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There is a new scam going around these days and the scary part is that will probably keep making victims as long as people trust everything they search for on Google. What are we talking about? Google Maps. Let's take a look. read more

Criminals send payment notifications impersonating Stripe staff and apply the same method used in the recent PayPal Notification scams. Here is how the new con works: read more

As a field that involves a lot of money transactions, cryptocurrency is exposed to the risk of numerous frauds and scams. Do you know how to avoid them? Read the article below to get a great insight: read more

You come across online ads posted by marketing gurus who promise to make you “millions in months”. To find out how, you have to buy their books, kits, or online marketing courses, which reveal the secret. Here's how the scam works: read more

A new scam using Expedia's name is going around these days coming into your email as a PayPal notification. Read the article, watch the video and educate yourself on how the scam works: read more

The paper wallets are a great solution for offline bitcoin storage as they're convenient and can be prepared fast. However, due to new nature of the cryptocurrency niche, people are still selling and buying pre-generated paper wallets. read more

Beware of a new Bitcoin scam going around this week involving the best cryptocurrency hardware wallets out there, such as Ledger Nano S, Trezor, and KeepKey. Find out how the scam work and educate yourself here. read more

The popular chat app Telegram’s upcoming ICO will most likely break records with a target raise of $1.2 billion, but cryptocurrency owners have been losing a lot of money by investing blindly in fake websites. Here is what's going on: read more

Beware of the Wells Fargo Telephone Scam going around this week. You may be receiving a call one of these days claiming to be from the bank, threatening with the lockdown of your account. Once you answer, this happens: read more

One of the newest scams hitting Canadians this week is the CRA Tax Investigation Scam, with a new twist. It references Steam gift cards, a phone call and federal charges. If you never heard of Steam cards you should pay attention. read more

Social Security benefits represent a very important financial aspect in one's life, so beware of the latest scams referring to applying, status, and losing the rights. read more

If you know what a structured settlement is and you're involved in legal cases, beware of the Sell Structured Settlement aka Client First Settlement Funding scam. read more

Be aware of a new scam using brands like VISA, Mastercard and AmEx to promise a very tempting benefit, such as a free laptop or a smartphone. How does the scam work? Watch the video in this article. read more

Do you have expenses on your credit card and want to pay them off soon? Of course you do. Beware of the Credit Card Debt Settlement Scam aka the Debt Termination, happening this week. Read here: read more

Watch out for the Donation In Your Name Scam, going around these days. It's similar to the Inheritance/Next-of-kin scam or Consignment Track box trick. Watch the video here. read more

Did you receive an email from your bank asking you to update a digital access agreement? It claims to be from any financial institution, whether that's Scotiabank, CIBC, Royal Bank, TD Bank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citigroup, JPMorgan, etc. read more

Unlike the Account Upgrade scam, where fraudsters impersonate bank reps asking you to get your account to a new level, this one lures the email recipients into believing that they need to be verified by the bank to avoid suspicious activity. read more

Beware of many Binary Options scams, exposed here with a video. Whether it's about brokers, signals or winning strategy, watch out for the sketchy world of the binary options trading business. read more

Beware of the Hospital Lien Scam, exposed with a video here. It makes you pay 3-4 times more for your hospital bill after a personal injury claim. read more

Tax relief companies and fake impersonators. Beware the latest scam in the industry, Tax Settlement or Tax Relief Companies scam. Watch video. read more

Knowing how to apply for a VA loan nowadays is critical. Beware of the VA Loan Eligibility and Veterans Benefits scam happening this month. Watch video. read more

Tax season and fake agents. One of the worst scams around this month is the IRS Tax Help or Filing Taxes Online Scam. If you don't leave in the United States, the same scam is being applied by scammers using the names of CRA, HMRC, or ATO. read more

You could find tax filing tips everywhere online but here are 10 scary scams to avoid when doing it. Whether you're filing taxes online or just searching for how to maximize tax return, read this article now and educate yourself. read more

Is gold a good investment now? If you're wondering how to invest in gold and silver, watch out for the Gold Investment or Gold Coins For Sale scam. read more

Did you receive an FBI Notification from Christopher A. Wray? Watch the video below to see in action the scam exposed, former known as the James E Comey. Christopher Wray is the new boss of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). read more

Whether you are looking for scholarship applications for college students, high school seniors, military scholarships or simply for community service scholarships, you could easily become a victim of the Scholarship Applications scam. read more

Was there a time when you were wondering how to find out your credit score? There are ads on the Internet promoting free credit reports, but when you do it, this is what happens: read more

Beware of the Selling Annuity Payments Scam. Buying or selling annuities is something that will require not only your financial commitment but insights and wisdom as well. As a consumer, you should be cautious of certain insurance agencies. read more

Knowing how to get prequalified for a mortgage could save you a lot of grief. Beware of the Loans For People With Bad Credit scam happening now, whether you're looking at how to get pre approved for a home loan or simply to get a pre approval letter. read more

Be careful. While wondering how to find a good divorce lawyer, you may fall for the Divorce In 3 Days Lawyers Scam aka Divorce Online or Quick Divorce Attorney Scheme. read more

How the scam works:
Did you receive an e-mail or a phone call from somebody claiming to be from ARRA and having a grant on your name? read more

The Prime Bank Guarantee scam aka Prime Bank Instrument Scheme has been around for a while now and proves to be too alluring for many people to avoid. Watch the explanatory video here. read more

Don't fall for the Credit Repair Scam going around these days. Educate yourself here by learning how to spot credit fixing fraud and see the Top 10 mistakes you may do when trying to improve your credit score immediately. read more

What's your favorite store you shop at the most? Be careful about the latest scam happening these days, the Emailed Invoice aka the Receipts Sent Online scam. In this article you will learn how the scam works, how to avoid it, and how to report it. read more

How the scam works:
(with video below) The hype about the investment in Iraqi Dinars has been going around for a while. Thinking of investing? read more

Beware of the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act Scam aka the fake Victims of Crime Compensation Fund. It could affect you regardless if you've been a past victim of a fraudulent activity or not. read more

How the scam works:
(with video below) The stock market industry is an interesting and risky business to say the least, if you heard about the major read more

You may be contacted via email by someone saying is enrolled in military (Afghanistan or Syria) and her team has confiscated a bunch of illegal money. In a different variation, she may say that her husband died and she was left with all his savings. read more

How the scam works:
(with explanatory videos below) Ukash vouchers are very useful and convenient legitimate cards that people in 33 countries use ev read more

Veterans benefits and their pensions are the latest targets of the scammers preying on the elderly. There are a few variations of this scam, watch the video in this article. read more

How the scam works:
Phishing scams are one of the oldest games in the scam book. Once a scammer has your personal information, he or she can sell it read more

How the scam works: 
While there are some legitimate business directories, the majority of these are not truly open about their real intended pu read more

How the scam works:
Businesses being scammed is as old as business itself. But in this age of many small business owners struggling to stay afloat, b read more

You want to know how to become a chartered accountant. However, be aware of a notorious scam happening these days involving this sector, as you should give the accountant requirements and qualifications more consideration. read more

Beware of the Scheduled Payment E-mail scam! There is an email making its rounds these days through millions of inboxes and claims to be from your cell phone network provider (AT&T, Vodafone, Rogers, Verizon, Telus, Orange, etc.). read more

Watch out for the American Opportunity Tax Credit scam happening these days, aka the Tax Credit Scam. With video below. read more

How the scam works:
Most of us receive a ton of junk mail, regular or electronic. Some of the envelopes/emails might be from credit card or credit un read more

How the scam works:
Beware of an email coming from criminals impersonating the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC). It asks recipients to keep read more

How the scam works:
This is an excerpt from a real scammer’s e-mail: “Public records indicate that $3,226,519 of unclaimed money has been turned read more

You receive an email from the tax authority in your country (IRS in US, CRA in Canada, etc). The message seems to be authentic. Beware of this scam (with video below). read more

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