resolution.

Testerup is legitimate, but is it worthwhile? Not particularly. Here is why.

Testerup Analysis

Formerly known as Testery, Testerup is a user-testing platform that offers multiple avenues to earn money online. Users can generate income by testing games, digital products, apps, and websites, helping companies ensure smooth product launches.

Additionally, users can make money through referral offers and completing surveys. The compensation for each opportunity varies, as do the instructions for completion and payment. Signing up is relatively straightforward, and once you’re registered, you’ll have access to available opportunities displayed on your dashboard.

The signup process is user-friendly, as it’s free and aims to encourage people to join and engage in offers as quickly as possible. Signing up lets you see how much each opportunity pays and how it contributes to your earnings.

However, it’s important to note that you can only cash out your earnings once you reach a minimum threshold of $70. If your payments do not meet this amount, they will remain in your account, inaccessible. This is a significant drawback of using Testerup.

The Registration Process

One of the standout features of Testerup is that it is open to anyone for registration, making it an attractive option for anyone looking to earn extra income. Moreover, no signup fees or membership costs make participation accessible.

The website offers an intuitive signup page, allowing users to register using their email address, Facebook account, or Google login. Once registered, and email verification is complete, new users can immediately access up to 20 available positions, ensuring ample opportunities to earn once they join.

Upon completing five premium offers, users are automatically upgraded to premium tester status, which provides access to:

  • More offers
  • Higher-paying offers
  • Exclusive opportunities are available only to premium testers.
  • Overall, the signup process is straightforward and designed to motivate people to join and participate in offers without complications.

Getting Paid

Testerup sets a higher cashout threshold compared to similar platforms. However, once you reach the $70 threshold, you can withdraw your earnings via PayPal, offering a convenient way to access your money. It’s essential to have your own PayPal account to facilitate the withdrawal.

Consider the substantial payment threshold and your commitment to completing enough offers to reach this amount. If you complete a few offers but fall short of the threshold, you can access your earnings once you reach the minimum cashout requirement.

Withdrawals are user-friendly and straightforward once the threshold is met, alleviating concerns about accessing your earnings.

Testerup Customer Support

Testerup’s website offers various avenues for assistance and support, ensuring users can find answers to their questions regarding signup and offer completion. An FAQ section addresses common queries and concerns, enhancing the platform’s user-friendliness.

Moreover, the support page allows users to submit help requests, providing a channel for addressing questions and issues. While the response time is not explicitly mentioned, Testerup is reasonably active on social media, potentially serving as an alternative means of contact.

Clarification on response times would be beneficial, but the platform strives to make support readily available to users.

How Much Can You Make on Testerup

Earning money on Testerup is undoubtedly possible, although determining the exact amount can be challenging. It’s essential to be aware that some recommendations for the platform often come via affiliate links, meaning that individuals earn commissions when they sign up.

Consequently, claims of potential earnings may be exaggerated to encourage signups.

Upon signing up for Testerup and accessing your dashboard, you’ll see the available offers and opportunities. This will give you an idea of the earning potential you have. Typically, longer tasks yield higher earnings, but there are also shorter tasks that may pay less but can accumulate to significant amounts with consistency.

Pros and Cons of Testerup

As with any platform, Testerup has its share of advantages and disadvantages, which vary depending on individual perspectives. Reading multiple reviews and assessing whether the platform aligns with your specific needs is advisable. Registration is free, so you can easily explore Testerup’s offerings without incurring any costs.


  • Free registration
  • User-friendly interface
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android
  • Offers a variety of games and opportunities
  • Tasks can be completed from anywhere on any device
  • Payments processed via PayPal.


  • High minimum cashout requirement of $70
  • Reports of tracking issues with some offers
  • Specific opportunities require significant time investments
  • Testerup may block your browser if it detects VPN usage
  • Some tasks entail personal spending.

Is Testerup Legit? Insights from Other Online Reviews

Online reviews of Testerup are abundant, but it’s important to approach them cautiously, as some may be biased in favor of encouraging signups. However, verified platforms like Trustpilot contain a wealth of Testerup reviews. With over 5,800 reviews on Trustpilot, more than 70% rate Testerup at 4 stars or higher, indicating a substantial number of positive reviews.

testerup reviews

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that negative reviews often cite payment issues, including users not receiving their earnings and being locked out of their accounts before cashing out.

Testerup is also a topic of discussion on platforms like Reddit, particularly within threads related to ways of earning extra income. The consensus is that Testerup provides a legitimate avenue for making money, but it’s essential to recognize the time and effort required to achieve significant earnings.

The Verdict

Testerup is generally regarded as a legitimate means of earning money online. However, tempering expectations is essential, as claims of easy and substantial earnings can be exaggerated. Additionally, the platform imposes a notably high cashout threshold of $70, which should be a key consideration before signing up.

It is considered a safe option if you join Testerup to supplement your income. Nevertheless, approach it with realistic expectations about your potential earnings and what is achievable regarding opportunities.

In conclusion, Testerup is a platform where you can make money, but it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. It offers various opportunities for users to participate, and your potential earnings will largely depend on your dedication and the time you invest. While you can find enticing claims of substantial income, mainly from affiliate marketers, it’s crucial to approach Testerup with a realistic perspective.

The platform’s user-friendly signup process, availability of diverse tasks, and PayPal payment option are appealing. However, the high $70 minimum cashout requirement and reports of tracking issues and account lockdowns are drawbacks to consider.

How To Report a Testerup Scam If Applicable

When determining whether Testerup is suitable for you, it’s advisable to read reviews from multiple positive and negative sources to get a well-rounded understanding of user experiences. Trustpilot and Reddit discussions are valuable resources for such insights.

While Testerup is a legitimate platform to make extra money online, it’s essential to recognize the time and effort required to reach the payout threshold and manage your expectations accordingly. If you approach Testerup with a realistic perspective and are willing to invest the necessary time, it can be a viable option for earning additional income.

If applicable, you can report any other suspicious activity referring to Testerup to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Use the portal below:

Report To The FTC Here

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