The Recovery Act Federal Grant

How The Scam Works:

Did you receive an e-mail or a phone call from somebody claiming to be from ARRA and having a grant on your name? In this article you’ll learn how the scam works and how to report it.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), also known as the Stimulus or The Recovery Act, was an economic stimulus package signed into law in 2009 by the US President Barack Obama. To respond to the Great Recession, the primary three objectives for ARRA were: to save and create jobs, provide temporary relief programs for those most affected by the recession and invest in infrastructure, education, health, and renewable energy, and third – to foster unprecedented levels of accountability and transparency in government spending. The approximate cost of the economic stimulus package was estimated to be $831 billion between 2009 and 2019. How does the scam work?

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Watch How The ARRA Scam Works:

Watch the video below to see the Recovery Act Federal Grant scam exposed:

Unfortunately, criminals have taken this information and started to contact random people via phone or e-mail, claiming to be working for ARRA. Scammers inform the victims that they qualify for a $9,000 federal grant coming from the stimulus.

Using official verbiage from the bill, crooks require that the ‘recipient’ pay a small administration fee (our reader Catrina was asked for $221) in order to receive the money. “From that, they told me $211 will be refunded to me when I’ll get the grant”, says Catrina. Criminals also ask that this ‘fee’ to be paid via MoneyGram or Western Union.

To be more efficient, scammers send victims to the real website of the Recovery Act and sometimes even impersonating the ARRA board members! This way, when victims research the website they find the real person there, not knowing the scammer just claims to be him/her.


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374 thoughts on “The Recovery Act Federal Grant”

  1. A Treasury Grant a Approval Letter
    I did apply for a grant for Home Improvement
    Got an Email from someone claiming to be from Treasury Grants
    American Recovery And Reinvestment Act 2009
    202-599-7786 Irene Parker

  2. I received a call from 423-741-8358. The man couldn’t speak very good English. The man also knew my zip code. I told him after he told me I was going to be awarded the $9000, that I wouldn’t have to pay back, that it was part of the ARRA. I told him before he was given the chance to ask for any funds from me, that this sounded like a scam and that if I was to be awarded the money, that he should have my address and he should then send me the funds. I then hung up on him. I worry about the elderly falling for such scams.

  3. Kevin Donfield

    9734574827 was the number i was asked to call i called the number with the agent who called me still on the line.
    to get my $9,000 via western union I was to buy a $200 gift card.
    now my number is blocked from calling them back

  4. Same arra grant $9000 And gave me a phone number of 315-208-8479 and confirmation code he said his name was Rex Williams had kind of a British accent I don’t dare call the number or put the code in He confirmed my name and email and age and that was it He already had the information but this is the second time this week the first one they told me they found a rental car with 2 pounds of cocaine and bank account information with my name on it They wanted my information and told me they were going to re-issue me a Social Security number to see who the real person was using the Social Security number I was issued they threaten me and when I didn’t give them the information they told me they were sending the cops to my front door because they know where I’m at.

  5. I was contacted by and Asian guy claiming that I could pick up $9,000 in grant money from Walmart and that I had to call a manager and he gave me a money transaction number and a phone number to call in regards to the American Recovery Reinvestment Act 2019.

  6. Why did Facebook tell me I am Lottery Winner from them $950,000.00 dollars. Facebook Management emails me if you pay,"ONLY" $240 The will have Fed Ex. within hours deliver package with that amount 950,000 in it.So I pay it $240.00 paid. Then they say The FBI wants me to pay the rest then I will get the money same day. I find out O ya, I lived almost right next to Mark Z. Ceo from Facebook and I use to baby sit him.I acually saw him on the phone camera, Facebook call he made about 100x to me and I answer for 2 seconds 1 time and I saw the Mark for sure. I did not realize until later it was him . Then he said he Loved me and I said it back . Then Mark Zuckerburg starts calling me urging me to pay Transport funds. He said I only have to pay $300.00 not $833.00 that the FBI wanted. Should I ? But I think I am in Love with him. But is the $950,000 really there?????? Someone tell me or that is not fair..

  7. Received a call from Washington DC (a Google Subscriber Phone Line) (202) 596-2494. They said they were calling from the US Department of Treasury. They offered $8,700 free "grant" money. They gave a phone number and a "Activation Code" and told me to call back when I was ready to head out to a nearby corner store to buy a eBay Voucher Registration card that was for $250. They said that the investment would be reimbursed. When asked to receive information they only pointed to the ubiquitous "Google Search for the American Recovery Reinvestment Act". After a few return calls, speaking each time with foreigners with broken accents, I got wind similar to the below posters. With no hard evidence to provide it sounded too fishy. I’m glad i found this website after I told them no thanks. They used similar scripts to what was posted below.

    There are grants out there. We just need to search and apply for them. The government does give out grant money, but I dare say in the form of this "your name was randomly won!" kind of mode. Beware and good luck!

  8. Was called by a Danny Lucas claiming I got selected for a 11k grant from ARRA 2009 was give a Grant I’d and then was told to call Marshall Bryant Officer at 206 4862817 ext 121 wanted me to go through Western Union Or Money Gram and deposited 200 dollars….welp all I had to say is not today Lucifer the Devil is a liar and even though I wanted it to be true I woke up from unicorns and rainbow land didnt fall for the bs

  9. Got a call this afternoon from a guy with a thick accent claiming to be with the US Treasury and that the govt had a 9,000 grant in my name and I could get it via Western Union, Reloadable card or some other way and he gave me this number 425.298.3593 to call and use a code to have the funds put on my card. He tried to ask how old I was and when I told him the government should know how old I am. He skipped it. He said the funds were coming from from the American Recovery and Recovery Act of 2009.

  10. Bryan jonson called me from 377 666 8480 on a recorded line telling me 1500 people randomly selected for a free gov grant worth 9, from WESTERN union or money gram .. not walmart …for sum reason it doesent do grant transactions Since we dont ask for bank account information over phone he gave me a activation code to use to give the acount funds prossing department at 202 627 0610 so i called it right away …in order for me to get the 9,000 cash i must spend a 250 to irs for tax .that then 250 will be added to the 9000. Bringing total 9,250. Freee cash in hand i tole the women on the phone i dont have the cash to she gave me that ok theres no rush when you do get the cash just call back name was melisa williams

    it to good to be true hope you catch um

  11. My Aunt contacted me wondering if I had heard of ARRA, that she got a check for $350,000 and that she has already started spending it. She gave me a contact person and number and said to text that I was ready to collect. So, I made contactwith Makiia Waters @ (217)481-7095; She askedn for some info Full Name Full address, Age, Marital status, Cell/Mobile number Occupation Monthly income and lastly if I wanted my money via cash or check.. I thought this is safe enough info to give out and I did,received text stating I was elligble to collect $350,000 as well, all I had to do was submit payment of $2500.00 i, as I am on a fixed income and live payment to payment, I have no $2500.(THIS WAS MY RED FLAG !!)/ i RESPPONDED BACK STATING i AM ON A FIXED INCOME AND CAN NO WAY COME UP WITH 2500. tHEN SHE TEXT BACK CAN YOU DO $1000. no way lady., next text Don you have a credit card? NONE then the texts stopped(big surprise).In addition, my Aunt gave me a http;// waters Picture on the site. And they must receive the $2500/$1000 with promise tomake payments til I hiot the $2500 total before any money will be sent. My take from this, the news is right, if it sounds too good to be true…IT IS! DARN I really could use that money! Who couldn’t?

  12. I just received a phone call from 510-366-3542 Oakland, California regarding receiving "Grant Money" from ARRA and given another number to call of 682-302-4703 Texas to activate my "Grant Code". They said I could receive it from Walmart but I had to purchase a $200 EBAY card to confirm my registration. They said that legally they cannot send more than 5k from state to state so I had to get the card. When I insisted I did not have the $200 they said I could get the money together and claim the money by November. Told them I will not be able to get the $200 and was told that if I can’t get it and don’t want it to hang up. So I hung up. Figured it was a scam when they really could not explain why I needed to pay for a card to get "Grant Money. The person called himself Jerry Brown and was pretty irate by the time I hung up. Probably because I called his bluff. Both callers had foreign accents.

  13. I received a call this afternoon regarding: Recovery Loyalty Reinvestment Inc related to theAmerican Recovery Reimbursement Act

  14. I just received a call from a woman that said I was going to be awarded $9,000 from the American Recovery, Reinvestment Act. Her name was Christy Young. She sounded Asian. She said my grant activation code was AR405. She then instructed me to call another number (202) 503-9456 ext. 411. I spoke to a man named Ben Parker. He wanted me to go Walmart and purchase an Ebay gift card for $100. Call them back and give him the information off of the card and then he would wire the $9,000 plus the $100 to me via Money Gram. Sure I will.

  15. I was contacted by a woman the other day, claiming that I had been randomly selected to recieve an $11,000 grant through ARRA. She then asked whether I would prefer to recieve the $ through my bank account info, or western union. I told her that I wouldn’t give out my bank info, and that it sounded like a scam. She proceeded to tell me that it was fine if I wanted to do Western Union, and gave me a 202 number to call and speak to someone about the wire, and gave me a PIN number. She also told me to look them up online, to prove that it wasn’t a scam, but I never called the 202 number, because I am not naive enough to buy that. I’m sure they would have told me I needed to purchase something to recieve it. Then I found this, and I was clearly correct. Fortunately I didn’t fall for it, because I’m a single mother of 3 and can’t afford to lose a dime right now.

  16. Just got a call from a very ethnic sounding Kelly Watson about the 9K grant from the AARA. She already had my number and address to “verify” who I was. Asked me wether I wanted it via Direct deposite or Wal-Mart/ Western Union…gave me the 202-567-7936 number as a call back. As it looks from the rest of the comments here, I will not be calling that number lol.

  17. Charity Mcfarland

    I just received a call by a man today July 12 2019 from a man claiming to work for the federal government saying I was selected to get a AARA stimulus package. He gave me a confirmation PIN number and told me to google the program after reading the actual recovery act I now realize this is a scam

  18. Zariyah Montgomery

    I received a call today on June 27th and I suspected that it was a scam so I asked the lady whom named was Kelly (so she say) she got really hostile when I asked her if it was a scam. I did let her continue on with her little pitch only because I wanted to get as much information as I could so I can report it. So she stated her name was Kelly and she gave me a call back number which was (202) 922-5852 Ext. 107. I hope these people are caught because just like the other comments she was stating that I would get $9,000 and that it was because I’ve been paying taxes since 2009 which I was confused about because I was born in 1996 so how was a paying taxes then!?

  19. Beverly Singley

    They call just about every day sometimes 4-5 times today however the lady started with I qualified for a grant of 9945 and I said if your from the federal government how come you haven’t sent me anything in the mail she said only 1700 people qualified for it so I asked her again why she didn’t send me anything in the mail and she got so flustered she hung up.

  20. I got a call today June12th from +1 206 554 6547 when I said him why am I eliggible can you repeat again?I did not informed any of my personal information somehow he had my personal email adress and name, he started with my eligibility of 9000$ without needing to repay to use for my bills or anything I want for legal purposes of living or investing.I did not get it and hr asked me are you aware of the program ARRA , I said not really and he got mad , sweared and hanged up.

  21. William Welkowitz

    I got a call today about the so-called $9000 grant. This person seems better than most – he gave me a name (Steven Lee), an employee ID #, and a claim #, as well as a call back number "when I was ready to go through the procedures." It sounded too good to be true, so i didn’t give any vital information. The call back number he gave me was (240) 342-6529.

  22. I received a scam call today and the Lady said that I will get 9000 usd back because I paid my tax on time, she asked me to call back to 516.299.9824

  23. A ARRA scammer contacted me today regarding a $9000 grant. All I had to do was call 202.417.6032 and provide a reference number that the scammer gave me. The number he called from is 202.857.5706.

  24. A ARRA scammer contacted me today regarding a $9000 grant. All I had to do was call 202.525.6095 and provide a bogus reference number that the scammer gave me. The number he called from is 202.857.5704.

  25. Nicole Goodwill

    I just received THE call, thick accent from the numbers: 746-407-6755, 746-409-6896, and 740-407-6661… and she asked me to call 972-999-1099….

  26. ARRA scammers called me for the past 2 weeks. I finally took the call after looking at your information to see whether i can learn any more useful information to share. Here is what I have: A man named Patrick William was the solicitor who gave me the number (he said they can pay through either: bank account deposit, phone card, or Western Union / Moneygram) After telling me that i have been chosen to receive ARRA grant (assuring me that I would have no out of pocket costs), he gave me a phone number 408-462-8967 to call to speak with a "Sr. Officer" this person’s name was Julia Smith (both have thick accents which is fine, but made it sometimes difficult to understand everything that they were saying). When i asked her for her employee ID, she began berating me and telling me that i was uneducated for asking her for her personal information. I informed her that i would be contacting authorities. Admittedly we never got far enough into the conversation to where i was asked to pay any money, but I could read the tea leaves that we were headed there. I hope this helps folks to be aware and if you get the same type of dialog, beware and report it.

  27. Facebook friend contacted me asking if I’d claimed this ARRA grant money which she had already received $100,000. Gave me a contact to inquire for qualifications which of course I did meet. I was to send $2000 cash via Fedex and They (Fedex) would deliver my cash overnight delivery. The contact named Steven Richard showed a picture of a white middle aged man with US flag in background. The address to send to was:
    Ashley Johnson
    3708 Block Dr. Apt 395
    Irving Texas 75038
    Although we only communicated through messenger his language and expressions were at times weird.
    I have saved all messages please contact me for further assistance in bringing these people to justice. I’ll happily press charges if it helps.

  28. I was just called today by someone claiming to be from the ARRA of the Federal Givernment. I qualify to receive a grant for in the amount of $9000.00 dollars. Reason why, because I’ve never committed a crime, claimed bankruptcy, and pay my bills. I’m one of 1200 people. All I have to do is go down to Western Union, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS to claim my money. I need to purchase a 150.50 dollar Google play card. I asked why google play, they stated Google funds 30% of the grant. I need to register in the store through the purchase of the google play card. I was speaking to an individual who actually sounded like he was from Eastern Asia, then he switched me to the accounts manager for the close….lol.. She was a female who also sounded as an Eastern Asian. The mans phone number was 516-299-9765. The women’s phone number is 516-299-9824. The woman told me to give her a call when I get to Walmart so she could walk me through the registration; which is to lead to waiting 3 minutes to receive the funds. They also provide you with an approval Money ID number of 5 digits. Letters and numbers mixed. Also, I phoned back and received a google voice prompt. Strange. These calls were coming from NY, then an hour later, I received a call from this grants office in NM, number is 505-285-2337. This was a female with the same scam except it was upped to 9,500.00. I told her this is a scam and she hung up. I wasn’t about to entertain this one. They are hot to trot today and extremely desperate. People beware! I never went to Walmart and tested to see if it’s too good to be true!

  29. Received a message from this number 515 957 1067 telling me I have money waiting for me from a government organization called the ARRA. $150,000 waiting for me to claim and all I have to do is send them $3000 for taxes, delivery fees . Received this on 2/20/19 .

  30. I have been contacted several times. I reported the 1st to the OIG since it had to do with my social security. The 2nd incident was about the VA giving me money. I laughed and said "The VA doesn’t give me money, they take it away". He hung up on me. Now the 3rd & 4th is through email. One is to verify my address from FEDEX, who had sent me a legal email stating it wasn’t correct before I could respond. Then the 4th is the FBI wanting me to pay $96.00 for shipping cost of a money order! That’s how I ended up here. I’m so glad you guys are on it! If you need more info, email me.

  31. Just received a call from a non-English speaking woman,NY number,I was referred to a dude,broken English,and was told to send $250 for a registration fee,to receive $11,300. (315)288-6105,(315)288-6197

  32. (301) 253-8083 some Indian guy called me from Maryland asking me to confirm my info for me to recieve some grant of 9700$ and he gave me a # to call and some code too.. so I did my research found this and decided to post this , haven’t called yet but he did everything everyone on here just explained so I can trust it’s a scam , hope no one else gets scammed into these things .

  33. I received a call from someone saying I have a grant for $11,300. She gave me a confirmation code and a number to call (315) 510-9829 and code QD1799, to verify the transaction.They asked me to get a google play card and put $200 on it and it would be refunded. The lady I spoke with had an accent but said her name was "Ashley Johnson". Even as I write this comment they are still calling me. I answered and said to stop f*****calling me,this is a scam. This time it was a guy, from phone number (301) 243-7197 he said " I will call you everyday until you get this money." and whenI told him this is a scam he says: "This is not a scam, I didn’t say it was a scam, how do you know this is a scam." Do your research, DON’T GET SCAMMED.

  34. I just got a ton of calls from this number: 1800-250-5339 . He said I won money through this grant. He had an Indian accent and when I asked him his name he said it was “John Williams.” He was impersonating someone working for the official program. He then proceeded to call me four times until I answered and said, “Stop calling me.”

  35. Received a call from 204-550-8553 talking about $9000 grant i didnt sign up for or even know about. I found this site and immediately asked what the fee was to get this money from walgreens. Its $200 and she was trying to tell me to buy a gift card which is not traceable. When i told her i thought it was a scam she told me to call the same # back and talk to anyone else…. really…

  36. Dam scammers just called me talking bout I won 9,000 in what government expect me to do with it in something about call finicial department tomorrow for my $$$????

  37. I was called also asked me excatly what everyone stayed in there comments. Was told to pay 250 I said "I knew it No no no no" the guy says then hangup I told him " don’t fuck with my shit I’ll find you" and I hung up. Lucky I gave him a card that I cancelled right after I hung up. It didn’t have any money in the account anyways ha cause I’m broke. Be careful people. 202-780-7599 is the number they called from ts753 of the code. Fucking putos.

  38. Was called from an unknown number they told me I was selected from a federal grant service and that I won $10,000 that I didn’t have to ever pay back. They said I was selected from filing taxes because I had no bankruptcies and no criminal record. Yeah I got a code AP246 and this number to call (315) 333- 0551 and I’d be receiving a money gram check from American Recovery Bank of NY. Once I told him I didn’t believe them they hung up on me. Lol….. don’t get scammed people.

  39. Same as the ones below ARRA scam. Caller has heavy accent…tells you to call 202-681-0173 with your verification #GG107 to recover money from grant. Refers you to the ARRA site.

  40. I just got that call they called from 202-643-5245 & said I needed to go buy a google play card to setup the grant. He wants me to call back after I “get” it (which I’m not doing).

  41. I received two different phone calls today from people stating they worked with the ARRA and that I had been selected to receive $9750 by calling the following numbers: (202) 681-6304 & (707) 340-3566. When I asked how I was selected, the response was that I was a citizen in good standing with no law violations and something else I can not recall. They told that I was to call said numbers and provided my code(s) (GG101 or GG1021, depending on which number I called). This would ensure the person on the other end would know that I had been verified as the appropriate person to receive said money. This person would issue me the funds in one of the following manners: Western Union Money order, a Money Gram money order, a direct deposit into an account of my choice the amount or the funds to be placed on a card of my choice. I know nothing in this world is free so I did not go along with it. Unfortunately, there are people out there that will fall for the scam. I believe it’s time to change the laws to stop companies that have VoIP enabled phones from calling and doing this type of miss deed. My understanding though of the current rules just stop them from calling from a specific number in which they can change that number to reflect calling from pretty much anywhere in the country. These types of people should receive harsh punishments praying on the naïve populous. During the time it took me to write this post, I had two missed calls from one of the so called “ARRA” people.

  42. Just received my call. I asked what ARRA was, how I was selected, I even explained that Walgreen’s and CVS wouldn’t dispense that amount of money as they do not carry that much in their registers. I was told to call 760-383-3693 from the parking lot so I could get step by step instructions! If they thought she could get money, they called the wrong person. Happy to see people posting here about the scam attempt.

  43. I also received a phone call from someone claiming to be from ARRA My grant was to be 9,750, he wanted me to pay 250 registration fee at Western Union or Walmart money gram, I did a phone reverse and the calls were from Kansas and California! This indeed is a scam!

  44. I’ve been contacted twice in the last 2 weeks about this grant. Everything that is said in all of the previous comments is exactly what I received too

  45. call from ARRA I am to call 315-924-6710 with the code vl007 to recd my $9,000 grant money 2009 I will speak with an advisor and will be told what to do to recd this grant…. possible recd via a type of a credit card?? whatever On a previous call I asked to send the money via check no was the ans a credit card would be given to me does this sound like a scam??? thank you

  46. Jacqueline Walter

    I was just contacted by ARRA saying O could have a $9,000 Grant if I gave them certain information. Thank you for putting this info on the internet letting us know that it is a Scam. I thought it was. as it was to good to be true.

  47. I cant get into your website to report the scam. I hate these mother fuckers and I want to whatever I can to get them caught. Does it help to have the number they were calling mr from- 253 478 5697

  48. I was just contacted from what supposed to have been ARRA said I qualified for a $9,000 Grant. His name was Chris Parker #202-750-0861

  49. Veena Talapaneni


    I just got a call from 646-646-6673. They repeated the same story of 9000$ grant being offered as My number was picked in lottery in ARRA. They told I can get the amount through Walmart or Western Union. They initially told me that this amount is given to citizens and when I told I’m not a citizen then told me that non-citizens are also granted in this program. Call went on for almost 25minutes and they gave me a grant Id and asked me to call back to 347-878-7231 number to get my grnt amount. I felt suspicious and googled about their scams and this website was really helpful.

    Guys, be careful there ate lot of out their who does similar scams. Think twice before going for the free lottery ammount.


  50. Beware of a scammer calling himself Ryan Anderson. I received a call indicating that I was awarded $9,000. He kept me on the phone for close to 30 minutes. When I noticed that he was pulling up information based on my cell phone billing. Here are the numbers he called from in Maryland: ?(443) 355-3485? and just now from ?(443) 354-8901?.

    He referenced his daughter being scammed on May 12, 2018 though guarantees that this is not a scam

    He also referred me to this website several times:

    And gave this address as their place of business:
    2000 Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC 20201

    Lastly, here is the number he asked me to call and speak to a specialist so they could wire the money to MoneyGram immediately: 202-780-7193 and to reference #RM181.

    Since hanging up on them they have called back 5 more times within the it took me to write this reply.

  51. I have been receiving calls from these
    Non Americans for about a week. What’s funny is different people call and tell me different amounts. Now that I have read this and know for sure, I’m going to let them have my attitude that they have caused..
    What a bunch of crap. Can’t they just get a legal job and work like everyone else. Thank you for posting this..

  52. I think I was targeted today by this scam. This has to be documented so that their feeble attempts can be thwarted.

  53. Tim & Charlene Barnett

    These people just attempted this scam on me 6/13/18 @ 3:20pm. She spoke very poor English and when asked specific name of grant she literally started the entire speall over again. It was obvious she wasn’t even familiar with the information. Was told government was giving me a $9,000 Grant with approval # K1431 and to contact the financial dept at (302) 329-8069

  54. I was just contacted by a heavily accented person claiming to be from ARRA, The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, implemented by Pres. Obama. (#202-643-6179) While on the call I Googled the name and, of course, found the program itself to be real. They said I was selected for a $9,000 grant which set my alarms off at once. Even though I told them I wasn’t giving anyone any personal information, they said they didn’t need it, so I went along with the call. They gave me an activation code and call back number (#315-333-2193) and said I could pick the money up at Walmart. My mama didn’t raise no fool, nothing good like this ever happens to me. When the call ended I dug a little deeper and found this site. And those scammers will just have to find another target.

  55. bangiemd
    I received a call today (May 29, 2018) and was told it was in reference to ARRA and that I qualified for a $9000 grant. Told me to call 202-695-3808 and give the letter/code number they gave me. I knew it was a scam and never called.

  56. So this guy who has a strong accent called me just now from a weird number +1 (1) (952) 290-786 and said I was randomly selected via phone number. When asked for his contact and personal info he provided this:
    Jason Burke 1007ext, badge number 3978955001. US Federal grants department. ARRA American recovery reimbursement act 2009. Call this number to get your money 206-880-3945.

  57. Rachel ginyard

    I just got a call from this #202 595 1368.. they say I was selected to recieve 7000.00 then for me to call 203 493 1272.. the person voice changed several times in the call.. he said for me to pay 100.00. I immediately told them it was a scam… they even ask for my bank info.. its said that people are trying to scam other people that barely have anything

  58. Got a call from 202-930-3073 and her name is Anna. She said I qualified for 9,000 dollars and wanted $200 to activate my access code wanted my bank account information but preferred Western Union MoneyGram. got excited cuz I needed the money but did my research before I sent my money and realized it was just a scam. do not fall for these people scams.

  59. Why doesn’t the link work? I just had this call again I have been hanging up on them but the kept calling. It is true I am recently unemployed and need the money but it makes me really mad that they are preying on people with vulnerabilities. I really really wish the link worked. Report Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

  60. Linda Freeman

    I ws just contacted by the AARA and given a Grant ID# RC307 and a phone number to call 315-563-1274. Of course being skeptical of the $9,000 free grant money I searched Google and found you. Is there anything further I need to do?

  61. Kelsey sackman

    Look so I got this call told me I was getting this money I’ve been out of work for 9 months my daughter and I are being kicked out my new place isn’t ready it’s 100° outside so I’ll be living in my non running vehicle… Fucking joke thanks for ruining my day even more

  62. Just had the same call. 9,800 just for being a "good citizen". Lol. I said that you don’t have to pay for a grant and that I had no money to send. They said to call them back when i did. Ironically about an hour later a different very accented person called and said i was going to receive 9,000 for the same reason. I said that was funny because i did have a criminal record and just got out of prison for hunting down and killing telephone scammers. 🙂 I don’t think she appreciated my sense of humor. Ah well, back to earning my money. What a ridiculous scam.

  63. Jenifer Neffendorf

    Austin, Texas.
    I received a phone call at 5:45 pm cst on 5/25/18 from 315-563-1376 on my cell phone. The guy said that he was from the grant department. He introduced himself as John Wilson and said that the Federal Reserve was giving grants out to those who had good credit and was paying their bills. He gave me another number to call to get more information.
    I called the number at 6:00 pm on 5/25/18. 315-563-1426. His name was Alfred at extension 141. He said that the grant was for $9000. The only stipulation was that it had to be used for something good, not bad such as paying bills and to buy a new car. He wanted to know how I wanted it, cash or credit card. I would receive it through the Western Union. I said cash so he asked me where the closest Walmart or Walgreens was. I was headed to Austin so I said Wal-Mart. He gave me 2 tracking numbers and said that It would have to be split.
    When I got to Wal-Mart, he told me that I would have to go in and buy iTunes gift cards. Each transaction had to be activated which would cost $100 each so I went in and bought 4 $50 gift cards to activate it. He made me stay on the phone the whole time because he said that he was afraid of being disconnected. I kept telling him that I thought that this was a scam and he continued to tell me that they had an agreement with Apple for the gift cards. He wouldn’t let me stay in the store to give him the gift card numbers. He wanted me to go to my car which I did. He told me that the grant would be $9200 to reimburse me for the activation fee with the $200 apple gift cards. I gave him all 4 numbers. He told me to wait while he called the bank to process it. To my surprise, he said that there was a tax added to my grant of $500 for Texas. He wanted me to go in and buy $500 more in Apple gift cards. I was reluctant and mad and skeptical but I had just spent $200 on my Wells Fargo credit card buying the first $200. He quickly offered to pay ½ of the taxes for me ($250) that I would pay back so now the grant would be $9700. I again accused him of scamming me. He was good, I tell you. He was very convincing that I would get this money. I went back into Wal-Mart and bought $250 more in iTunes cards ($50 denominations because that was the largest amount that they had.) I once again came to my car to call them out to him. He remained on the phone the entire time even when I was purchasing the cards. He continued to assure me that they had an agreement with Apple for the gift cards. I know, I’m stupid but he was very convincing and I really could use that $9000. He again tried to put it through to his so-called bank. Then he came back on the phone and said that the bank wouldn’t let him use his own money that he had said he’d let me use. Now I need $250 more in gift cards. I see now that there would have been no end and now I’m out $450 on my Wells Fargo credit card. I feel so scammed. He told me he’d call me back in the morning. He’s not done with me. What do I do now? The phone call lasted until 7:52 pm.
    $450 worth of Apple Store & iTunes gift cards $50 each
    He did try to call me again the next day but I did not answer the phone.

  64. I’ve also received a call from Marcus with the ARRA Government Grant Money, saying that it was $9,200 free grant money I could pick up from my choice of money transfers like Wall Mart to Wall Mart. My grant ID # was CN707, but I needed to call 859-904-3383 first to speak to the Senior Account Manager, he would give me the Claim Grant # or Money transfer # to complete the transaction. I smelled a scam.

  65. I received a phone call from the number +1569503 and was told to call the number 202-899-9865 I spoke with a gentleman named Richard White claiming to be from ARRA. I was asked to go to my nearest store to purchase a Google Play card. When I told him I didn’t have money to go purchase it he told me I can call him back and ask for his name. first thing I did was Google what he said and the phone number and found comments of this being a scam thankfully I didn’t go anywhere or purchase anything.

  66. Leslie Redding

    I received a call from 202-345-5557 stating that I was selected for ARRA grant due to paying my taxes on time, no bankruptcy in last 6 months. And that I could use the money to pay bills, buy a car etc. And there is no pay back. He gave me a code that I need to provide to his manager who help me get the money same day. The number I was to call back was 302-439-0409 which I did not call as I believe stimulus checks years ago was sent via check no phone interaction.

  67. Received call from 872-456-9537 regarding an ARRA grant assigned to me for over $9,000. Had to call 202-899-9865, give them the code and they would ensure I’m receive my grant. Guy had Indian accent.

  68. Louis Morrison

    I got a random call about getting a grant from Bill adams and Benjamin Lee Extension #701 315-820-1392 . The amount was $9700 . I was to go to Walmart and get a Activation Card for $ 300 to receive $9700. Thay claimed to be part of Human health services American Recovery there voices was middle eastern . Scam are Government needs to put a end to the scams .

  69. I was just approached by someone on the phone that claimed he was from the ARRA. It was a site I could look up on the internet. So I looked it up and it proved to be a scam….glad I didn’t fall for that one11

  70. I got scammed out of $250.00, with the promise of being reimbursed. Sadly, unlike a lot of people hear, I fell right for it and lost $250. The only upside I found is that I used cash, so no tracking me with a card.

    Numbers used:

  71. Michelle pearson

    This is the third time I have been contacted, twice this year and once last year ~ the amount from me was $250.00 which would be refunded when the transaction was completed.
    They called from:
    I was to call “Judy Bell” 346-308-2164

  72. I was contacted by this number 1 (619) 233-1454 multiple times today and the last time I answer it was a female telling me that I have been selected to receive free money because I’ve been paying my bills on time, have no criminal background, etc. They gave me this number (408) 709-2044

  73. I was just called by the phone # 213 388 1353 and they went thru the speech of ARRA stimulus….stating I qualified because I’m disabled or a single parent. They have me a another phone # 209 425 3302 with a grant # starting with two letters. When I called it was a Google phone #. Clue humber #1 it was a fake. Then when a lady connected to the line she was rude condescending and started yelling at me when I asked questions. Watch out beware of these scammers.

  74. Just called the number back out of curiosity and it said. “ The Google subscriber you have called is not available” and I hung up and immediately got a call back but I have the app Hiya and I’ve already reported and blocked them. If y’all don’t have that app, GET IT!!! It’s awesome!!

  75. Just received a call from (360)-123-1111 telling me I was picked to get the $9,000 grant for my loyalty or some bs. They asked for my name to "confirm" what they have on the grant and then gave me a number to call directly afterwards and to give them this ID "DO365". (She was very high strung and a bit aggressive when I failed to understand why I was selected.) So I called (202)-810-5546 and this other lady, Christy (I think) answers saying I need to go to wal-greens to get a registration card that I would need to put $200 on it. And then the western union services would give me the money. And just now (646)-205-2007 called saying THEY’RE from the gov and that other place was trying to scam me. I have a grant and all I have to do is pay money to get it mailed to me hahahaha. This is ridiculous.

  76. I was just called informing me that I was selected to receive a grant for $9,000 and “only 1700 hundred people are selected across the country to receive this grant that was due to Obama’s American Recovery & Reimbursement Act of 2009”.

    The minute she said, “I have your city as Grand Prairie“ I knew it was a scam because I don’t live in Grand Prairie, but for some reason my cell phone lists Grand Prairie, that’s not the city nor have I ever lived in Grand Prairie. But….. I felt like letting her think she was winning this scam for a minute cuz I was bored and felt like being entertained lol
    Anyway I was given a grant ID# BC143 and told to call a “senior account officer” at the following number: 929-376-7402 ext 101
    When I called the number I immediately got “Wendy” and she went through the entire song and dance again that I was being granted $9000 and that I needed to go to a Walmart (lol) and call her and she would walk me through the rest but that I needed to bring $250 cash with me to purchase the cash card (btw, cash & card are not the same thing lol)… And I asked her “why do I need to purchase a card if they are going to give me cash at the counter” and she said “Walmart will not just give you the card but you’ll get the $250 back immediately when they give you the cash” and I asked her specifically “so if I give them $250 and they will give me $9250.00 back in cash immediately while I’m standing there?” and she said “yes but it will be three separate transactions of $3000 each because they can’t give you $9,000 in one transaction”.. and then I asked her “I’m on my way, do I go to the customer service desk or what?” and she said “no, call me in the parking lot and I will walk you through what you need to do but make sure that you bring $250 cash and a photo ID”.
    The minute she said I had to pay to get money but I’d get $9,250.00 back immediately, I just laughed and stayed on the phone to be humored.. lol
    Y’all I ALWAYS go back to what my mother said, “If it’s too good to be true, then it probably isn’t. Nothing is for free and if someone is offering you something for free and you have to pay to get it then You’re being scammed” Hopefully y’all will take that advice and go with it for the rest of your lives…. my daddy got scammed out of $4000 a couple of months ago because they played his grandson on his emotions saying that his grandson was in trouble and he needed the money right away, it was heartbreaking hearing him retell the scam… he was devastated because he lives on a fixed income and could not afford to give somebody $4,000 but he honestly thought his grandson was in trouble :’(
    There is a special place in hell for people who take advantage of others, ESPECIALLY old people!!!!

  77. We just got a text saying we were approved for a $7,000 grant from American recovery and reinvestment act (the lack of capitals is just how it was written). File # GR773. Call back number was (202) 808-3640.

  78. LaDaina Fuller

    I just got a call from 347-665-4209 and this woman told me that I got a government grant for $9000 and gave me a code DC143 and she referred me to 518-418-7942 and told me that he would guide me through the process and to do it right away because this would be the only time I would get this money. I called the number and he told me to go to a MoneyGram and pay them $205 and I would get my money. And he said he would stay on the line until I recieve my money. THIS IS NOT LEGIT. ITS A SCAM! I didn’t give anyone any money because you should never have to pay money to get a GRANT! Never trust these people who randomly call you about money you never applied for or wasn’t expecting.

  79. Christopher Tracy

    Moments ago, I received a phone call stating much the same as described below: that I am pre-approved for a 7,000 grant. My id number and the phone number given were the same as "Kathy" below: GR773, (202) 808-3640; but was also given another number: (202) 754-8411.

  80. The scammers are getting (slightly) smarter! LOL! They called from a RESTRICTED line this time. I Was in speakerphone in the car. My 16 yo son asked why I stayed on the phone with them… To get information to be able go accurately report them They were using terminology from the Wikipedia information from the ARRA (American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009). I was given a confirmation number to tell to the transaction department at phone number 646-450-4859. I had been randomly selected, along with 1499 other people, to receive $9000 cash in hand. This wasn’t through ant State programs, but would be paid out by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York through Money gram at Wal-Mart or Walgreens. This was an incentive to give to people who have paid their taxes on time, not committed crimes, who are disabled or retired from the government! He called me by my middle name and repeated himself 15 times trying to get me to say the word "yes".

  81. Sheryl Stowell

    I just received a call from a Kevin Parker who said i had been chosen by the government to receive a grant. Myname was drawn due to my having kept up with paying bills and also because i was either out of work, retired or on disability! He gaveme acode of SK154 and said i should go to http://www.grants.NIH.Gov/recovery and read about the recovery act. Then call back at 240-516-6202 which was there finance dept. This was after i told himi refused to give any info over the phone. The callcame from Redmond Washington. 360-340-1509

  82. I just received a call regarding being awarded $ 9200.00 from the Federal Government. The first person gave me a number to call "516-447-5663. He gave me a money account conformation number of GG1012. He told me I needed to go to the nearest store to purchase a 200.00 card and he would hold on while I drove to the store to purchase the card. One the transaction was completed, I would get the $9200 plus my $ 200.00 would remain on the card. He wanted me to leave right away and he would hold on while I went for the card. I told him I could not leave right now and he said if I didn’t do it "right" now I would lose the money. I said I could not and "HE HUNG UP THE PHONE ON ME." This is a SCAM, SCAM, SCAM. DO NOT GET CAUGHT UP IN THIS SCAM!!!!

  83. I was contacted by a Mary Yates @ the following number 682-302-4337 asking for my full name. Then I was told to hold on for a conformation. Then I receive a congratulations text I will be receiving $1500 but she will need my full name, full address, occupation, dob and monthly income. At this point everything just stopped for me this didn’t sound or feel right. I texted back and asked her full name and who she worked for all I got is the name Mary Yates but she didn’t answer the question of who she worked for I didn’t get another respond from Mary Yates.

  84. Just received a call from a guy named Jordan Lee. Asked me to go to a walmart and buy an electronic giftcard for the amount of $250 in order to receive a government grant (income tax money return). He gave me two tracking numbers, one for the amount of $9,200 and the other for the amount of $250 (to reimburse the electronic gift card money)
    Please beware.


  86. Yes. They had been calling me for 3-4 days and today they finally get to talked to me. That was such unexpected grant. I was almost ask her why aren’t you give it to my school and they will get me. However, she was asked for my transaction payment and I choose store…Hahaha…The weird thing is that she also asked me how fast I can get to the store…that ain’t professional… she also asked for my direct deposit which I did not bother to tell her and the weird thing is they don’t issue paper cheque.What hell is this gov’t dept doing? NO!? So glad I have this all over online to get me a help.

  87. receiving lots of calls from these scam artist. #202-559-0307 is the number he called from and told me to call this number 202-688-8325

  88. I recieved numerous calls for a few days i finally answered to someone saying i could get a $9000 grant how fast i could get to walmart a use my $200 to get an electronic card to get the grand from Federal Reserve Bank so i ask for info to do research because i heard of these calls being fraud and this guy name Jess Berndell gave website Americanrecoveryandreinvestment.act (347)754-4295

  89. Got an "information call" from 315-496-8065 offering a $10,200 grant under the Health and Human Services Dept. of the Treasury under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Voicemail cut off the reply number.

  90. I was contacted today by these scammers from 202-780-7599, basically saying I have been awarded $9000 grant money from the government, but I need to go get a card from a grocery store, or Walmart or Walgreens and add $200 to this card . I said why I’m being ask to load $200 to get $9000.. I told her she was a scammer and hung up . DONT FALL FOR IT!!!

  91. Mr.JohnnyMiller called my home phone telling me we received a $9400 grant from ARRA had to go to Walmart and first call 646-813-7241 and give them my special code WB420 talk to account manager and DO NOT TELL ANYONE AT WALMART YOUR GETTING FREE MONEY. But you have to pay $200 for taxes etc. oh his ext is 101 at that number. Total scam just like reported above wanted to know how quickly I could get to my local Walmart. In a big hurry! Beware! Bunch of nuttos!!

  92. I just received a call from 360-116-6000 and was given this information: Confirmation number JN207 and a phone number 360-849-8996 to call and to keep calling until I got someone so I could get my ARRA2009 grant for $9000 on my debit card. I did not call back and thank God I found this scam alert. It was fishy when I heard it and listened through the whole lie she was feeding me. Any time you get a call or e-mail, do your due diligence, especially during the holidays where scammers make their move. – God bless you.

  93. Charles (Mike) List

    I got a call from 510-5445-6794. This was a person with a very strong asian accent trying to convince me that I had been randomly chosen by HHS and treasury department for a $9000 grant via the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. He was clueless enough to believe he was a government employee, but I am not willing to give information that the government should already know to confirm something thart I don’t believe in the first place.

  94. Just got a call from 305-308-0393 saying I was selected to get $ 9,000 bc I live in a low income area but I pay my bills on time. When I started asking questions like how do you know where I live, how do you know I pay my bills on time etc… the woman (obviously not in US but a NY #) got annoyed and said it’s a govt program and they track it. When I asked to have my #removed bc it’s on the FCC do not call list she hung up on me.

  95. I was just called about the ARRA 2009 scam. They wanted me to put the $200 fees on a STEAM card. If you have any further questions you may call me at 567-288-1771. Thank you!

  96. Just got a call from 2027625056 stating I received a $9000.00 grant and needed to call 206-231-0024 and to go to western union once I called that number.

  97. Received voice mail from 315-496-1822. Asking me to call this number back to discuss the grant for 10,200. The recorded message stated that it was from Health and human services and the department of treasury.

  98. Laura Carpenter Varnam

    I received a email from "jack pick" saying I was on the list for a Government grant. All total B.S.!! DO NOT fall for this. NOBODY JUST GIVES AWAY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARE!!

  99. I just got a call from a 202-750-5593 and the told me about a federal grant … I refused to give them my bank information or pay anything… that’s how I knew it was a scam. At first I thought it was from the Fafsa but it wasn’t the case. They talked about ARRA, The Federal Reserve Bank & Wells Fargo. They had my information ! I just hunged up. Today is Novermber 16, 2017

  100. Got the call too! Same old b.s. lines. Number was (209)328-2963. Figured it from the start but …hoping it would be real. I knew better.

  101. I got a call from 1-273-214-3245 and was told that bc I have no criminal background and is in good standing with the government that I qualify for a free $8500 free federal grant that I won’t have to pay back. I asked them If I can have their address so I know that this is not a scam and they kept saying "us federal grants department Washington dc" I told them I want a street address and so they gave me "200 independent SW harper ave 20201" but then when I asked again said "200 independent sw subert humphry 20201 building 2b Washington dc" and tried to get me to go to some website like "arr8000" then changed their answer and said "arr2009". I asked to talk to a manager and was "transferred" but then I googled and found that it was a scam. I told them online says its a scam and she said "give me a mo" and was hung up on. I tried calling back but It would no go through. It seems like they were asking me questions to get a yes out of me. like "can you hear me?" and "will you wait for just a moment to look that up?" the "manager did say that this was a recorded like for quilty insurance. At first, I thought this was fasfa but when I asked they seem like they didn’t know what fasfa was….. that’s when I knew it was a scam…

  102. Just got the call saying I qualified for 9000$ wasn’t the first time but I did get a number to call5182413460 With a code to activate my fake ARRA grant be aware of the fraud and report it to The FTC 8773824357 God Bless

  103. I received a phone call from a man who claimed to be çontacting me because I am one of a few thousand people who have been selected to receive $7,000.00. He gave me a phone number, (646)971-9615 and told me to ask for someone named Michelle. I was to give a Grant approval number he provided me to her. The phone number of the man who called me is (424)637-8000. I am glad I checked. Thank you.

  104. call from Robert Jones 844-714-7387 said I qualified for $9,000 grant from Federal Government from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Gave me an ID # and told me to call 206-451-5077. Called that number spoke to Charles who asked for a $250 reimbursable processing fee. They both said if I was uncomfortable giving out my bank account number I could do an Instagram or western union. When I told Charles I didn’t have $250 he said call him back when I did.

  105. I received a call from someone using the phone number 786-857-9012 who said that I qualified for a $9,000 grant from the Federal Gov from the U.S. Federal Recovery Agency, something like that because I filed my taxes on time and didn’t file for bankruptcy in the last 6 years they said I Qualified. She mentioned a survey and that I was randomly selected, even giving me a bit of attitude when I questioned how she got my number and how I qualified for this if I had never applied for anything. I managed to only give my name and age but since I had the person on speaker and knew this was totally wild, I hung up the phone, especially with my aunt shaking her head full of doubt. IF it were truly from the federal gov, they would have all my information. I’m so glad this site is here and that there are so many comments related to what happened to me because this means I almost got scammed. Been scammed before, and it is horrible so I’m glad I looked it up online and found this! Just hang up and block their number! And tell your friends!

  106. Got calls in Oct. 2017 from 202-002-2002, 202-881-6824, 202-864-2579 regarding the government "giving" me money from a grant. The guy mentioned Apple/Tune cards, too, but his English was so poor that one could hardly understand him. I told him our government doesn’t just "give" away money, not without a fight or a lot of paperwork. His insistence made me laugh. Arguing with these people is fruitless, If they haven’t hung up on you first, hang up and block the #. You can call the # back to verify that it’s not a working #, but really, why would you waste your precious time.

  107. I received several phone calls yesterday from (360) 115-5000 telling me I was randomly selected to receive $9000 (one call it was $7000) from an AARA grant. I told them I’d check into it call them back. I checked it out and found this scam alert. The link on this page to report the alert isn’t working.

  108. Michelle Wingert

    I paid $2000 with the promise that I would receive $17,700 for my small business. I provided my bank account number to have the funds deposited and it never happened. The man I spoke with said his name was Larry Peterson, his phone number is 1-646-535-2572. Please advise 503-351-1285 Thank you Michelle Wingert

  109. I just spoke with Chris Watson, who barely spoke English, at 206-451-8258 about my 9,000 grant check for being good to and for my government. He told me that in order to get my 9,000 I had to purchase 2 Apple I Tune cards (100.00 each) so that Apple could load the 9,000 on my cards (4500 on each) along with the 200 I spent on the cards, then the 9,200 would be transferred into my account or sent via money gram or western union. I asked him what school did he attend and since when did the Federal Government need assistance from Apple to disperse grant money or any other funds. He had the nerve to tell me that Apple was sponsoring the grants. I’m still laughing.

  110. I just spoke w/ John Cooper (barely spoke English) at 510-240-8760 X 256 for my 9,200 check for being good with my govt. He said to call back to 202-854-9895 to speak with his dept director to claim my money. Guess I’ll just have to keep slaving away for my dollars. Back to work.

  111. I just received an ARRA scam call from Aberdeen WA # 360-209-3573. It’s sad that people fall for this crap! Does anyone really think the government is calling you to give you a $9,000 gift? I tried tonreport the # with the link provided here but it does not work. I blocked the #.

  112. I just got a call from a Washington DC number 202-681-1473 saying that I was approved for a $9000.00 grant with activation code AK0015 with a call back number of 206-651-5005. Told me that he was going to be transferring my information over the Treasury Department and I had to call the call back number right after I hung up. I hung up on him. Told scam. Be careful everyone.

  113. 323-318-3695 : 2009 ARRA, claimed they worked for the government, asked for my name (ha), gave me the address to "verify" and said I’d get $9000 … good luck folks. They sounded like they were from Southern Asia, heavy accents calling from a CA number claiming to be in NYC.

  114. I received a call yesterday on my way home from 206-899-3942 claiming I am approved for a $10,000 Grant with Activation Code MZ325 and stating I had to pay a registration fee of $250 that would be reimburse to me I know then this was a SCAM!! FOLKS PLEASE DONT SEND YOUR HARD EARN MONEY TO THESE CRIMINALS REPORT THEM!!!

  115. Someone is asking me to send them 200 dollars on an iTunes card her name is Cynthia. I really want to know if it’s true

  116. I just received a call from 202-445-7782 I first talked to a lady with a very thick accent she sounded Indian when we were on the phone there was loud noise in the background she explained to me that I have been chosen to receive a grant of 9,000 because I have no criminal record she had a lot of my personal info on file she gave me an approval id number SU2213 and asked me to call her boss Jack Patel 209-328-2963 to submit all my info and then I would be able to receive my money AFTER I make a payment of $200.00 this man "Jack" also had an accent I knew it was a scam I just want to warn other people about this and please don’t send your money this is literally to good to be true do not believe a word these people say

  117. 09/12/2017 I just received a call from (202) 655-7793. The woman informed me I was selected for this recovery act and was being awarded $9700. She gave me a telephone number to call (202) 899-9339 Michael Page x1024. Michael claimed all I needed to do was to go to a Western Union or Walmart and obtain some registration card and make a deposit of $250 for any transaction fees that are not covered by the grant. I contacted Walmart to verify and they knew nothing of this process. Anything requiring me to pay a fee up front is not ok. I found this website and just as I suspected, it’s a scam. If it’s too good to be true, that’s because it it.

  118. 888-908-6250 called and told me to call back 443-808-0389 and said because I pay my taxes and bills on time I qualify for 9200.00. I said no thanks

  119. I just got a call from these people too. No mention of wanting me to send them money but that I eulogies because I had no criminal background and was on disability. Well… I’m do glad that someone is handing out that information because I sure as hell don’t make that public knowledge normally. I know it sounded too good to be true though. So i just listened and laughed internally and hung up. Like sure.. The government is just going to hand me $9,000 it of nowhere. I think not.

  120. Got a call from a DC # claiming that I was awarded $9,200 in grant money. Gave me the number to the Dept of Treasury (206-212-1094) and a grant ID of AK0015. When I called the number, the guy answered with "Federal Government Grants Division" he had a foreign accent but told me his name was Denny Jones (sure thing, bud) and was the Sr. Accountant (why would Sr Accountants be making these calls??)

    I started asking him questions and told him this felt like a scam. He replied by telling me to check out the ARRA website (which actually listed nothing about giving thousands of dollars away to randomly selected people).

    I really hope the word gets out about this more and they stop taking advantage of people who may not know better. These types of people disgust me.

  121. I got a call from a Indian accented man claiming to be from Health and Human Resources stating I’d been awarded$9700 grant to be used for whatever with exception drugs . I was told to call another number to confirm pick up with his account manager at the number noted . When I called that number I asked what this was really about and he was upset that I didn’t know and referred me to goggle Arra 2009. & to claim my grant Grant for $9700
    Was given this confirmation # Em1992 then to give to rep this number
    CB# 315-203-1759

  122. BE AWARE……Thesee ppl don’t mindo making multiple calls to your number. They tell you that $9000 is due to you of gov’the grant. All you need to do is give them a debit card number….go to Walmart get an "iTunes card (2) " in the amount of 100 each. They will stay on the phone and tell you what to do next and that your money will be deposited in as little as 10 minutes. Beware of 202 area codes.

  123. Got a call from Area code 202. Standard story ARRA grant, give us your card number or do dia western union. Callback number was (716) 320-0050 (western NY state). Contact was "Susan Miller", all I had to do was get a card with $250.00 on it (which would be reimbursed via the grant money. I hung up. This is my 7th such grant and had another for $9000. Broken English every step of the way. Watch out for this folks, they don’t mind blanketing with multiple calls.

  124. Got a call from 206-923-9164 they’re telling me they are from the federal treasury reserve and that I was randomly selected to receive $9,600 and a grant and that I was to go to Walmart Walgreens Dollar General and get a steam card and give them $250 that they would refund me when they sent my 9600 Western Union thankfully I looked this up online and the people at the store said it was a scam let me tell you I called back the number and had some Choice words for them so beware of these people they’re saying they’re from Seattle Washington and that they work for the Federal Reserve I think it’s terrible that they prey on poor innocent people like this so I wanted to share my story and maybe I can help somebody else to not send the money

  125. Lorraine McClelland

    Just received call for some claiming to be Jason Williams, from the ARRA. Tel # 904-327-9631 under the name of Rabin, Leon. I’m to call his manager at 202-810-3406 to activate my $9000 Grant. It bothers me that he had too much of my personal info on file. Beware!

  126. Received call from 202-473-4223, Brandon Lee from American Recovery & Reinvestment Act saying I was picked for a $9k grant to use any way I wanted except for gambling and drugs. Verified name and zip code and tried to verify age and employment status. Then told me I needed to call 425-880-7024 with my grant id as soon as we hung up to claim my funds. Definitely not calling the number..


  128. Received a call today from a Withheld number – a foreigner that I could barely understand said I was picked for a $9000.00 federal grant he took some info – just basic name, city & state, age then told me to call 202-813-0907 to talk to his senior account manager, I did this lady (also a foreigner) explained this was from the AARA signed be Obama back in 2009, some how we was disconnected so I call back. I asked for more info, told me I had to stay on the line and go to my nearest Western Union to finish the transaction, Now I am a little leery – after a few more questions once again the call was disconnected – I believe this was a scam & count myself lucky that no personal info was given – Beware everyone

  129. Micquelle Burton

    I have one similar it was a woman talking fast. She call restricted and it was so much noise in the background. She said I qualify for a $9,000 school grant and I had to call this number:347-709-9259 to receive it. I don’t like the way it sounds so I never called the number

  130. Received call today stating I was chosen for the $9000 grant from aara act of 2009.. I automatically knew it was a scam. While they were talking, I was on the internet looking them up. They said everything you have said. My fee was $200. Agent call back number was (202)780-7082

  131. I got the same call. They asked me to call 240-257-6407
    confirmation # ab515

    I didn’t bother calling, but the guy told me I had 2 hours to call. Ugh.

  132. I got a call today from a man with heavy accent saying I was chosen to receive money ($9,000) from the government. He gave me a Washington D.C. phone number to call… so I did (curiosity). The women who answered also had a thick accent, and said her name was Amy Jones. At first she said I needed to go to nearest store and buy a registration card- an iTunes gift card- for $200. After saying I didn’t have $200 to buy a gift card with, she subtly changed the amount to $100. She promised that it was "not a scam" and that the it had to do with the ARRA grants, and that because I was good on paying my taxes I was selected. She continued to assure me that it was real, and that she would walk me through the process. I told her I’d have to call her back later so that I could verify the legitimacy of this deal. It definitely seemed like a scam, and I’m glad I looked it up!

  133. Was contacted and told to call 202-810-9948. When I did, I spoke to Eric who said his extension was1028. He wanted to give me arra grant money in the amount of $9800.00. He wanted me to get an Apple registration card and then do a money gram at Wal Mart. Said to have him on the phone when I was ready to do this. He said that there would be a $250.00 surcharge or tax. I asked if it was going to cost me money to get money and he said laws vary from state to state. He was insistent that I be comfortable when I got to the money gram place. When I hung up from him, I had my wife google the arra and discovered this scam with the202 area code and many different names and numbers used. Watch out, don’t get trapped or tricked into this.

  134. I recieved a qit a few calls from California,so finally I answered it.a man on the other end was hard to understand,but told me that my name was choicen foe a 1 time only goverment grant to be spent in anyway i wanted since the goverment didnt come help montana.And I was going to get $9,400.00.and I could get it money gram,wedral union,or auto deposit into my bank acct.He ask for all my bank info.dummy me gave it to him.He tolg mr to call another number that would give to all the info on the money.I did.And this guy,told me I had to go and buy a $350 itones card,that would be reimbursed with the $9,400.00 that I would be getting fron the goverment right away.can someome please tell me what to do about these liers,i have phone numbers and they gave a name but probaly a lie.thanks for any helk

  135. I keep getting a call from a guy calling himself Michael Smith, phone number 1-347-651-1084 saying that I have $9200.00 coming to me from the American Recovery and reinvestment act of 2009. He wanted me to perchase apple I tune cards totaling $150.00 then go to Walmart and exchange them for my money. He is persistent I give him that. Please be advised that this is a title fat scam

  136. Got my first call telling me I got $9,000 grant, 202-827-6804. Gave my ref # and told me to call his boss at 2202-670-1222. Heavy accent guy named Paul read the script… I already knew it was a scam but I took him around the block a few times. First I told him I had the money but didn’t have a way to get to the store. Told him I didn’t have a debit card just a prepaid green dot… Don’t know how I made it thru without laughing. Then he asked for my checking acct number so I gave him an old acct number but changed the numbers at the end. Told him he had to call me back because I had someone at the door and asked if it would take him long to do the transfer. He asked if the funds were in the acct and I told him yes and hung up. Of course he called back and said I must have got the numbers wrong, so I told him #uck it… Just send me a check and there would be no need to take out any king of fee for registration. Yep, that wasn’t on the script and he was stuck like Chuck! Who can I report this to? Oh yeah, must be my lucky day cuz I got a call from the IRS saying I owed them $8900 in back taxes and if I didn’t pay it within two hours, I was gonna be arrested. I told him I would be sitting outside waiting and that would give me time to drink a six pack or two before they got here. ???????????? Today was a good day!

  137. I keep getting calls from (516) 217-9584, (716) 215-2854, (716) 215-2870, or (929) 201-3362 with a recorded message "You are now qualified under a recent bill passed in congress called the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act permanently reducing your electric bill up to 60% …" blah blah blah blah. Appears to be the same scam.

  138. 4087133069 is a scammer they claim to be from the government trying to give you a 9400$ grant but they want you to buy a iTunes card for 250$ he says his name is Jerry Thompson extension #210 don’t believe it!

  139. I got a call from a restricted number. Said I got a grant. Wanted a $250 down payment to give me back $8500 plus the $250 back. Gave me a number to call 206-472-6011 & a name of David Milrer. Was very adamant that I look this up online on Wikipedia. Even gave me a confirmation code. If its a grant, they wont need a down payment. So no!

  140. Just got a call from Susan Walter saying I got chosen to receive a grant for 9000. Gave me a number to call 202-813-9408 I talked to a Steven Johnson he explained the whole thing very similar to all these posts. Wanted me to go and transfer 220$ onto a western union card. Lol figured it was a scam so I googled it and found this site. Instinct was confirmed here. Gonna call them back and thank them and say that I didn’t need to buy a card that the number he gave me was good enough and that I received the whole 9k just to hear what they say. Stay safe and be smart folks. Nothing is for free and you never pay for free money.

  141. Apoke with someone from "unknown" number. Told me I qualified for grant and needed to hang up and call 606-824-0200 asap. When I said I was speaking with my attorney to see if it was legit she informed me to not give my number away because they could steal the grant. Knowing that she was not legit I humored myself by continuing with the conversation and her trying to verify my information but wouldn’t give me hers until she was finished. I then called the number and of course she said I needed to register by paying $249 at my store and it would be refunded. It was hilarious because for some reason she could not get her script right and continued to say I needed to go to local place in New York when clearly you stated I had a Florida zip code! I then said I was reporting them for scam and she hurried off the phone by saying so whatever you want. Smh be careful

  142. Amanda Roberts

    I calls all week for the arra 9,400 grant. I finally listened to it all today. They wanted me to go to Walmart with 250 bucks that would be refunded to put my name with the federal reserve to secure my grant and not have the state take taxes out. Um no. His name is Micheal Williams, 408-713-3069.

  143. I was contacted by "Dave Williams" about the ARRA grant. I qualified for $9000 but had to buy a gift card to pay the registration fee for the federal reserve. When I started asking too many questions and told him I knew about the scam, he became very angry and rude. I hung up. He continued to call me. I finally answered and told him I was reporting him. His number is 202-754-9863.

  144. Today, July 10, 2017, a foreign guy called me and said that because I was disabled and in good standing with the government, I was chosen to be awarded a $9000 grant in either direct deposit, put on credit card or sent to a moneygram or Western Union location. I first had to call back this number, 202-681-6407 and give my identification number that he gave me. Of course I refused to give out any personal information to this man, although he provide my address and didn’t ask for anything else. His phone number was 235-252-6407.

  145. Got two separate calls regarding this scam, requesting that in order to activate an ARRA grant of 9,800 I would need to pay 200.00 LOL "NOT TODAY MY FRIEND" I DO KNOW THAT THIS IS A COMPLETE SCAM!!!! if the government has anything to give you as well as the state it will come directly to you via mail along with supporting documentation plus its ALL at no cost.

    My SO CALLED rep was David Morgan 1 202 642 4336
    The first lady called from 1 800 055 5655 Idk was really wired. seems like if they wanted to make it believable they would possibility get someone who speaks fluent English IJS

  146. Mickie D Hall

    I have received numerous call about a $9200 Grant with a $225 fee that will be refunded to me. So glad I read this information BEFORE I got SCAMMED. I will definitely be reporting this.

  147. I got the same phone calls that are mentioned here, saying i got $9,700 grant money but that i needed to go to the closest walmart , rite aid, and couple other places. They told me i had to make a registration card with $300 deposit and this will be refunded later. They said they are gonna stay in line w me over the phone due to security reasons, and told me to keep the information to myself bc it might be dangerous. This whole thing didn’t make sense to me because government grants odn’t come this shady. Plus I am an international student, therefore the US government does not have a reason to financially support me. I asked how would i know this isn’t a scam. All they could say was because this phone call is monitored and recorded by government officials and FBI. Yeah right! Her name was Sharon Hunter, with 2026707642. Her name wont be her real name but thats the info i got.

  148. Been getting calls from Washington, DC – when I would call back number is disconnected. Today I answered from 202-453-3894. Man in thick accent (Chinese?) said I was randomly chosen for a personal grant from ARRA. Very informative but I declined. He asked why, I said it didn’t seem legitimate and I am uninterested. He was very cordial in ending the convo but I highly believe this is a scam.

  149. Jerry Croniser

    Gentleman told me not to tell anyone my clam number. He have a me a grant number to clam my personal grant and a new phone number to reach the registration dept. Once I paid 225 for registration I would be refunded the 225 and receive 9,000 dollars personal grant funds. The funds would be sent to western union, money gram, or into my personal checking or saving account. I told him I did not have 225 dollars and would have to call them back. I have called them back a couple of times just to see if it was legal.. Each time a person answered the phone. The number I call is 202 455 0638. They explained that this was a result of Fed gov. American recovery act. Of 2009. Also said there are so many scams out there, that he would walk me through the process to make sure I received my funds with no problem.

  150. I got a call from the ARRA scam saying I got a 9,000.00 grant and I asked how do I receive this grant in the mail? Lol! Of course not !!! Lol! They said go to nearest wal greens and deposit 275.00 I told them wait a few hrs lol! Now I’m reporting them because they told me to look at the site but as a person of hypersensitivity I had to look more into to see how if my feelings were correct and how I could report them

  151. I received a call from 1(202) 000-0000 was told to call 1(202) 350-1084 with ID
    AD145!! Then I called the number back and it was disconnected! The lord Jesus Christ revealed to me that this was a scam! Please warn others and pray with me against this evil man!

  152. I just received this scam call exactly it is described above. A male caller with an Asian accent was very persistent and persuasive. Fortunately I found this site and told him I’m not interested and hanging up.

  153. Im not going to regurgitate the same information everyone else wrote. Im sure they said a handful of minor personal information. Im just warning people to be more aware of their credit and bank accounts.

  154. I’ve been getting several calls the last few weeks from a 202, 206, 347 and 360 area codes asking to call back to claim free grants $$$. I really never believed it and got tired of them calling so I answered just to check what it’s all about (from a phone # [360] 036-8544. Sure enough, I spoke with this guy with a heavy middle eastern accent who introduced himself as government officer Peter Williams, who stated that I’m one of the randomly picked names from a list of individuals who are working, paying taxes with no criminal records…and so forth, and that I can claim $9k free grant money coming from the Human and Health Services together with the American Recovery Reinvestment Act (ARRA) program (a legitimate program online, but does not say anything about free grants money if you check out their websites). He tried to fish for information slowly, like he did state my first and last name (don’t know how he got that), and then he asked if I’m from the 90071 area (w/c I’m not). He gave me a money confirmation code # and told me to call his accounting officer to explain to me on how to pick up the grant fund. He did say that this is free and that I don’t have to report it in my taxes since it’s from the federal government. I proceeded with calling the # he gave me (202) 798-0454 and was answered by another heavy middle eastern accented guy named Kevin. He told me that his colleague must have explained to me about the program and that they are providing free federal grant funds through ARRA and HHS. He was going to explain to me on hoe to get the funds through moneygram (and he asked me am I close to a Walgreen, Walmart, Kroeger, Dollar General or Family General) where I would easily claim the funds, but before filling out the moneygram form he told me to contact him so that he can provide me with the Sender info and Grant code. He then further explained that I will need to register to their account a 1-time refundable fee of $250 before he could release the sender info and grant code. And when he asked about my middle initial that’s when I had enough of this, and I told him I will call him later.
    Scammers like this ought to be investigated and all sent to jail for victimizing the innocent hard-working Americans instead of mingling with Russia and China asking to make peaceful ties with them while our country is invaded by these scammers and hackers.

  155. I have received numerous calls from number not the same but saying the same. The fact that I curse them out I can’t understand why they think they can continue to call from different numbers like im going to up and change my mind. They say I’ve been choosing for being a great citizen blah blah blah and I awarded a grant for 9000 that I dont have to pay back from ARRA Then give me a code ms407 then tells me to call 3477629648 to get My money. The man with thick accent same as female before ask me how would I like to receive the money I say bank card though im not afraid cause its a prepaid card with nothing on it….cause i know its a scam. He then say well the best and fast way is to go to Walgreens or dollar General Wal-Mart ect. And buy some card and put two hundred something odd dollars on it of course I blown my top. And was explaining How I know he’s a terrorist scammer and how he could kiss my you know what he started saying ma’am your on a government recorded line as if he was scaring me. I said well the government can kiss my *** for allowing this to go on and told him im not a fool I know this is not recorded like I have money to waste on yall preying on people and im struggling as is. And for the comment below from the guy saying he thinks they prey on the old im 26 these folks don’t care how old you are tgey just want to run across the right fool to fall for it sorry to say that the older people fall for it. Not because they are fool simply because they a from and error were things like this didnt happened so much and they have knowledge on searching the internet some not all. Ppl don’t fall for it course them out make them give up because I give them the business they gone wish they stop getting my number in there generator.

  156. Brenda Hatcher

    I received a call with a caller ID of "Allison Pack," at 530-517-1670. The woman had a strong Asian accent which was very difficult to understand. I could hear a lot of voices in the background. She told me that she was calling from the US Federal Grants and Treasury Department with a $9,000 grant from the Economy Crisis American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 which was written by President Obama. 1,600 people were chosen each year for this ARRA grant. She asked with which method I would like the money, by direct deposit, check or something else that I could not hear. She did not get my husband’s name right, and I asked her why she would not know this if she had our info already. She gave me a "money confirmation ID #JN761," and told me to call back at (202)836-7644. I asked her name, and she said she was "Jenny Walter." I knew this was a scam, but was curious, so I called the 202 number.
    The man who answered also had a strong, difficult Asian accent, and there were many soft voices in the background. He told me the same story. "Jenny" must have noted on the computer that I wanted a check in the mail because he already know this. He asked if I understood about this grant, and I said that I could not understand "Jenny’s" accent, so he explained that 1/3 of this money was from donations and that the rest was from the government. He said that I had to buy a "steam" (?) card for Best Buy, Game Store or a third one (couldn’t understand), for $250. This is how the government would know that I am the right person. I would be reimbursed for the money. I asked for his name, and he said, "Bruce Miller." I asked what name I would see if I looked up his phone number on the computer, and he was very understanding and calming reassuring that I would get the US Federal Grants and Treasury Department.
    Hilarious!! I just called the 202 number again, and the same man answered. He said "Federal Grants and Treasury Department." I asked for Bruce Miller, and he asked, "Who?" I asked for his name, and he said, "This is Dan Walker."
    I hope that this helps you to stop them.
    Brenda Hatcher

  157. Jason preston

    Someone just tried to scam me. They told me i was going to recieve 9500.00 through an recovery act 2009.i new it was a scam from the jump.i was to go to walmarts to pick up the money in twenty minutes i would have cash in hand. So everyone be on the look out for these calls watch this number it is from washington d.c 202-913-5122. And the other one was from a guy named nelson vargis phone number 315-332-1679 WATCH OUT SCAMMERS NO JOKE PLEASE WATCH OUT ITS CALLED

  158. Bevelyn Rodgers

    Well, Trump just fired the head of the FBI, so thinking he’ll do anything about THIS is a joke you’re playin on yourselves.

  159. Just got a Scam from American Recovery Act for a grant. The callers phone on my ID was 206-768-4399 & said US POSTAL SVC. He told me to call 850-564-6131 and gave me an ID

  160. I kept receiving a phone call from a Washington DC number (202) 619-9000 and a man with a thick accent had told me that I had been randomly selected for a federal government grant of $9,000. He said that under the ARRA act of 2009 and the Health and Human Service administration I was to receive this grant, and then proceeded to talk more. He gave me a code, gg1108, and a phone number to call to redeem my money. The phone number was a New York number, (347) 709-9259. I called, and he asked me questions regarding my zip code and where I lived. He asked for my bank account number and my routing number so that he could transfer me the funds. I told him to hold on and that I would call him back once I had the information. I never called back, since I knew that it was a scam from the get go. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!!!!!!

  161. Same as everybody else. The tone changed when I asked for all of the callers contact info. She gave the address of 200 Independent SW Ave, Washington DC and no zip until I asked. Then she mysteriously hung up when I asked for the phone number. Caller ID was 202-963-2242

  162. I was first called my a man with a thick accent, named "Jordan Smith" telling me that I was one of 1,500 people selected through a survey for paying my taxes, and bills on time, for not having a criminal history in the last 6 months and for being a ‘good citizen’". I was to receive a 9,000 "Loyalty Grant" from the Federal Bank of New York. Then he gave me a Washington DC phone number 202-770-0857 ext. 225 which I called, suspiciously but also stupidly, and a woman with an accent and very unhappy tone, named Florence, quickly read through a script of how I could receive this money, which I never have to pay back or pay taxes on, within minutes after I had gone to a local Walgreen’s, Walmart, CVS, etc. and purchased a $250 Steam card. She told me not to worry that this $250 would be refunded to my grant. She told me that we had to be on the phone while I purchased this card so she could walk me through it so that I would not incur any state charges or unnecessary fees (HA!). I told her, as I told Jordan Smith, that this had to be a scam that this is too good to be true and that I needed some sort of real certification whether in the mail or a government agency I could verify with. She became quickly irritated and said "if you think this is a scam I can delete your grant"….. This is when I knew these were heartless scammers out to get innocent people’s money. I looked online and found countless stories exactly the same as mine. I called her back and she told me she was on the line with another person which I said, you’re taking money from another innocent person? She said, a little stunned, "what… Why?"… I told her I’d called the FDC (which I did) and filed a complaint providing this specific information and her name and information. I asked how she could sleep at night taking innocent people’s money like this every day? She starting speaking over me towards the end re-reading a script I had already heard and then she hung up. This is ABSOLUTELY A SCAM. Please tell your friends and family about this scam. I am most concerned at how they knew the spelling of my first and last name and my address. I stupidly gave "Jordan Smith" my age during the preliminary questions of how I would spend this money if granted. Do not give out any information. No government agency will call you demanding your bank information for any kind of fees. They will send you a notice in the mail to pay anything you owe.

  163. Linna Ceralde

    I just received a call from a rep claiming to be from ARRA with a $9k grant in my name. All she had to do was verify my information and at the end would receive a code to "redeem" my grant via a website. She started the verification process (only got to my name, thank goodness) and I asked her to hold while I logged into the computer to look this up. Seeing it was a scam, I told her I’m no longer interested. She mumbled something in Indian and hung up on me. I did not catch her name but the number she called from was from Seattle, WA 206-789-2548

  164. Same story as everyone else. Man with thick accent called, said my name was selected and I won $9K in Grant money. Gave me an activation code and told me to go to a Walgreens and give him a call when I was in the parking lot so he could walk me through it. I told him that this sounded suspicious and he said it was legitimate and a few other people had already collected their money. said to call 202-643-4817

  165. Victoria Wilson

    Hello My Name Is Victoria Wilson I Received A Call From Someone That Said The Were with The ARRA American Recovery And Reinvestment Act. They Told MenTo Call 1202-681-3163 And They Have A Grant For Me With The Amount Of $8400.00 They Said I Need To Call The Number First Before Go To Walgreens And Pick Up The $8400. I ‘Think This Is A Scam Can You Please Help.4-28-2017

  166. Nikeisha Porter

    These scammers for the $9000 ARRA grant uses this number (202)813-0907 ext. 137 Susan Miller (Manager)

  167. Nikeisha Porter

    I just received a private called from soneone stating I was choosing to receive a $9000 grant from the ARRA. In order to receive it i had to register with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York for $275. One thing for sure for that type of moneey a grant from the government requires alot of paperwork and identification. I quess they thought I was born yesterday? Of course I going to research and see if this is for real. If so to receive this amount of money funded either comes in a che k or on a card not as they instructed to stay by my phone after registering so tgey can release the funds . It didn’t sound right. Wow how desperate they are to scam on people the work hard for their money. IT’S A SCAM!!!

  168. I have been receiving numerous calls from different numbers telling me I have grant money they’re going to send me the guy had a very Indian accent he told me his name was Joe Gonzalez I told him I didn’t think so he also told me it was money coming from the American Recovery and reinvestment act of 2009 told me I could get $10,000 I told him I would Google it and call him back I knew this was a scam everything that seems too good to be true usually is

  169. Today 4/20/2017
    I received from 408.600.1337 and a man named Jordan Kelly telling me I have been granted Government grant money $9,400 with a ID#GS045 and to call a manager at 408.915.6437 Catrina Ellen, telling meveryone I need to purchase an ITunes card for $250.00 after buying the card I was suppose to call back to speak with Catrina Ellen with the information of the $250.00 card to get the registration # to claim my money through money gram or Western union She claimed she was from H.H.S the department of health and human services and the money was at the Federal Reserve Bank of California through the of Government Grant Depart mentioned. The American Recovery & investment program. I knew it was a scam the minute they said to buy a ITunes card and they could not send me my registration number to my cell phone or through my email. Goodbye I hung-up

  170. I received a call on 4/20/17 from someone claiming I could receive $9K from ARRA. So I decided to check and see if this is a scam and it is! I would not pay to get free money!!!! So I will get my blessing from somewhere else.

  171. Skye Standing Cloud

    Received a call, gave me a number 2023500728 to get my money activated. Not doing it but got info to report.

  172. I just received a call to my cell phone from a man with a thick accent telling me about the ARRA 2009 grant that would supposedly be given to citizens such as myself for having good standing with the government– GEEZ. So ridiculous. I was told to call back a #360-562-9278 number and use a confirmation code to get the $9,000 in grant money. Instead, I looked up this website and am trying to figure out how to report this to the proper authorities.

  173. Received a call from a woman with a very thick accent stating I’ve been chosen to receive a $9,000 grant & to call back at 202-827-5339 & give a 5 digit "confirmation number" to receive the funds. I called & spoke to a man, also with a very thick scent named Daryl Johnson at x1016. He said I could receive the money via checking account deposit, deposit to my Visa debit card or via Western Union. Of course I wouldn’t give my checking or debit info so he wanted me to go to the nearest Walgreens or 7/11 & call them back while there so they could walk me through the Western Union process. I was told I would not have to pay any monies to collect my grant but after reading this, I’m not going to call back.

  174. Philip Miller

    I was just phoned by a "Frank Carter" who had a very thick accent. He said that I was to receive $9000.00 and that it would be coming from Washington D.C. The reason why I was to receive this money was to use it to buy things to help stimulate the economy. This included school costs or any other "large bills" I may have. Why was I to receive this wonderful news? Because of the ARRA that Obama signed in 2009. I was given a 6 character confirmation number where mine started with"VAxxxx"; the x’s being the number he gave. Then, I was to call 360-207-4187 as soon as I hung up talking with "Mr. Carter". He asked me for my bank information or I could have this sent via Western Union. I chose Western Union because I didn’t feel safe handing out my bank information. He congratulated me for the fact I was to receive this money. He never spoke about any kind of security deposit. Since it was an area code that was not in my area I thought I needed to put a "1" prior to the number. It went to some one’s phone where they basically told me to "leave a message". I thought I would try calling the number without the "1" and surprisingly it went through. A Christie Thompson answered and asked for my 6 digit verification code. Once she had that she needed to put me on hold so that she could pull up my file. She verified my name and in order to receive my $9000.00 I had to pay a refundable $250 charge. When I "received my 9,000.00 it would be refunded to me at that time. So, I would receive $9250.00. She gave me her extension so that on April the 4th I could call her back at a Western Union and we would proceed from there. But, she needed the $250 deposit first before I saw any other money. I checked out the ARRA online where I looked under "arra grant requirements". Under that I found this site concerning this scam and began reading what other people had written. They, too, were told basically the same information I was. Now that I have learned that this is a scam I won’t be calling back to Ms. Thompson to hand her the $250 deposit. I’m glad that Ms. Waugh and the many others that have received this call have been very open as to what the scammers said because it sounded way to much like my experience. I agree with the one who mention that President Trump ought to be notified about this and that this scam be stopped. I am 64 and I believe this scam is preying on seniors.

  175. I got a call first from a Washington Number 202-789-5587…and an Indian girl from India gave me and ID # then told me to call this 407-503-0722 ..and give them my ID #…the second number sent me to a Fla number but in the background it sounded almost the same as the first call and I could swear the same song played on the hold as I waited for this again India Guy to verify my ID #…anyway they explained that i had been choosin out of a large group of ppl for a grant from a Government deal that was called "The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009" I Heard of that when Obama signed it so I told them to continue..the whole time knowing they where going to ask for money but hoping today was my lucky day and they wouldn’t do that..especially after telling me and making sure I heard correctly $9400.00..what an odd number for a grant I anyway he finally gets to the me paying out money part it was that I buy some kind of card and that gives them a number where they can send my money in two separate parts cause western union only lets 5,000 at a time…the card number would cost me $200.00 and I would get that back hence the $9400.00 payout he promised me…he even said they would stay on the phone with me the whole time even while I filled out the paperwork and kept saying everything would all be recorded..I want to know how they prove to you over the phone that they are recording everything?? any way If I was going to do it I would have for one reason he did sound legit when he kept saying he would stay on the phone with me until the money was in my hands and for an elderly person that does sound promising making this scam work on the elderly and that is sad…I am not young and at times I did feel maybe the man was really telling me the truth and that’s a pretty hard thing to do as my mother always told me I could sale ice water to a Polar…these ppl are getting good at these scams and its sad because they get the ppl who are hopeful and really need the money…some will get someone to loan them money in order to do this making them out not the $200.00 fee but another $200.00 at that…it is so sad they don’t catch them and put them where they belong…and its funny that they use ppl from India making it all appear more legit as we don’t hire American telemarketers any more…I never did find on this page where to exactly report them either and that’s also very sad…should have a number to call at the liget ARRA program head quarters where a person could call to find out of they really got a grant and to report a scam…but this is America the land of "Free What the F’s" and ppl who lie every time they open their mouths btw…sail la vie ppl

  176. I have beenough getting these calls for a week non stop and have been asking them to stop calling here…so today 12:50pm I listen to a male named Henry something with a very thick accent give me all this info about a grant being held in NY city for me gives me a ID# and tells me to call treasury dept at 2026490253 and says he will call me back after I call…and I asked what is the program called again and he said American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 …scam and how do they keep getting away with it trump should try to do something about all the s as out there instead of cutting free lunches and meals on wheels.

  177. I have had 4086001337, also 4087131557 contact me telling me this same information. I told them from the beginning if I had to pay anything whether it be 50 cents I didn’t want anything to do with it they proceeded to tell me I would not have to. Then when they did ask for money they asked for $250 and I hung up they then called back and said I could pay $50 today to get my money. I told them I looked them up and I know they are scammers and they hung up on me.

  178. Gustavo Irizarry

    I have just recieved a call from 206-609-4189 from some person a female called Rachel Gomez with a apparently an indian accent She informed me that I was selected to recieve a $9000 grant from ARRA funds. She gave me another # 646. 397 7t89 in NY she must have teleported herself from washington toNY then she instructed me to go to aCVS store closest to me with an Id ang get a $250.00 money gram for which I woud be reimbursed for a registration fee.I never went googled the ARRA and found this is a SCAM.As the saying goes a fool and his money are soon parted be aware there are many scams.

  179. Deborah Zarlinga

    I received a call from a 206-485-5401 claiming I have received a $9000 grant from the government for being a citizen that paid her bills on time and did not file for bankruptcy in past 6 months. They said it was going to be recorded. He said that the way I was to get this money was to either give me a credit card number, bank account number or they will send it through Money Gram at Walmart. He gave me a code number YR927 and I was to call his manager at 202-738-4342 and he would release the money. I called and Wesley Chance (with an India or Pakistanian heavy accent) told me i would need $280 for the transfer of the money through state to state from Federal Bank of New York to the Walmart by me. I told him I could not do it today but tomorrow and he told me to call back tomorrow morning at 10 am my time and we would go from there to get my money. Well I researched and found this sight that is saying it is a scam. I also talked to a person with the FFIS and he told me it was a scam. Beware. Be careful about giving identity information about yourself out to some on the phone or anywhere for that matter.

  180. Got a call from a guy with a very thick accent who was in a busy area/call center. He told me that I had earned 9,000$ from the RAFG. I asked him if he knew my name, because obviously he should know it if I had won a grant. He just kept evading the question and trying to confuse me with language from the act. The phone number was 202 206 5126.

  181. 2/24/17 10:30am est. received a call from the Treasury department call …HA!!! The number calling was
    202-154-8387 from a guy with a strong accent and he was obviously in a call center.
    W510 is my $9,000 Confirmation Id and I shouldn’t share that with anyone… HA!
    646-844-7675 is the Account Managers number and today I should contact him for more details about my "loyal citizenship reward" from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act…ARRA… HA!… RIGHT!!! I was reading about this scam while on the phone. Love Google searches… The Government isn’t rewarding anyone…. that much I know. Total Scam and reporting my experience.


    are has to much email federal reserve bank are have money his wham to pay transfer in my country are do not this scan or true tanks GOD BLESS ADRIAN from PUERTO RICO -phone -(1-787-651-3383 )

  183. Same story as others expect i played it some then told the guy i myself work for the gov. And he was a asshole he calked me left me a message that i was a bicth and to call him back right now or he would f. K me uoside down

  184. Got a call from an individual, called himself, Ben Dalman, US Government Treasury, phone 202-206-5126, address 200 Independence, Washing DC 20201. Offered me 3 ways to be paid $9000 grant…..funny, he had my phone number but couldn’t tell me my name.

  185. Yep just had 2 guys TRY to talk me into this over $8,000 in grant money. Gave me a code and told me to call 202-681-5392. I swear I am a single mother who gets these calls even fake checks sent to me FedEx! So over this why can’t no one do anything bout all of these scams! Grrr

  186. I was just called by a man claiming to be with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. And told I had been awarded 9200.00 in Grant money and that I needed to call this number to talk to his manager 206-639-4370… I told him that I was not going to give them any money…. He told me "oh no! When would you ever pay the federal government?" Well I know better and I am not going to call that number!! It would be nice to think that it is that easy to get that much money but if it sounds to good to be true it probably is! Don’t ever send any one money because of a promise of getting free money! Its just not how the world works!!!

  187. Scam alert at 4087131557 bunch of accented people trying to get u to buy them a Apple iTunes card for 250 or whatever. After they tell u it’s a federal grants u been selected for $9,400 dollars…..

  188. Five minutes ago, I was called by a man with an East Indian accent from (404)462-2503. He claimed to be with "a Govt. agency called US Govt. Grants" (B.S.), and attempted to scam me re: the "2009 American Recover & Reinvestment act of 2009, enacted by President Obama. He claimed there was $8,000 for me, asked me what I was going to use it for and wanted to confirm personal information with me. Then he wanted me to call (646)751-7673 ("as soon as we hung up") & give the financial department grant #BR1579. With this grant number, they would send me my money. I told him I was retired law enforcement, and it did not phase him. (Scammers usually hang up and never call back when I tell them this.) He kept assuring me that it was all being recorded, but I knew he was full of it, so I did not call the "financial department" to confirm any personal information. PASS THIS INFO TO EVERY0NE YOU KNOW! I have, and there are, lots of elderly and "down on there luck" people out there right now. I live near Oroville, where just 2 days ago, 180,000 people had to be evacuated to due a possible dam spillway breach. These scammers are SCUM! PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!

  189. Heather Meleney

    I just received a call from 888-566-9799 stating I was selected along with 1700 residents in Illinois to receive $9000 in federal grant money to use for medical bills or housing. The said I can pick up at Western Union after I call and talk to a senior manager at 443-440-5508 and given grant confirmation number NA707.

  190. William R Pearson

    I have been called so far by three different numbers. They are either blocked or restricted numbers, but the caller’s claim to be from the ARRA. They go through a bunch of jargon about the program, and then ask you for a bank or credit card number for them to transfer the funds to. All the people I have spoken to have an Indian accent even though they claim to be in the United States working for the government. Don’t get fooled!

  191. I received a phone call from 202 681 4273 offering me $9,040 grant. They wanted me to purchase $200 in iTunes gift cards from Walmart, phone them from my cell phone at Walmart and give them.the serial numbers on the cards. They would then give me the redemption numbers to get the cash from Walmart. They suggested that I could verify the program from the ARRA website. I Google ARRA Scams and confirmed this was a scam

  192. I have been scammed by three India men with Washington D.C # and one fake New York # claiming to be a reserve bank

  193. +1 (585) 296-1603 I just received another call from this number. I thought impersonating a federal officer/ official was a crime? This person told me they were an officer for the US Govt, I told him I knew he was a scammer and asked to speak to his superi

  194. I just received a call from +1 (800) 642-7676. This is the information the person on the phone gave me: Marvin rancho
    Federal grants and treasury department
    AB007 $9,000 confirmation id
    American recovery and reinvestment act.

  195. I continue to get calls daily from ny area codes, 745-987-4536 and various out of area calls. They refuse to put me on a do not call list; however are confident that I need to collect 9 thousand dollars from The Recovery Act fund that was from 2009. My funds have reached the treasury department and all I have to do is verify my information, name address…so on. I refused and they do not hang up or do not allow me to finish. Please help! How do I get these calls to stOP??????

  196. i just received a similar call…
    straight fraud !
    from these numbers…
    (305) 224-8324
    (914) 292-4438

    Be careful everyone !

  197. i was contacted by a unknown number then told to call 202-810-3754 and said i was picled to recieve 9000 and to go tp cvs pay 250 for regestration fee to recieve 9000 westurn union

  198. call from someone posing as employee of treasury dept. said I was randomly selected because I was paying my bills on time no bankruptcies no criminal record I was awarded a $9k grant just needed to pay refundable $200. by loading a itunes card at a Walgreens and call a Andrew Miller@ 202 643 0732 and provide him with my grant id # and he would walk me through the procedure!!!!

  199. I just got a call, similar to the ones mentioned previously, first a woman calling with an Indian accent, giving me a confirmation code and a phone number ("Gary Wilson") to call, but I’m so glad I read these. DON’T FALL FOR IT.

  200. I received the call from 3052248324 today for the same scan (ARRA) and she provided me some information to call 3156750043 to receive grant money of $9000. Be careful when you have to give money to someone to receive more money.

  201. Hello. I’ve been recently approached by ARRA SCAM to grant me supposingly 9000.00 by Indian type man. Been approached 17 phone calls 15 text messages. All supposingly out of NY area. Never answer for awhile I tried calling back and always never a good number.
    When I answer same man go through his speak of junk. Gives a suppose confirmation and number to call to get a wire transfer. Well i never went that far. If getting calls like I was on cell phone check laws in your state of unwanted calls. As there can be fines if reported and you may recieve something.

  202. Christine Daly, MD

    I received a call from an East Indian sounding man who said that he was from the ARRA (Federal Bank of NY) and that I qualified for $9,000. through the ARRA program. The catch was that I had to go to a CVS or money wiring place to obtain it. Additionally, there would be a $250. transaction fee that I would have to pay upfront in order to obtain the $9,000. However, they assured me that I would be refunded the $250 along with my 9K when a check was cut for me. Other than their thick accents and poor English they were actually fairly convincing. However, while on the phone w/ them I looked up the hours for the Federal Reserved in NY (office actually in NJ) and it showed that the office closed at 15:30. So I realized that this was a scam. Tried to call the scammers back (Gary Rogers @202-848-9843 and Gary Wishom @ 202-470-0610) but got the voicemail for the first person and the second person didn’t answer my call. I was calling from work (at a DOD facility) where our phone # is blocked so I think that they were dodging anyone who wasn’t falling for their scheme. Hope this helps others.

  203. I accidentally sent one through without finishing what i was trying to say so here’s another. I was wondering if their expecting me to call back and if we could I set them up or give you all my information to do so because they might be expecting me to call by Friday to finish the process. If so my number is 214 290 6477 sorry i made myself gullible but a friend i told about it alerted me of the scam if i could help prevent them from doing someone or get captured those doing call me.

  204. Received this email a couple days ago. The address is an actual moneygram location in Collinsville, VA and the email it was sent from was [email protected] but phone numbers don’t match.

    ADDRESS: 2545 Virginia Ave, Collinsville, VA 24078, United States.
    Hours: Open today · 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
    OFFICE TEL: (+1) 276-885-4374 for Call and Text SMS..

    Season Greetings Beneficiary !!!!!

    The International Monetary Fund Annual Compensation from USA .
    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is compensating some scam victims and your email address was found in the scam victims lis
    t. This MONEYGRAM®office has been mandated by the IMF to transfer your compensation to you via MONEYGRAM® Money Transfer.

    However, we have concluded to effect your own payment through MONEYGRAM® Money Transfer, $4,980USD per Day until the total sum o
    f $1.3 Million is completely transferred to you the receiver.

    We can’t be able to send the payment with your email address alone instead, we hereby need your information to where we will be se
    nding the funds. You Can Text us and fill below Information Or contact us via email.

    (Receiver name)…………
    (Full Address)…………………. ……….
    (Direct Mobile Phone Number)…………………

    Note that your payment files will be returned to the IMF within 72 hours if we did not hear from you because this was the instru
    ction given to us by the IMF office here in VIRGINIA, USA. We will start the transfer as soon as we receive your information. You ar
    e hereby warned not to communicate or duplicate this message for any reason what so ever because the US FBI is already on trace of
    the criminals from Africa.

    Sir. Lew Fisher.
    MONEYGRAM Money Transfer Office.
    Address: 2545 Virginia Ave, Collinsville, VA 24078, United States.
    Hours: Open today · 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
    OFFICE TEL: (+1) 276-885-4374 for Call and Text SMS..

  205. Got a call from an ARRA rep. saying I qualify for a 9000 dollar grant. I was told to call 206 451-5297 for them to western union the money. While I was on hold I found this website. Glad I looked

  206. I received a call from some scammers who had called from a Washington DC exchange 202.(202-906-1239). They provided an activation # and a number to call in order to claim the grant money (202-738-4288) The $250 deposit is for a registration fee that will be refunded at the time the $9,000 grant is provided. But they do not ask for any of your identifying info on the phone " the $250 is just a registration fee to receive a government recommendation card" after i told him the only way I could provide that large of a deposit was on my walmart cc he hung up 😀 scammer be ware

  207. Hey its me Joseph again , San Jose, CA / Irvine, Ca / Palo Alto, CA / Syracuse , NY I need help getting rid of these people I have no clue why I’m targeted by these people getting irritated though first it was 5 thousand than 9 than 9,800 is getting old how do I stop them from calling me?

  208. Got an call from ARRA rep 4 times today different numbers. Claiming I would receive 9,800 Dollar grant. Only thing was I had to @ "register for something" exactly her and his words. By purchasing two Itune cards 100 bucks each in order to receive my grant they would pay me 300 for doing that and. I would also receive 98 thousand dollars I’m somewhat gullible almost believed it until I seen this site. 408-641-3587 Ellie Owens is the woman the guy I spoke to I didn’t understand much from him/ her neither I’m really disappointed got my hopes up for no reason :'(

  209. I just got a call from Knox Walter who claims to be a "Verifiction Officer" with the U.S. Department of Federal Grants located in Eagle Mountain, UT. The phone number he called me from was 632-515-0000. He said I have been selected to receive a $9,300 grant and I can receive my money either through: (1) money gram that can be picked up at Western Union or Walmart, or (2) direct deposit into my bank account . I told him to put me on his do not call list.

  210. November 28, I too got a call from an area code 265, explaining how I was to a $9000 free Grant. He gave me his name ", Tommy" a Washington DC number to call (202) 854 9053 & a code to use for me to get this started . The code I got es DK977. He then had me repeat the info had just given me. Next I asked Google where the call originated and o was shocked to find out out came from Malawi, Africa. Need I say more. I’m about to call the DC number because I’m bored, n broke. It’s a scam but I can’t help wanting to mess with then a bit. Think I’ll tell them I’m just a 1/2 away from their office and I’ll drop in for the information. If they ask how I know where they are, I’ll simply say I located them by their number and Google phone finder program (which of course is a total lie but turn around’s fair play). Then I’ll say my good by hang up before they can say anything.

  211. So my mother got a message from an unknown number telling her to call 202-681-1693 for a 9000$ grant. She was unsure if it was real or not as she has applied for certain grants, so I told her I would call on skype. I have a skype number, but it shows as restricted unless you are registered in my phone. The man claimed he could not do anything because he could not record the call, and I told him I had no problem recording him on the line. I got a crisp "Fuck you" in a very indian voice. It sounded as if he were in a crowd, but I can’t stop laughing, I can’t believe I got him to say "Fuck you". And yes, I am sure it’s what he said. My grandmother actually heard him as well as I did not have headphones in.

  212. I was called by someone claiming that I am eligible for a $9200 grant because i have a clear background and a lot of other things that allowed me to qualify. She said I didn’t have to give any personal info, just get to a western union to get my money. She gave me a website to goto, ARRA, but when I asked if it was .com or .org I was told just to enter ARRA and it would take me to the website to explain the grant. I was given a "Grant # – AC0506" and told to call 315-220-0473. I am glad I question calls like that so I could share this info with others to keep from getting scammed too! I am going to post this everywhere I can! I hope this helps others.

  213. I just got a phone call stating that I am getting $9600 from a federal grant that is a once in a lifetime event. I said cash and Western Union it. Was given the phone number 202-810-9649 to call. Not going any further with this scam. The call from an unknown number.

  214. Marci Kleinfield

    Receive phone call from person claiming to be from American Recovery and Reinvest Act 2009. This person number was displayed ad 202-563-2140. A woman with an accent claim that I was eligible for $9000 not payable back. All I had to do is is chose my method on how I want the money, checking account, western union or prepay card. The person really thought I would give information to receive money

  215. Today a scammer called me again, named Gary Johnson, from the US Government Grant office. His number was (202) 750-1476, saying he was calling from Washington DC. Same story (more or less) as the woman’s post below on November 9th. They also added that I was randomly selected from a survey that I filled out six months ago. Why they can’t mail the check is beyond me! It’s not worth the loss.

  216. I just received a call from an unknown number regarding being selected with 1,700 people for an $9200 American Recovery Grant. All I had to do is choose which location from Walmart to Walmart, Money Gram, Western Union and pay a convience fee of $200. I asked, "why if its free"? The guy responded that I would be reimburse $9400, so I asked, "what’s the point of paying the $200?" The # is 914-919-9328. And they have all my info!!!!!!

  217. I receive a called today from (206-472-6025) this number .The guy told me i was selected for a a free goverment grant of 9,000.00 that i would nevered have to pay back i quickly research the ARR and good thing i found this site he told i had to pay a 300.00 fee in order to receive the money i told him he was a scam that i was not going to fall for his sh** that if he was from the goverment he would not be asking for money and to delet the number and he said ok if you dont want the money then we will just have to donate it .I just hung up this people are crazy.

  218. I received a call from someone "who works within the ARRA" and I qualify for a grant that I never have to pay back of $9000. I was given an activation code and a new number (superviser) to call back. 315-636-4660. This person said there are 3 ways to get my money that I never have to pay back. cash in hand (western union/moneygram) direct deposit or savings account. I played along and said cash in hand. before I can get the money receiver codes I first have to register with the reserve bank of New York with and "apple Card" with a balance of $150. then call her back and I will get the 9,000 plus the 150 back. Yeah right. The government doesn’t do that especially for a survey I know I never did

  219. Carlotta Kennedy

    I WAS JUST CALLED AND TOLD i WAS ELIGIBLE FOR A $6,700 FEDERAL GRANT with the code # NM130. I was then told to provide a $250 security deposit and call Brian Smith back at 646-893-2744 when I arrived at Walmart with my deposit and I would be told what to do then. this was at 1:15 on 11/2/2016

  220. Very glad I researched this they thought they was getting my $250 shame on you Kevin at ext 142 @ 2029303492..,my supposed grant of $8700.00

  221. I got a call from a DC number, 202-546-5898, on yesterday. The lady told me she was from the Treasury Department, and I was chosen randomly for a grant the amount of $8500. When I asked for her name, she hung up.
    Today, I received total of 10 calls – 845-652-5949 5 times, 152-348-5246 4 times (I answered once), and 862-231-2552 once, the last 2 calls came thru while I was typing this comment. The grant amount changed; $8500, $9000 & $9700, each with a transfer fee ranging from $200-250 with a "promise" to refund it back "from the government side". What’s worse is they had my full name, address & phone number. MAJOR SCAM!! They tried to tell me that they were on the up & up, that they could not speak for the other callers, but they were legit. The government will never ask you to pay to get a free grant. Told me to go to a local Walgreens or Wal-Mart or Western Union to receive the funds. DON’T DO IT!!!

  222. Here’s the guys name MR. James Carter and his number 646-893-2744 and another number 202-607-9187 and 202-507-9187. said the state i am living in now taxes for everything and that’s a lie because there is no state tax here

  223. jessica mcclarnon

    well i sure am glad i researched more about this before i went through with anything. A guy called me about getting a $9200 grant. I told him I wouldn’t have the money until tomorrow to do it. The number that called me was 509-416-6795. He says his name is Samuel Kasky. It did not make any sence to me what so ever that they wanted me to get an itunes card and he wanted to be on the phone with me so he could tell me which one to get. I supposedly talked to 2 other people in the first phone call. But im not stupid they sounded a lot alike. They couldn’t even tell me what email address the email was going to for quite a while. The sam guy even gave me a badge number SA1221. I might live in the sticks but i know when something doesn’t feel right. Especially when my soon to be husband and i live paycheck to paycheck. i make sure everything is legit before i do anything with our money. I hope these guys get caught. It really through me through a loop that he wanted me to pay for a grant when a grant is supposed to be free.

  224. STOP THESE PEOPLE… Now the caller spoke perfect English and if a person was not aware of the scam they would believe this. They wanted to deposit the check directly to my Savings! This could whip out a persons life long retirement fund. Do take action. Sounds like it’s getting more advanced and technical each month the scam excise. When I questioned him about a direct deposit he told me, not to worry, to just check ARRA 2009. Now NO money is asked for on the first call… This person was very believable.
    202-810-5493. Code # GG 1730.

  225. I got a call from these guys to receive a "free" government money grant and went on to tell me that the government was giving back to the citizens and giving their lives back by giving them grants from the 2009 economic crisis. He told me I had to pay $250 and to go to a family dollar to sign up for it and I’ll receive the money cash. I told him I only had $115 and he said it was okay to go to the family dollar anyway to complete the process but to stay on the line with him while I got there. While I had him waiting I quickly googled if the government was giving away free money grants and sure enough I started reading a bunch of comments and articles regarding government grant money scams. These guys almost seem believable. They just really want to take your money then screw you in the end. People, dont fall for this. Do your research and avoid these types of people. I know to do so now.

  226. Boyfriend recently received this scam and let on he believed it. He was told the callers name was "Freddie Maison" and to call 202-847-6794 to claim his money.

  227. I have been receiving calls from either Unknown numbers or unrecognized numbers over the last couple of days. All of them seem to be different types of scams. One of them is this ARRA scam claiming I have been selected to receive a $9k grant. The others have been about going back to college. Since they both started at the same time, it makes me think that they are linked in some way. Beware of other suspicious calls to come if you are receiving this one 🙁

  228. Miranda Rumbaugh

    AARA Scam
    I was approved for a $9700 grant that i could get thrust western union but would have to pay $275 for a ppi insurance card and that it would be paid back to me totaling my grant of $9,975 that I would receive. They called from 202-697-9242 his name was Bryan Li ext.105

  229. I received a call today from someone I could barley understand telling me I was to receive 9000.00 from arra program to use for medical, business ect. But wanted me to western union them 250.00 for fees the # 202-643-3182 showed up Washington D.C I laughed and she said fine we’ll give it to charity and hung up I called the # back and it had a message federal bank department there really trying to get good!

  230. Just got a call from these people. Claiming I was selected to receive a $9200 government grant. The call came from an unknown number. I asked a lot of questions and was googling information thru the conversation. The first think I googles was "does the government randomly selects individuals for grant money" the results were articles about scams. When I told him that he gave me this website. As we talked I began reading all of the comments. He gave me a confirmation code of BA103 and told me to call 2026566425 with that code to receive further instructions. I again questioned the authenticity of the info and to prove himself and verify who I am, he asked a bunch of questions all of which was my correct personal info!! That is ridiculous. How and why do they have my info. Nothing is secure. I have not called the second number and I don’t plan on it. This is not fair nor is it OK to have access to our info. Where is our protection as American citizens?! I pray they get caught!!! ASAP!!

  231. A foreigner with terrible English said his name was oliver wilson and i was getting a 9000 govt grant from the us treasury dept. Gave me a code to call this number with 206 209 1570. I cussed him out

  232. Just received a call from these people. I knew it was a scam because when I told them I was a government employee the last time they called and got hung up on. This time I got the information. I’m not dumb enough to fall for there tricks and have to pay $275 to start an account to receive this money. Watch out for these guys.

  233. US Federal Grant Scam. Twice today I had been contacted with these people on my mother’s cell number. They ask you to confirm your name and then they give you a code. I have two different phone numbers. (914) 919-9328 and the other is (206) 209-1570. When you call them back, you give them the code and they go into this spiel of how they got your information and why you were chosen and then in the end, they will tell you how you how do you want your money and then of course you need to pay around $200. I checked out the actual web sites for grant money and they warn you of these kinds of scams. If you have to pay money, then it is not free money.

  234. I was contacted today by a women stating I was picked to receive 9,000 from the government. She gave me a TN215 conformation # and I was suppose to call this (202) 601-8202 . I tried calling from my home phone but call would not go through this is when I realized something was definitely wrong. Once I called from my cell the man said his name was John. Asked for conformation and said I needed to go to money gram and send 250 in order to activate my account and get my 9,250. Because that 250 was refundable. He gave me the website and all. I’m a mother of 5 and about to have foot surgery. This is so wrong..I hope they catch these people.

  235. I was just told by a Ms Anderson that that i have 9000.00 coming my way did not sound right because of 250.00 i would have to pay to get it must be a scram

  236. Call received at 3:35 pm, 9/21/16 about a Govt. Grant I was entitled to. Given the Grants ID#DM146 to give when calling the Gen’l MGR. of the Fed. Reserve Bank, Bryan Smith at 929-224-0732. The number I received the call from is 202-407-6714. Ten minutes later I received another call from 919-191919 With the same speil.

  237. Call received at 3:35 pm, 9/21/16 about a Govt. Grant I was entitled to. Given the Grants ID#DM146 to give when calling the Gen’l MGR. of the Fed. Reserve Bank, Bryan Smith at 929-224-0732. The number I received the call from is 202-407-6714. Ten minutes later I received another call from 919-191919 With the same speil.

  238. I was contacted today with this scam. I hung up after I googled this information provided. The number that called me was a Washington , DC number and it was (202)653-5741. I hope this helps catch these criminals

  239. I got a call not too long ago today. The number 202-450-0000 from Washington, DC call me didn’t give me their name or maybe I couldn’t catch it because of the accent. But anyways they told me I was picked out of 1,500 people in the US to receive 9,200 dollars. They said it wasn’t a grant it was money for me and my name out of my family was selected. She asked me my age and gave me a confirmation number and and a call back number. So I called 202-697-7817 which was also from Washington, DC and a guy answered. And asked me for the confirmation number and age and how I would like to receive the money. He didn’t say his name and I’m sure of that. He said I could recieve the money at a local Walmart. But since the money was coming from a different state I would have to pay $100 to activate the money and I could do that with an itunes card. And this all sounded ridiculous to me so I asked what was he saying again and again and again. Because why walmart? And why with an itunes card? Ha ha! They gave me the option first to transfer the money in to my bank and I’m not stupid so that wasn’t even an option I was ever going to consider. So after asking countless times. The guy said to get on my computer and look up ARRA on google. Why didn’t they give me an official site? So I knew instantly that this had to be a scam. And when I said I had to think about it the guy got irritated and said to call the number back when I wanted to move forward with it. So now that I’m typing this down I realize that there were alot of red flags. So I hope they get caught and get penalize for what they are doing. Because its just not right.

  240. The phone number to this scam her name is Lily Thompson they give me a ID number Bo 898 phone number 512 375 4343 possible scammers so whoever is watching this they wanted $250 to receive $8,500 refund check it has to be a scam I’ve never heard of this ever

  241. I received 6 calls from different states. 3 calls were prompted that I was eligible for 9,000 and 3 for 7,000 free federal grants. If I agreed to except I would have to go to Western Union with 250.00 and would receive the monies plus my 250.00 back. These scammers need to be stopped. Everyone needs money, but if u 10 people send that kind of money, who’s getting rich? Dah!!

  242. Rec’d a call from a Indian lady talking about I won a grant for $9000 and that I needed to call this number 206-209-1570 ask for Melissa and give her Id number EL758 LOW DOWN SCAM ARTIST GET A JOB AND STOP TRYING TO SCAM FOLKS IF ONLY WE KNEW WHO YOU WERE!!! THAT’S HOW PEOPLE GET KILLED MESSING WITH FOLKS AND THEIR MONEY

  243. I was contacted by 3 different people within a 24 hour period. All 3 gave different "Grant approval id #’s", the 3rd one even messed up and gave a different grant amount. but they all gave the same call back number, (315)280-8285. Told to speak to Theo Fisher. I told the 3rd gentleman to stop wasting my time with his scam. He then told me to Google ARRA, to see that he was legitimate. I said that I was reporting this scam to the FCC and FTC. He then proceeded to tell me he was reporting me to the FBI. All I could do was laugh hysterically and hang up

  244. I have been receiving numerous phone calls throughout the day from Washington, D.C. until I finally answered. The guy had a slightly foreign accent and a bit of an attitude to match since I kept asking him to repeat the information he spewed. I took notes throughout the duration of the call and went by the script. "Grant money, recovery act, blah blah" and had provided a code and referenced me to another representative. She too had an attitude and left me on hold after asking for my name. Here are the phone numbers as follows:(253) 220 9980 and (202) 754 2878. I know its easy to dial up a random number, but somehow, the first rep already had my street address. Scary stuff.

  245. I got a call from them. The man I talked to was Jack Cooper and Bradley Witfort the number was 844-329-3809 claiming I won a grant for 9000 because I paid my taxes and bills on time and I had no criminal record. They requested I get a itunes card or money gram from walgreens or cvs and put 230 on the card . And as soon as I did that I would get a refund with the grant 9230…I am a mother of 1 with no job and no income so I can’t just get the cloths and things my son and I need and them telling me about this money is wrong. I was preying for this money just to find out its a scam. These people are sick and need to be caught before someone looses everything they may have and may not have.

  246. I just got off the phone with these scammers. The person I was supposed to call was Rose Milton and the number was 929 224 0732. They really make it seem official. Is there any way to catch these people ?

  247. My husband was contacted earlier today by a man named steven young claiming we had a grant for 9200 waiting for us and all we had to do was get a card so they could send us the money. The number he gave us was 202-810-9573. My husband didn’t believe me at first but once I told him that I’ve dealt with this before he was very upset. I can’t believe these people do this to us. It’s totally unfair and wrong.

  248. I have received 3 or 4 of these calls but before now most have been from an "unknown" number. Today I received a call from (202)548-7584. He went through the ARRA 2009 routine.
    He said I needed to call (202)780-5896 and ask for Jadyen Marshall and that my confirmation code was NT123. I made the call and the story is the same as the others, he wanted me to go to Walgreens and get the Money Transfer Control # and call him to give him the #, so I could pay him $250.00 and that that would be refunded when I got my $9,000 (which he said would be very soon after the first transaction).
    I played along with him and told him I was retired and did not have the $250 and asked him why they couldn’t subtract it from my $9,000. He laughed!!
    I knew this was a scam, but thought I would check the internet just to make sure! SURE ENOUGH!!!

  249. I received a call about 15 minutes ago for a man with a thick Indian accent from a 1800#. He informed me about a tax refund for $8500 owed to me from the ARRA stimulus package. Asked for my banking or credit card info. Then gave me a verification Id# mr563, and a phone # for Jennifer Morris 7372080085. She really tried to convince me that this is not a scam. ( not convinced). Checked web site she suggested and found this site.( Thank you). She asked me to come up with $250 refundable after visiting CVS or Walgreen’s. Told me to drive to CVS and call her back once I was in the parking lot. How was I selected? How do they all expect and American to trust the thick accents when there is so much terrorism active in our country today.Nice try…..

  250. Got a call from them...

    The number was, (202) 548-7584
    Washington, DC, and when I asked where they were located, the foreign speaking woman said Washington D.C. New York. So I said, no thank you, and she hung up. This isn’t the first time they have called me.

  251. Carla Tartaglia

    I’ve received 4 calls: 1 for $5000, 2 for $7000 and 1 for $9000! I listen, asking questions! I let him ramble on and on! Knowing its a scam I figure I’ll waste his time! Like the other comments I’m to call 206-472-6022! Can’t figure out how they got my phone#? I’ve notified my State Attorney General.

  252. So i got a call today at around 9:30 am or so from +13151065211 telling me i got a 9 grand grant so i went along to evem bwing at walgreens untill i started shooting red flags when theybasked for itunes card. Theyvasked me to read them the code on the back of the card and i lied and said i bought one and gave them a fake number they got irritated with me and asked me not to waste time and im just sitting here thinking. Welp so much for hospitality and then they sent me to 2 other people and all 3 were saying the same thing over and over telling me that if i dont then thwy cant give me verification code

  253. Rosemary Rector -l Lyons

    I was called by someone claiming I had been selected for a refund because I hadn’t ever filed bankruptcy and wanted back info or i could pay $250. at western union or a money gram top recurrence my $8500. and that the free would be returned asking with the money 45 minutes.

  254. Some woman with what sounded like an East Indian accent called me at 7:10 on August 5.2-16 and told me that the American Recovery7 Reinvestment wanted to send me $9000 as a reward for paying my taxes. not going bankrupt and not being a criminal. She told me that I had to call 360-928-6303 and give the code HI985 to receive $9000. I asked her is she knew my my name ands she said of course. But when I asked her to tell me what it was, she said it was too hard to pronounce. So I asked her for the INITIALS of my name, but she could not tell me that either. That told me it is a scam, and I googled it and found this site. .

  255. Today, 8/17/16, I received a phone call (private) from a lady with a very heavy middle eastern accent and claimed that I completed a democratic survey back in December and I was randomly chosen for a grant. However it was time sensitive and needed to be claimed by the end of the day. The amount of the grant was $9,450.00 and I had to call her supervisor so he could verify my information. The phone number she gave me to call back was, 202.697.7817 and she gave me a code consisting of two letters and 3 numbers to give him when I called. When I called that number a man answered and asked how he could help me. HIs accent sounded like the voice from a Dynavox. I told about the phone call I received and he proceeded to confirm the grant. I was told that I had to load $250.00 onto an ITUNES card and that would be used to release the Money Gram code so that I could claim the money. I was instructed to call him back when I got to the store to purchase the ITUNES card. I decided to google ARRA and found this article.

  256. I got a call from San fransico named Patrick say I received a free grant I didn’t believe it at 1st but he said I didn’t have to pay nun but he asked for my address & state Id number & gave me the number to call this other place nah I realized I been scammed

  257. For 2 days I have been receiving calls from 202-784-5232 and asked to call back 202-810-4092. Claiming I am to receive a $9000.00 grant from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act 2009. Today I received a call from a restricted number and was given the same pitch as the day before except today I’m getting a $7000.00 grant. The call back number was 206-209-1565 x 9856 with the name of Steve Watson. I was told I had to purchase an I Tunes card and put $250.00 on the card to activate my grant file. Please be very careful and don’t fall for their scams. The Government will not call you and tell you your getting a grant. Usually you need to file for a grant. I am gonna contact my local FBI and talk to them regarding this scam and see if there is anything they can do about it.

  258. Euolinda Kay Logan

    I was just contacted from phone number 31122991212, and informed I was selected to receive and American Recovery & Reinvestment Act grant of $7,000. I was told to call (646)586-9541, x562 to confirm and receive detailed instructions on how to claim my grant. When I called the number I was told to go to Walmart or CVS and purchase an Apple I-Tune card loaded with $200 and then go to the western union counter and give them the registration code provided by the agent, since I would not provide banking information or debit card information to the first caller. This seemed strange that they were asking me to purchase an I-Tune card to receive money via western union. The agent Nelson Vega is supposed to call me back at 6:00 pm EST today.

  259. Just received a call from a man called Jason Low about this grant also, with a thick accent. He explained the whole process to get the 9, 200. The phone number 206-445-0828 that I had to call with an ID number. The grant would immediately be sent to me. I said yeah yeah yeah…too good to be true and as soon as I hung up I googled the number….just as I tnought trying to SCAM me……thanks to the internet we should always investigate before we take a step…if it sounds too good…we are be7ng scamed.

  260. I received the same phone call and spoke with a guy with an idian accent. He claimed i had a grant for $7000. I was supposed to call this phone number 202-258-5742 and speak with David to confirm the grant, but it didnt sit right with me. its a good thing i google this or else ill fall into their scam. Thank you guy for each of your comments.

  261. Today at 10:38am 8/18/2016 I got a call from the government with a ancient from sound like India man telling me that i had been select from the government that my name has been select from a grant of $9,000.00 with a deposits $280.00 and to buy a gift card from walgreen but i say there no walgreen nearly by but i lie to get more info out from her them she guild me to get the gift card in how far I’m take myself to walgreen or CVS I"ll play long in she tell me to call her back on this number 443-692-2164 #101 as for Wendy from there on I"all already knew that all this calling was a scan

  262. Same case as Lynn Wang faced :- A lady called me and told me that I was granted for $9000 and her number showed as 360-111-0019. Also she asked me to call the senior accountant manager at 360-928-6303. Where sh didn’t even know my name. 😀

  263. I just got a call that I have been awarded a grant of 9 thousand dollars. The person sounded Eurasion. She gave me a grant ID number and told me to call 360-928-6303

  264. I was scared on Saturday for 900 they said they were from three treasury department and the caller ID even read that and had a Washington DC number 0

  265. Received today from 360-591-7879 with code AA555 for $7000 with $200 itunes gift card.
    (Same pattern, see below for others)

  266. the India lady told me I was granted for $9000 and her number showed as 360-111-0019. Also she asked me to call the senior accountant manager at 360-928-6303.

    I know this is too good to be true. Let’s catch them!!

  267. Sarah Frederick

    I got a call today from this Indian man claiming I got approve for Federal grant money $7000 the number was 800-102-1725 he gave me code OM081 and told me to call 979-318-4842 then this Indian Women answer the phone and told me to go to Walmart to pick up some money but i didnt do it cause it sound like a scam then i google federal grant money scam and got this website Thanks cause I knew something wasnt right Plus the 800# is disconnected

  268. I had a call from Emily Johnson at 845-477-5883 Ext 117… About receiving a 4,800 grant from the US Federal Reserve in N.Y. for the American recover act, I was to go to a Walgreens at put up a security deposit of $110 in order to get the 4,800 grant money… obviously I’m not an idiot, you don’t have to pay anything to receive a grant, which I didn’t apply for anyway…do not fall for this scam!

  269. I just received a phone call for a $9250 grant with the iTunes deposit of $250 to be picked up at west Union. The number was 202-656-6740 and the person was claimed to be Jordan Harris.

  270. BEWARE AARRA is a SCAM. I have received several calls from this so called company stating the same comments listed below requesting that I call an accounting manager at 360-928-6303 with a confirmation ID number DNA97.

  271. I received the same phone call just now from 202-657-5198. I knew it was a scam the second the Indian lady told me I was selected to receive a 9,000 grant. I then looked up arra 2009 scam on google and came across this site. The next 10 minutes were just me yelling into the phone… let’s hope she doesn’t call me back.

  272. I have received a call saying I won the money and it is a giant lie. Which really sucks because I’m a college student and that money would’ve changed my life for the better. The number I received a call from was "1-360-418-2233" I was also given two call back numbers 360-928-6282

  273. Just received a call from an INDIAN LADY regarding an american recovery grant of 9600 free free gave me #CS753(202)810-9649

  274. Lol yes this Indian lady call me as well saying I had gotten 9,000 for a grant from the government and didn’t have to pay it back as well. 315-272-9999 and the confirmation number is GG258. But ofcouse when I called back this number it wasn’t a working number. She gave me this number to call 315-710-0491 (Jeremy). He told me the same thing and to go to cvs or walgreens and deposit 210 in an apple gift card etc. I already knew this was a scan once he said that.

  275. Received call to get $9000 hasn’t from govt and call 2026811693 give reference # AS157 from an Indian lady

  276. Angelica Agelviz

    Well I feel like a chump. For one blissfully ignorant second I was actually believing that I had received a grant. I just came to the US and was blessed with a student grant upon my arrival (a legitimate one from my university), so when this call came in I was in high heaven thinking I was the luckiest girl on earth. All the commenters have described an indian voice, mine was british though. He was very polite, professional and persuasive. It all seemed very legit. I had heard of scams over the phone though, and while a bit green and wet behind the ears, I was wary about giving any personal information, especially from a grant I had never heard or applied for. I told him if he could give me a call-back number, and he very pleasantly did so; told me to call the Senior Accountant Thomas @ 443-692-2164, and to give him my verification Confirmation ID: FG867 (he used state names for spelling each letter, so that also seemed very convincing). After hanging up, I quickly searched google and found this website. Thanks everybody, and be wary!

  277. sheila benjamin

    I was called from unknown number and told that I was receiving a federal grant for $8500.00 He had a real strong accent, hard to understand. He told me to give ID number VM993 and to call Lilly Thomson at 512-717-8929 and claim my money. So I call and they knew my address and then here it is my bank card….I said for what …Well theres a $250 registration fee and I will get it back. I told her I have a hold on my account can you send me a check and take the money out of this money. No of course not. She told me that when I get the money to call them and they would put money in my account within 48 hours. My boyfriend call them back and told them That we were going to call the better business the Treasury ect.. they started yelling don’t call me back and when we did they put a block on us calling them

  278. Debra Galloway

    I was contacted by a very convincing man who was supposedly representing a grant program through the ARRA. I was a bit suspicious and certainly didn’t give him any personal information…the thing is he knew my address and was quite professional. This is very concerning! I hope that this particular scam can be stopped and those responsible prosecuted. I have many medical bills right now and the thought of a grant of this sort was pretty appealing. Sad to be manipulated like that!

  279. Shelley Schneider

    I knew when someone called to give me a grant for $9000 for something I hadn’t applied for that it was a scam.

  280. Fucking assholes!!! Got a call from an unavailable # which was a lady who knew my whole name, city and state saying I was chosen to receive a government grant of $7,000. Oh no fee or taxes and that I was chosen because I have no criminal background and some other shit. So she gave me a grant ID # CA231 and told me to call her senior acct manager name Ryan at (202)747-0283 and said he was from the Dept. Of Grant and Recovery. Asked me how did I want to receive my grant and I told him western union. Told me to go to Walgreens to purchase a registration voucher which the fee would be $350 not payable to them but to Walgreens them self and they know nothing about my personal info but to call him while n the parking or so he could make sure I purchase the correct voucher and the transaction goes smoothly!! I explained to him I have no money to just give oh and also he said that the $350 would be refunded 10 minuted after purchase… Yea ok I gave up cause how the he’ll your gonna reimburse a fee that you said was not going to be paid to you!! Sounded juicy but I wasn’t thirsty…. Lol

  281. Shaunda Wolfe

    I was called and was advised that I would receive $9k in grant money. He asked how I would like to receive the money. I stated money gram. He gave me confirmation number AN742 and instructed me to contact 202-750-0713 to confirm information given. Called number and last stated I needed to send $200 plus in order to receive money. I stated do not feel comfortable sending money. She argued with me then proceeded to hang up on me

  282. it is creepy how they know my information,i received the call today about $9000 grant money but as soon as they told me to pay $205 for a gift card i knew something was wrong , i tried to call the actual IRS but they put me on hold for thirty minutes so i decided to just google and i found this website. be aware

  283. They called me gave me the code ED108 and told me to call (315)314-3001 when they called they gave me my full name i called the 315 number to ask for more information cause i told the first guy the told me that it sounded like a scam lol when I called the 315 number I asked if there was any type of feeds I would of had to pay and he said yes 234 dollars I was like no sir I’m not going to fall for your scam have a good day

  284. They are at it again!!!! Must have boo boo the fool written on my forehead smh. They called from a private number asking for me to verify some info for the grant of $8250 he asked for the rest of my address amazingly he had the city state and zip and sled me to finish it. Then gave me this same code HY292. Told me to call his Senior Accountant who’s name was Elvis smh. The number was 206-317-7173 I know we are all looking for a blessing but here’s one for free. Visit my wife’s christian blog you get a word from God to feed your soul. Be blessed and a blessing to others.

  285. Glender Hernandez

    Hello folks, i just got a call from an unknown number saying i got a goverment grant of $9k for being a good citizen. The indian lady told me call this number (202-836-9685) back to receive the okay to get the grant, of course i knew it was a scam because nothing is free…

  286. It’s funny how these Indian scammers all have American names like MR STAN LOUIS that called me from 443-692-2164 about this ARRA grant called him on his bullshit an he hung up ????????????

  287. Joycelyn Harris

    Offered $8,500 deposited into my account if I provided a registration fee of $250 and it will be refunded back with deposit of $8,500. The representative is Lily Thompson Grant
    Her number is 512-717-8929
    Grant ID number was provided as well but not legitimate

  288. Donna Milsten

    I was called by an ARRA scammer today from phone number 202-798-1270. He claimed to be James Hernandez at extension 143. Wanted me to go to Walgreens and call him from the parking lot before going in to purchase an iTunes gift card to register with the "Federal Bank"….etc.

  289. Nancy Leiding

    They think I am a sucker. First and foremost I don’t have the "fee" of 250.00!! So, I won’t wast my time calling this Gary Williams back. Get a grip Americans…first clue…could not understand their language…second nothing comes free unless you win the lottery!

  290. Sylvia Maestas

    I was called today from someone claiming that I qualified for The American Recovery and Reimbursement Act, I would have to give my bank info when I advised that I didn’t feel comfortable giving that information I was informed that I could pick up my $7000 when I give a security deposit of $299. The number that called me was (202) 847-2728 then advised me to call (347) 535-0558. I hate scammers that try and take money from the innocent.

  291. today is 6/24/2016
    i recieve the same questions from u guy below thanks god im not fool for them..
    this really bullshit..who would hire and fucking indian that has such bullshit accent working for not trying to be racist just telling the true so please anyone out there if u have received a phone call from these bastar just stay away from them..i think they working as a team to stole people identity and stealing your credit card…or even pull u into hell…

  292. I just received a call from Rose Baker. Indian accent I would say around 40ish. She said I was selected for a $9000.00 grant. Gave me my apple I.d. Number NG8014 & to call Jacob at 317-675-0532. I called from my backup phone three times with no answer but as soon as I called from house phone it gets picked up, hmm. So Jacob proceeds to tell me I’ve got $9000 and they could put it on my debit card, credit card or I could get cash. I’ll play along give me the cash!!! Being that while I was talking to him I had already google this information. So he proceeds to tell me to go to Walgreens or CVS to purchase an iTunes card in the amount of $210 and that an agent with the federal department will come see me Friday with papers to sign & to give him the card, hmm ok. So
    I say I have to give this agent $210 before I can pick up the grant money. He says yes but you will get it back. You will get a total of $9210. I politely to him GTFOOH!!! So I’m gonna give you money to get money, Gtfooh!!! I laughed in his face and politely said thanks but no thanks. What’s sad about the situation is that you do have people out here that is so hard up & will jump at this without question. People do your research!! I’m robbing Peter to pay Paul & Mary but I ain’t stupid!!!

  293. I am so glad you guys posted all the phone. Numbers they gave you in here. When I got off the phone with the lady with the hardcore accent. I looked up the number she gave me and found this page. I knew it was a scam cause the way she gave me the number she said it Like this.. 315-20-33-446 instead of 315-203-3446. So I knew she don’t even know how a phone number works

  294. Devon Cochran

    Called me saying i qualified for a $9,200 gave me a grant confirmation ID number and connected me with an "account manager" who asked for my bank routing number and account number. luckily i didn’t know the routing number and we never spoke again.

  295. Christine Lord

    Hi, everyone just wanted to also report that i just the call from "New York" number that i spoke with, who had a foreign accent that told me that i was chosen to receive a 7,000 grant from the government…and that i can get it through my bank account, pre paid card, or Western Union..they read me my information like my name and address "to confirm my information " then repeated why i was getting the grant the gave me a call back number to call (of which when you call says location of Washington DC)( for grants) then gave me a "money confirmation number" to give to the "call back number"…well after getting off the phone with them i did my research of it and turns out to be of as i thought it was A be very careful with this becuase they will seem ligit but I REPEAT THEY ARE NOT. Please be careful my brothers and sisters, God Bless.

  296. I received a call from a Jeremy Dennis with a heavy Indian accent. The number he called from was 0000000000 at 10:45am p/t. and he told me that I was chosen by the government, yes the government to receive $9000 today within minutes all had to do was verify some info with him and call 202-780-5931 and give the confirmation number he gave to me to receive the money. I have been receiving calls from these indian accented people for about six months or so all trying to give me a grant and so today I went an extra step and I had call the 202 number and another indian accented person told me to investigate the american recovery and reinvestment act 2009 an Act that is 7 years ago and I have been reading about others going through this as well, so I called back to the 202 number and I got to indian accented person again and when I him how did they get my number and he said "your mamma" and I said excuse me and he said "Fuck you, you dont have a right to as me anything bitch, I am helping your broke ass" and I let him know that was rude and that my mom past away sometime ago. So I hope you are reading this and don’t put yourself through this.

  297. Today 05/25/16 I received a call from 254-1223 with a heavy Indian accent saying that I was a lucky winner out of 1,500 people , blah blah and they say I was randomly selected because I pay my bills on time , have no criminal record and bullshit and that for that I was winning $9,550 now I’m 17 but I’m studying law so when I asked for his name he said his name was lee walker but I have never heard any Indian parent make their child that ( not to be racist to anybody) but his accent was super heavy I could barely understand, so he proceeds to tell me that I don’t need to give him any account info or nothing that I just need to buy a $255 iTunes card at a local CVS or Walgreens and that once that’s done I have to give him the code in the back to confirm and then head out to western union and that that money would be refunded to me in cash within 10 minutes , the whole time he kept saying I’ll be on the phone with you the whole time ,I then asked whats their website, and he refused to give out any information saying it was "confidential " so then he gave me a call back number that was (206)-745-0893 and I called back and threatened them with my mom that is a lawyer and they just kept claiming that it wasn’t a scam that he’s been helping people for 5 years blah blah point is I think it’s a scam as much as I want that money since I’m going into college I can’t take a risk like that because to $250 is a lot and reading from those comments I seemed to out a connection that almost all the last names are walker so I’m pretty sure it’s a scam

  298. Some guy with a weird accent calls with the number (315)330-0033 speaking of a 8,000 federal grant. How I had been chosen and how I would have to give an account or card information in order to receive it. So I stopped him right in the middle of his bullshit speech to ask him what his name was and what was the website. So he said ARRA2009. instead i went to google and typed "ARRA2009 scam?" and this page come up. So I then say thanks Will for wasting my time with your bullshit grant. Go scam someone else or he then gets irritated as I’m laughing an says fuck you bitch. SO IF YOU GET TO READ THIS. FUCK YOU YOU LITTLE PARASITE BECAUSE YOU DIDNT GET MY MONEY. HAHA! IF it was a real company the call would be recorded and MR. Will wouldn’t have cursed because he would’ve definitely lose his job. Plus I called back the same number and it wasn’t in service. Be careful people they are out there. Don’t give ANYONE your personal information.

  299. I almost got scam today Richard told me to go to walgreens get a itune card so as i was in line something told me to ask the cashier about the card they wanted me to put 200 on the card an in my mind i kept saying if i got a grant why do i have to pay so the cashier told me that it no refund an i would have to use the card on line i hung up that damn phone an walked out the door they wont get me so they i said let me look this up cause i know something not right this the phone number 6465832499

  300. Joseph wright

    I was just contacted by someone claiming to have 7500 in a federal grant and i need to get and itune card lol bullshit.

  301. Alexander The Grave

    Just tell them "No Richard Parker! Mine! Mine! Mine!"
    Then say "dank u! come again!"
    We race horses, cars, and dogs, no government grants for camel jockey classes!!!! Dank you! Come Again!
    Camjock call#1 NY#347-452-5873
    Camjock call#2 CT#203-945-0011
    COME AGAIN!!!!! Yz2kD4AY

  302. Diana Quesenberry

    I just recieved a call from a chester young ext707 206 745 0811 claiming i would be recieving 7800.00 in 20 min at no cost to me. I was selected of 1500 people to recieve this grant. Then i was informed to pay 250.00 because my state wasnt tax free state and i wasnt registered through the fed reserve bank. In order to recieve my money i had to pay the state of new york the tax on it to wire the money western union.i told him it was a scam and wanted me to borrow the money to get mine. He got upset with me because i said if its free money then why do i have to pay for it therefore it sounds like a scam to me. Be leary the no they called from comes up unknown but they give you a no. To call.

  303. Anna Silverio

    Today I received a call from an indian lady and it was a private number. She gave me a code and a phone number. It was a guy named Rob. Phone number is 202-836-9685. Saying that I need to go to Walgreen’s and purchase an itune card and to pay a fee of 200 dollars. After I do all of that, I will get 9000 dollars.
    Where did they get my information?
    How do I report them?!???!?

  304. Vanessa Cavazos

    512-646-3021 Meldin Green called my mom wanted to transfer 8,500.00 but wanted her debit card number. I said well if it’s a deposit why wouldn’t u ask for routing number and acct number? I’m an accountant and know this stuff. To get my drilling ass off the phone he offered to send a check. Said if we don’t receive it in 48 hours to call back. I knew it was a scam. Ask for Meldin and cuss him out

  305. A man named Rob Grady tried to scam me but I know about these people. The number he gave me is (202) 836-9685. He asked for 100.00 and since I didn’t have it he said I could get back to him later. His extension number is 0406 so how do you stop these people? Does the FBI actually do anything about them?

  306. /So I received a call today 04/28/16 from phone number 2026811693 saying that I had just been granted for $9000. All I had to do was buy an iTunes card from CVS with a value of $250 and that I would receive a call five minutes later confirming that my account would be "activated." I’m 18 years old and about to graduate high school to later go to college to achieve my dreams. I’ve always hung up on these calls, but today I almost fell for it. I even told my dad about it because it was so believable.!! Well he giggled a little and told me sweetly that it was just a scam!! Ugh this made me so sad, tears came out of my eyes , full of sadness and anger. I thought he didn’t want to beleive me, but once I read your comments I was releived. What’s worse is that they really play with you and try their hardest to "help you." With their accents and all, I shoul’ve realized it sooner. Oh weel there’s always a first time for everything. Thank you for all the warnings and I hope these people pay for all the scams they call for!! Who’s name is Ryan Parker anyways? The one from life of Pi!!!!!??????

  307. I got a call today april 29,2016 and the numbe rthey called.from syas New York the number is 1-315-232-8888 and I wa told to call1-315-710-0572 so they can go issue me out my grant money but to give them a account number of mine I wish to use I told he I was not comfortable giving my info over the phone like that so I would rather get the prepaid card or western union ….she to put 210.00 on the card and they will get an appointment with the bank so they can release.the fund for me….. well I asked her to give me a website that they had so I can do research first she was I,guess caught off guard and said you can call the number we gave you ….then I said I know the number I want to see your web page so she goes on and gives me arra2009 so I said ok 8 will look ove rit and give you a vall back so she says ok what time would you be doing that cause there are alot.of.people who are getting checks today is payday………… lol well I almost fell to the floor and she would need to know by a certain time so she could get this done in a short matter….. I went to look them up and this the first thing that pops up the scam detector thank you even though I was not gonna pay for aomething that is suppose to be free what do these people think I am…… next time they call Im gonna ask them could they put it intp their account for me cause I have warrants And I will pay them… this has to stop please pass the numbers they are calling from to authorites

  308. Ha ha ha. This number claims to work for ARRA. And they say that they are the UNITED STATES TREASURY DEPARTMENT. They said I had 7000$ worth of free grant money, and to purchase a gift card for 240.00$ And then to call them back, and give them the number so they can reload the gift card in full for 7,240$ ?????????????? An India guy claims his name is James Laurence. They will tell you that you have been selected because you have no felonies, and never filled for bankruptcy. The first lady that called sounds Indian also, and claims her name is Hellen. She will offer you an APPLE I.D Number, And tell to to call this number, 314-627-0353. Ha ha ha,, man,, they never give up, because some one out there,, will DO it for them 4 times a day! DON’T DO IT!! Just saying.

  309. I got a call from Jerry ext#112 at 202-417-6217 asking me to go to Walgreens or CVS to purchase an activation card so that my "once in a lifetime $9000.00 loyalty benefits grant" could be processed from the New York federal reserve to my home state which did not allow that much money transferred over state lines. I asked what the activation card looked like, because I was excited to be receiving so much money tax free and clear. He told me that it would be a $250.00 iTunes card. So I asked him how an iTunes card could possibly help the Federal Reserve which, I can only imagine, has access to every American bank without help from Apple. I called my banker to ask his advice and he thought it sounded fraudulent. So when Jerry called again within 5 minutes, I kept asking about the gift card and why it was necessary. He was getting pretty peeved after 10 more minutes and said he wasn’t going to force me and that other American citizens would be plenty happy about receiving the funds. By that time I had found this website. Who knew going back to school would give me so much grief outside of class.

  310. Me too.
    Got a phone call from 347-418-0597 saying I had a Federal Issue and would be in trouble if I ignored the call.

  311. Got a phone call from 347-418-0597 saying I had a Federal Issue and would be in trouble if I ignored the call

  312. OK I recieved a call today 04/15/16 and was told to get a iTunes card from the store then the activation would be $200. I call back give them the info from the card and receive the money in 15-20 minutes is this real or just the same old song?


  314. I just received a call from the "Federal Government, Grants Department, ARRA 2009" congratulating me on a $9000 grant. Scott Walker (wannabe) at 347.418.0577 and 347.418.0598. I asked him if I could speak to a supervisor, he passed transferred the call to Alex. The same programmed machine explained to me why I’ve been chosen to receive the grant. Only 1500 US citizens have been selected for this precious grant… This is so violent. (This is so violent. They have all my contact details, and my home address. Please, do something about this.)

  315. I received a call from a woman on October 31, 2015 – Saturday at 2:06pm. The telephone number that she called from showed up on my caller ID as +1(202) 657-6869
    Washington, DC. The woman had a very thick and heavy accent possibly of Asian or Middle Eastern decent. The woman stated her name; However, I was unable to make out what she said due to her heavy accent; the name she had stated was clearly not American. She stated she was calling from the U.S. Government and she worked for the U.S. Government and that I was selected out of 1,700 people to receive a credit of $8,500.00. She also stated that this was not a loan or a grant, and that I was selected due to having a good credit history and paying all my bills on time, and having no criminal history or evictions. I kept asking her to repeat herself because it was very difficult to understand her. She then preceeded to ask me how would I like to receive my $8,500.00, either by Western Union, a checking account with routing number and account number, or through a Visa or MasterCard. I told the woman that this did not sound legit or realistic to me and I asked her repeatedly if she was calling from the Government and she continued to say "Yes". She then repeated everything she had explained to me initially and kept asking me how I would like to receive my money. She also asked me how old I was and I told her my age and she also asked if I still live in Corona, Ca, and I informed her that I no longer live in Corona, Ca and I now live in Riverside, Ca. I asked her what is her website to the Government where she works and she was not able to answer immediately, after about 20 seconds she stated something about http://www.arra……. I then asked her to give me the address of the U.S. Government to where she works and she said my phone was breaking up and she put me on a brief hold approximately for one minute and returned to the phone and gave me an address that I really couldn’t understand what she was saying due to her thick and heavy accent. I told the woman that I did not believe this and I asked to speak with manager and or supervisor. She placed me on a brief hold approximately for another minute and another woman comes on the phone (sounded similar to the woman I was speaking with prior) also with a thick and heavy accent. She did not even address her name or position/title and she preceeded to tell me about the $8,500.00 the Givernment is issuing me and how would I like my money sent to me. I asked her if she was the supervisor and she said yes, it sounded like she was smiling while she was talking to me and giggling in the background. I told her I was not interested in receiving any money from you and I hung up the phone.

  316. Hello, I’m Ràven . For last 4-6 months I’ve been on phone with people from " US FEDERAL GRANT DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES. THE # 315-875-4160 talked to Lisa Smith? I did spend a good deal of time prior to the approval of $9,430.00. Prior to this notice today I had spoken to educational advisors regarding continuing my education .
    They first said a money order would be fine. Next time after several weeks they said I had 3 options: cash in hand, bank transfer, & I don’t recall third?
    Was given # AJ477. Told I was to call this above # at any moneygram in my zip code area. To bring a valid DL in GA.
    They sai I needed a $230 security deposit to ensure against " IDENTITY THEFT." This will be immediately returned to me after identity check?
    I’m going to delve deeper here as I felt legitimate. Any assistance greatly appreciated. Tug, Ràven

  317. I just received the call from a man named Ron who was difficult to understand and who claimed that I too have some free money. When I called the second number with the confirmation given, I was greeted by a sound of a rooster in the background followed by a female with a thick accent. Number was 253-843-6230. Interesting conversation we hand until I refused to provide a deposit and threaten to call my lawyer.

  318. They tried to scam me as well with the number 360-322-4852 David Coleman ext 205. They called me from a 202-657-6869 number at first and gave me the whole run around. Then they wanted me to go to Walmart and send a money gram as a security deposit in the amount of $250. I am glad I also got the heads up because I almost did it.

  319. Same thing, call, $9000, pay $221 as a security deposit to verify my identity. Same thing some GS498 or something like that and to call some number which was a DC number. First person that called was foreign and I could barely understand her. The supervisor that I called also had a strong accent.

  320. Received a call today from a woman named Breanna from 202-798-7300 say I am to receive a $9000 grant from American Recovery and to call another number 206-855-6896. A man by the name of Jacob(could not understand him. Obviously from another country)and to pay $266 to verify that its me at a Western Union.

  321. October 22,2015
    I also received a call stating i was eligable for 9200.00 to claim at walmart money gram. 251.50 for service fees to transmit that large totaled to be reimbursed when money came through. I did not do this but did sone checking and found this site. The person I spoke to was chris and the other was Frank number 646-481-8994 ent 4210 this is a scam I did not fall for.
    PAULA H michigan

  322. Just got a phone call from a Franky Cooper from
    This number 206-973-3947 extension #1012 telling me I won
    A $9,700 dollar grant and to assure it I had to give them $280
    Dollars they looked up the nearest moneys gram witch is a cvs
    Near my home I was not sure if to do it or not so I looked up
    Some information they even gave me the ARRA web site but I was
    Still not sure if to do it and thank god I ran into this web site just how they explain
    It on here is exactly how it was said and done to me really helpful information

  323. My son received a call from a women who identified herself as Katie Moore and she was a representative of ARRA. She advised my son that he had received a grant for $7000.00. She gave him a confirmation # as GG11094. She was wanting is bank information and he refused. She advised him to go to Wal-Mart and paid $250.00 for a registration fee. She advised that once he arrived to call her and she will give him a code for the transaction.

  324. Virginia Challburg

    I received a call saying they were from the Federal Government ARRA and they were going to give me $8000. Then they gave me a confirmation # BH3275 and told me to call another 360 322 4852 a Marysville, WA #. When they asked me for $250.00. I knew right then it was a scam.

  325. Called and told that the federal government had a $9000 grant for me. Given the following number to call 347 418 0597 with code GV120 to be provided to bank manager while at moneygram.

  326. So I’m chilling at work and this accented person calls me saying I have been granted 7,800 . This person said there name was Mike Newman but it was a chick, and I’m like" how many accented women do you know from India with the name’mike’"to myself. Then she gave me a number to an"New York federal reserve 9196537326"and a two letter three digit conformation number. Now remember I do have a recent conviction and they said I was granted this bc I haven’t been in trouble. Sooo I went along just to see where it would go, I call the federal reserve peeps and now a Charles Webb picks up and goes with all the motions and stuff but while we’re talking he messes up, he changed up the amount twice"the whole time I’m taking notes and I take dollars seriously "he said 7,400 then 7,800" . Then he wanted to know what was in my account and he said I had to be at western union to make transactions,yeah ok

  327. I got this call from (226) 122-1233 and they told me to call202-649-0253, but they told me to use a number with two letters followed by three numbers and that I only had today to do it. I couldn’t tell if she was asking me for money first because of the accent. I only recently started receiving calls, so I assume that this is some scam based on a bad decision I made with my phone number.

  328. I received a call and I honestly didn’t understand his name he said I was getting 7000,00 . He didn’t ask for a security deposit or anything I just don’t trust it .

  329. I just received the call from a woman (512) 000-789 who was difficult to understand and who claimed that I too have some free money from American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), She informed me I was going to receive $8,500 and wanted my bank account or credit card information. When I told her I didn’t believe her she told me to google ARRA. I told her to hold on so that I could and then the phone went dead. Upon googling I found this site. Interestingly, she had my cell phone number and complete mailing address ….

  330. I was contacted on today, April 4, 2016, stated that I was awarded $8,500 from this Dept of Treasury and that I only had to pay a $300 transaction fee for the money to be directly deposited into my account. They first had passed me onto a supervisor who assured me there was no fees involved then I received a call from another department who stated that yes I had to pay the $300 transaction fee. When I refused to pay it they hung up. I was contacted originally from phone # 202-114-7081 then the supervisor, Rick Walter, called me from 512-646-3021. It’s a shame that in this day in age we must deal with this type of crap. People always looking to scam hard working individuals like us!

  331. They continue to call me and try to scam me !! 916-414- 8389 sent money like and idiot ! got nothing they said I have 9500.00 refund



  333. Even I am not a US citizen, someone called me as if from Washington DC. And same story happened. As if they confirmed my details, and stated that I am good tax payer, no bad records formerly (I am not a US citizen, just tourist here, how can I become tax payer hahahah). They gave me some transaction codes. Finally, they said I will be called again from Washington. But the phone number (from which I received a call) was from Massachusetts). I called back the same number and said there is a police officer next to me wants to talk to you. They guy hanged up the phone

  334. Someone by the name of Kevin Luther called me and said that I was awarded a once in a life time grant of $9000.00 from ARRA. I had to register with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York $265.00 that would be refunded within 15 minutes of registration along with the $9000 grant. The number he called from was from 1-315-210-8632 I could also call 1-917-200-9240 after the registration was complete so my funds could be release.


    1. I got called by Carla King. Same deal. Go to Walmart and pay $200.00 to get $9,000.00 in ARRA grant! Thank you all for posting your experiences! You saved me from a disastrous move. Bless you all, and peace be with you.

  336. Racherie Williams

    I was contacted, in Columbia, SC by a David Coleman today around 6:20pm in regards to a grant that i was approved for, stated All that these good folks stated in there incounter with these CAMMERS! I ALMOST fell for it but WAS ALWAYS TOLD "GRANTs" are "FREE". So im sitting at western union Now texting The World. So they can Be AWARE. Please dnt b fooled, so legit but Sure enough upon looking into it. ITS NOT LEGIT!!! I was told to send 250.00 to a guy Named Teng Liu in China and ill get 5000 thru western Union and be refund my 250 as its Only A Security deposit. DNT B FOOLED! Real GRANT U WON’T PAY NOTHING FOR OR B ASKED TO. Damn ppl will do Anything for Free money. Somebody should travk these ppl and Beat thy ass. Jail time or Something bcuz there STEALING FRM GOOD FAITH PPL. Who probly could use or Need the money FOR REAL. Be safe, Be careful, Be smarter thn thm!!

  337. I received a call from # 1-212-885-9999 and they told me to call this number 315-203-8896 and I spoke to Andre Pitt and he told me to go to nearest Western Union office and get myself registered and there would be a fee of $187 and they will get you the MTC(Money Transfer Control) Number. The person I talked to above number 315-203-8896 is Andre Pitt and his extension is 288

  338. also received a call telling me I was awarded a $9,000 Federal Grant. call back number was 315- 210 – 8632. in order to receive the Grant, I first needed to purchase an Amazon gift card in the amount of $250 and call back with the pin number on the card. the purpose was to verify my identity, and I would be refunded the $250 when I receive the $9,000 Grant. the lady I spoke to was probably Chinese and the man was probably Arab. they think we Americans are so stupid!!!

  339. Kristopher rose

    I was contacted today April 1, 2016 and told I have been granted $7000 and could receive my money either by WU, direct deposit or prepaid card but I had to pay $225 prior to getting the $ by securing the account with loaner but that I would be refunded within 25 mins of the transaction occurring. She said they are obligated to stay on the line while the transaction takes place. That the money would be transferred via Western Union. If I did not want to participate I had up to 10 days to cancel my membership or Grant request. I asked her for information to do research online and she told me I could research aara 2009.

  340. More of the same this scamers keep calling me different# one from California #(510) 545-7604 and Washington#(202) 600-9815 same thing told me first I had 9000 in grants for me and then went down to 7000 asking me for 250 for security deposit. When I told him I was at the website and told him the official website said grants do not require any security deposit he changed his mind and said it was a enrollment fee but its refundable? Yeah good luck separating me from my $250

  341. $7800 for me with $28 fee and the WalMart fee of $11.50, Joseph Allen Jr. 315-203-3446 xt 7750. Heavy accent, not a Joseph, he knew all my bank information and my address, how does this keep happening, scammers…

  342. Saurabh Surshetwar

    All this started from that fucking single call. I want to aware all of you if you get a call from Washington DC saying that "you have been selected for grandmoney and you will get $ 7000 " He told me you are selected among 1500 people and all that bull shit. Next thing he told me to do is go to Walmart and send $280 as a registration fees he told me to send through gram money to a guy called Cody Cummings. While talking to that person he mention that he is from ARRA-American Recovery and Reinvestment Act which some thing else. I got this motherfucker are fake land this is big scam. I was about to pay the money I saved my money by getting scammed and I want to save your money also guys.
    Be aware

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