Old Prague Ham


Old Prague Ham Fraud: How It Works

(with video featuring 10 other scams to avoid in Prague)

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic. A beautiful and historic city, Prague draws over 4 million visitors per year. The city is known for its cultural and historical integrity, but it is also renowned for something a little more unusual: ham. Old Prague Ham is one of the city's culinary claims to fame; unfortunately, some street vendors selling the delicacy are less than honest, especially with foreign visitors.

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In Prague, as in all of Europe, the metric system is the standard. When purchasing Old Prague Ham (which is always sold with a side of boiled potatoes), customers often don't notice the sign indicating that the ham is sold in grams. If the customer does not specify how many grams they want, the vendor will cut off a huge slice and the price for a large piece of ham with a few boiled potatoes can end up costing more than a three-course meal in one of Prague's finest eateries.

Watch the video below to see 10 other scams to avoid in Prague:

10 Scams To Avoid In Prague Video

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2 thoughts on “Old Prague Ham”

  1. I had the Prague ham at the Xmas market Old Town in Dec 2014. It was delicious and the vendor told me what the normal portion would cost before I purchased it. I thought it was great bang for the buck…

  2. Absolutely true and no exaggeration. I was charged 1,500 CKR (€60) yesterday for two plastic plates of ham and potatoes. The vendors are quick to spot tourists and will carve off a huge chunk of ham (for weight purposes)and charge accordingly.
    Mine consisted mostly of a slab of fat and skin about 2 inches thick and weighing about 1lb. On top of all that, after eating the ham my tummy rumbled, with unpleasant consequences,for the rest of the day. Best advice – steer well clear.

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