Toys R Us Closing: List of Stores and a Terrible Scam That Comes With It

Toys R Us Closure Scam: How It Works

Giant retailer Toys R Us announced recently the 182 stores that will be closing down, as the corporation is laying off more than 4,500 people. As they're trying to reorganize under its bankruptcy claim, the executives at Toys R Us are also looking to find positions for many of the affected employees.

If you want to see if your Toys R Us store was on the closing list, look at the list below published by USA Today:

Toys R Us Closing Stores List

The bad news is not only related to the reorganization and the thousands of people who are about to be jobless. What are referring to?

The Toys R Us bankruptcy process hasn't been ignored by the scammers, who are taking advantage of the situation this week as well. The closing down of the 182 stores will leave millions of items to be distributed to the other locations, or sold as clearance – and that's where the crooks came in.

Criminals created fake Toys R Us clearance offers on a website that looks exactly like the original one. They even used a domain name – – that is very similar to the official one,

toys r us clearance website


Our New York-based reader Pierre Magulak reported the scam. He was interested in looking at the legitimate clearance offers that the retailer has online, but instead, he misspelled the name of the company.

He was taken to, which was an almost perfect replica of the real Toys R Us website, with the exception that the bogus webpage had significantly less pages and products for sale, while the Clearance page – which does exist on the official website, too – was showing first.

The prices offered were ridiculously low, all items having an unbelievable 90% discount!

Look at the screenshot our reader captured below – real products from Toys R Us, but fake discounted prices to lure victims into submitting their credit card information.

toys r us clearance fake


For a person that doesn't have an investigative spirit, the scam is hard to be noticed, but wait, there is more. Magulak wanted to see what else is on the table. He misspelled again Toys R Us' domain name – but this time on purpose, in a different variation: What did it show on his computer?

A notification encouraging him to install a software called MacKeeper, to maintain his laptop clean off viruses (see below).

mackeeper pop up scam


This annoying pop-up is a long-time 'veteran' present on the list of reported scams, fraudsters getting the victims to install unsolicited malicious software.

In other cases, the product is legitimate, but scammers are being paid an affiliate commission per installation, every time they sent a customer over.


Toys R Us Clearance Scam: How To Avoid

Even if the fake website – – advertising the Toys R Us' discounted prices might be taken down already by the time of this reading, there are many other variations/misspellings of the company's name that could fool you. Beware.

Watch out for different bogus sponsored ads on social media featuring headlines such as "182 stores closing down – Toys R Us needs to get rid of everything NOW". Just visit the official website and browse safely – they really have good deals.


Toys R Us Clearance Scam: How To Report

You can warn your family and friends about this scam by sharing it on social media here, using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here

Verify a website below

Are you just about to make a purchase online? See if the website is legit with our validator:


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