Monitoring Employees Scam

How the scam works:

We have all been hounded by door-to-door sales people trying to sell us the newest thing on the block; though, we usually slam our doors in their faces or retort some sort of disinterest at them and yet, they keep coming back.  

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One of the more persistent markets we are accustomed to seeing at our front door are advertisers for magazines.  Even after all the closed doors, these tireless sales associates have encountered they seem to keep coming back.  

Some of them grasp at straws desperately or even try to conjure up a reason beyond all other reason why you need what they have to offer.  In truth, the more subscriptions you buy the more money they make.  In all fairness we are all looking to make money.  Very few people go to work every day because they can’t think of anything they would rather be doing.  All of us need to make a living somehow and honestly door-to-door sales is not an easy way to do it.  This is possibly a key factor as to why many have resorted to sales scams.  

Imagine if you will you are walking down a busy street and someone approaches you, they inform you that they are responsible for a group of magazine sales representatives and ask you something along these lines: “Would you help us monitor if the new employees we hire to pass out magazines are doing their jobs? All you have to do is select a magazine from this pamphlet and report if you receive it in the next two weeks!”

You are a nice, helpful sort of person so naturally you agree.  Especially when all you have to do is watch your mailbox for another piece of junk.  What you are actually doing is signing up for a subscription to the magazine of your choice.  Just like that you have been scammed!  Now suddenly you are watching your mailbox for your order rather than a free sample.  
How to avoid:

No matter how simple a task to lend a helping hand, don't ever agree to anything on the street.  Even if you are not asked for any credit card information it could potentially be something you end up paying for.  Also, keep in mind that if you're ever asked to give a definitive answer on a product or service (from someone you don’t know or trust) and not given the option to take something home and think about it, it is probably a scam.

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