Modeling Photo Shoot Scam

Modeling Photo Shoot Scam: How It Works

You are a beautiful girl. You might have heard your family members or your friends saying that you should be a model, especially after all those Instagram posts. They are right, maybe you should consider doing more than that. However, do it only working for legitimate companies and – most importantly – do not fall for the recent modeling scams. How do they work? Let’s take a look.

Watch the video below to see some scams in the industry – exposed by an actual model – then we will get into more serious stuff:

Model Exposing Scams Video

However, the most notorious modeling scam is really heartbreaking. It comes as an advertisement for a job opening. As you can imagine, the job is for a commercial photo shoot done by a well-known photographer from a big city. The ad says you should register via email and submit a portfolio with a couple of headshots.

modelling for teenagers how to become a model


Soon after you subscribe, you get a confirmation email from ‘the man’, saying he saw your portfolio and loved it. He offers you the job and says he would fly to your city for the shoot next month. After exchanging enough emails and several phone calls to work out all of the details, he gets your trust and you are more than excited.

When it comes to the wardrobe for the shoot, the photographer has a particular taste. “I love this designer in Paris. His name is [insert name] and I’ve been doing business with him for a long time. He is like a diamond in the rough. I think his clothing line is perfect for your body. I’ll pay for it, so no worries”.

That’s pretty cool, right?


The Hook Is In The Designer Fees

As you are getting all your measurements done for the designer, the photographer informs you: “I will send you the check for the photo shoot now, via FeDex. You should have it tomorrow. By the way, I added the designer’s fee for the clothes in there, so please send him the payment as soon as you deposit my check. He is waiting for it, as he needs to order the fabric. He needs at least a week to finish your dresses.”

hired as model photoshoot job


You receive the check the next day, say $1,400. You go to deposit it and then head to a Western Union, Money Mart, or Money Gram office to send half of the amount to the designer. Little do you know the check you just deposited is going to bounce in a few days… You’ll be a few hundred dollars short (if not thousand) and your famous photographer or designer will be nowhere to be found.

Besides the scam above, there are a couple more to be aware of.

Watch the video below to see a few great tips for when you are about to sign up with a modeling company:

Scams To Be Aware Of Video


How To Avoid The Modeling Photo Shoot Scam:

Google is a beautiful thing. If you are offered a job for a renowned company or person, they should have a legitimate presence on the Internet. Research the name of every modeling agency or agent you get in contact with.

Never pay anything before being paid by a job, especially if you have to send the money via Western Union, Money Mart, Money Gram, MoneyDot, Vanilla Reload, MoneyPak, Steam (or any other reloadable prepaid cards).


How To Avoid The Modeling Photo Shoot Scam:

Make your family and friends aware of this scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report Scammers To The FTC Here

How To Protect Yourself More:

If you want to be the first to find out the most notorious scams every week, feel free to subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter here. You’ll receive periodical emails and we promise not to spam. Last but not least, use the Comments section below to expose other scammers.


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15 thoughts on “Modeling Photo Shoot Scam”

  1. Here is what I received, beware:
    We are interested in both (Male and female) professionals for a sales commercial coming up which includes a video advert and Co-operate Photo Shoot. I am Director Matt Eich (DIRECTOR) from jamie levine (CEO) jamielevinephotography®. Interested Models who will be available are required to mail back with a brief introduction and two recent works, be sure to Include your current location in other to be considered for immediate booking. Feel free to mail back for additional information.??
    Event Date 1 : Nov 24TH 2019 and Nov 25TH 2019
    Event Date 2 : Nov 31ST 2019 and Nov 1ST 2019
    * Time : 10 A.M. – 3 P.M
    * Nudity: No
    * No level of experience is required. (Free Model Coach available upon request).
    Compensation : Paid
    Jamie Levine (C.E.O)
    Press Managerial Matt Eich.
    Director Matt Eich.”

  2. I would like to know how are they getting benefitted if the check bounces. I’m taking the check to deposit and if the check bounces I owe that money to the bank, I understand. But what’s the other guy getting out of it? Someone who knows pls tell me..

  3. I got this message its a scam. Hello, I’m Erika a professional photographer/manager, I came across your profile and am very interested in working with you, there is an upcoming photo shoot organized by Glamour Fashion Magazine soon, I’ll need you to contact the agent via for more details. No nudity involved

  4. the one talking about NEW BRANDS is now using RedBook Mag’s Kirby Rodriguez’s name and the Zappos email is from a Kristina Will. If they want you to send money to the designers when they can do it themselves then it’s a fraud check scam. The checks would “clear” and you’d send the money only for the check to bounce and you owe the bank whatever amount you sent to the “designer”.

  5. Like most of these comments I have received the same emails, the one talking about NEW BRANDS is using RedBook Mag’s Kirby Rodriguez’s name and the Zappos email is from a Kristina Will. If they want you to send money to the designers when they can do it themselves then it’s a fraud check scam. The checks would “clear” and you’d send the money only for the check to bounce and you owe the bank whatever amount you sent to the “designer”.

  6. Please read below and be aware of these f*****g scammers!

    24 Mar 2019, 21:09 (12 hours ago)
    to me

    Hello Joe,
    We will like to clarify that we are not the one in charge of the funds and we don’t have anything to do with any funds until the completion of the project, it was the financier of the shoot that is in charge of the funds and confirmed that they are willing to issue only one check for your part payment and logistics because it saves them money and time and most importantly, it will be easier for you to simply transfer the logistic funds to the agent as soon as the cheque clears the bank because both of you are there in the UK.
    However, we appreciate your interest and co-operation in this project. Model Management was founded in 1996 and within this period, we have grown into a well known and respected modeling community that connects models to reputable agencies and also link models to major modeling jobs in the US and around the world. We have worked hard to ensure that we have the most comprehensive selection picture agency based in United States.
    Besides, you have been selected to be the new face for our client "Global Link INT". In other for us to proceed with further administrative procedures and arranging the first installment payment with the financier of the shoot, you would need to send us the following requirements.

    FULL NAME: (As it should written on the first installment payment cheque)





    We are looking forward to hearing and working with you soon.

  7. Is this a scam?

    Good afternoon, trust you are doing well?
    Thanks for your fast response, You’ve been selected for our new designs cataloged update.
    Presently the company (ZAPPOS) needs few new faces/models to advertise their new year outfit (NOTE: no nudity, fetish, bondage or other adult content stuff….It’s strictly a fashion shoot and i am the favored supervisor for the project coming up in your area.

    The shooting date is March 17th (NOTE THAT).

    WE DO PAY $280 TO MODELS FOR PER HOUR SHOOT and it’s 5 hours photo shoot, total of ($1400).

    Transportation allowance will be included as we continue to work together, you could be invited to the company to sign a year contract, if you pose pretty well and meet demands.
    In order for this effect i would implore you to provide me with your measurements as soon as possible.


    Cloth size…
    Shoe size…
    Bust size/leave blank for male…
    Waist size…
    Hips size…

    So that all the clothes you will be wearing, would be taken care of as soon as possible. You will first received $300 to start with, which will be mailed to you immediately, this is for your transport
    allowance only (NOTE: The $300 is for your transport allowance ONLY, your full payment of $1,400 for the job will be paid to you immediately after the shoot on the location).

    The pictures will be taken and forwarded to the company and it will be display on our online web and magazine (worldwide).
    The company have their personal photographers, hairstylists and makeup artists etc, so we have made all necessary arrangement for your good looking on the day of the photo shoot and also our professional photographers are available to give you best directive.

    All the clothes, shoes and other accessories you will be wearing for the shoot will be yours.

    As a matter of choice, you can bring along any one of your choice to the shoot location. All transportation Expenses would be covered by the company and we will cover the expenses on your escort as well.

    You must have positive ID.
    You must have nice smile and humble personality.
    You must be willing to pose very well and good.
    No hairy armpits.

    I will keep you posted with location, time and more info in my next email.

    I will like to trust you take care of the make-up artist fee, because i am having a very tight schedule this day, so Zappos will pair the make up artist payment together with your transport payment of $300 in a single check, you will deduct $300 from the total funds that will be sent to you and send the balance left on it to the make-up artist that will be coming down for the shoot as well.
    (For example: you will receive a payment of $2,000, you will cash it and deduct your transport fee of $300 then send the remaining $1,700
    to the make up artist).
    We decided to pair your payments together because the makeup artist is currently not in the location where her bank operates and also we want to build trust between ourselves and also to create awareness.
    I will keep you posted with details about the exact amount, makeup artist info and when you will be receiving the paycheck.
    Let me know if you read, understand and agreed with the plan.

    Reference and other forms/documented papers will be mail to you few days to the shooting date, you will print them out, sign and bring them along with you to the location.

    Guess the arrangement is understood? For the payment to be mail to you on time, i would need you to provide me with the following info via email…

    Name to be written on the check:
    Apartment number#:
    Phone number(cell and home):
    $1400 (5 hours): YES/NO
    Transport allowance $300:

  8. Is this a scam I can’t tell i could realy use help.

    From: guy name Franco Williams
    how are you doing?We acknowledged your interest in response to the
    message you received via email. We are extremely confident about the
    potential results of our collaborative efforts as it would be an honor
    to capture your beauty, poise, elegance, and sensuality.Our focus
    mainly lies on upcoming artists in the fashion & entertainment
    industry. We are interested in the daily life of the upcoming
    model/ can also read about fashion,beauty and interviews
    with upcoming models,photographers,actors,designers, DJ’s etc. And
    here we are again, calling for an upcoming commercial products ad
    shoot to market and Bags,Purses,Wallets and Gift items nationwide for
    our client.
    The Shoot Is For What? This is a Catalog Photo Shoot assignment for
    our client’s NEW BRANDS. The assignment is to showcase different
    brands of Hand Bags, Purses, Wallets and Gift items. It intends
    featuring a large collection of new products from various sources and
    manufacturers to ‘be displayed in an online Classified ad,
    Pamphlets,Billboards, Handbills, Calendars and also our magazine. Our
    obligation in respect to this piece of project is to generate some
    marketable images to feature these items, where a model will pose with
    the various products and sizes to exhibiting a photographic
    character/language able to attract and call consumer’s attention. Itis
    very simple and works the same as any typical promotional or
    commercial photo shoot. The end product from the photo shoot is an
    online classified ad, Pamphlets, Billboards, Calendars and our
    magazine that would convince the public to make these collection a
    choice among others.
    Event Date Notice: you’re to check your availability and choose the
    best date feasible for you between 16th and 17th of February
    ,2019, which is the idea shoot date scheduled for your State. Please
    note that any day you pick between two dates cannot be changed later
    on except the changes is made a week before the shoot.
    Location/Venue of event: we’re making an arrangement for a suitable
    Studio/arena within your City for the event and you’ll receive the
    location detail and driving direction as soon as the venue is
    confirmed. Our crew and I will tour your locality for the shoot so you
    need not to travel far from your base.Compensation: Paid
    ($500.00/hr.), a duration of four (4) hours shoot/gig plus free
    lunchand models will receive copies of photo shoot via Dropbox or on

    * Time of Event: 10:00 A.M – 2:00 P.M
    * Nudity: No
    * No level of experience is required.

    NOTE: We’ll be responsible for your hair do, lunch and
    transportation,except for your wardrobe/costume that will be shipped
    to you directly from a contracted Designer in charge. You’ll be paid
    $500/hour, of which payment for 2 hours advanced deposit of $1000
    shall be mailed upfront to you BEFORE the shoot to ensure your
    engagement on the upcoming project with us in line with our business
    ethics. Meanwhile,the balance of $1000 will be paid at the shoot venue
    as soon as the shoot is done.More so, Your wardrobe bills will not be
    from your personal pocket, in view of this; YOU WILL NOT ONLY RECEIVE
    A CERTIFIED PAYCHECK OF $1000 but also with an ADDITIONAL amount that
    you will use to pay for your wardrobes bills which you will forward to
    the Designer in charge of your Wardrobe after processing the check
    along with your measurements. As time goes you will receive more info
    regarding the wardrobes.
    The payment for your wardrobe and clothing measurements has to be
    forwarded to the designer by you, reason being that, the payment for
    your wardrobe has to be made or billed to your Name/info as requested
    and acceptable business terms by the Designer, to ensure a tallied
    customization and label to be printed on your costumes. Therefore, you
    must have an active Bank Account to deposit the check you’ll be
    receiving, all you need to do is to go to your Bank and deposit the
    check yourself to your account to take care of your wardrobe/costume
    bills and upfront payment. I hope this is clear?
    Models/actors may attend the shoot with their choice of escort
    (maximum of two) and should not arrive location later than 9:30
    commence make-ups and attend a brief introductory class about the
    proposed project and shoot starts by 10:15 a.m. You will be given a
    Model Release Form to fill at the Venue just before the shoot
    commence. This shoot is going to be fun as different acting characters
    maybe involved, which is the real sense of this project. Take the
    courage to participate in this paid and legit opportunity as we look
    forward working with you soon.

    Final Note: we recommend that you read the content above over again
    for proper understanding and do not hesitate to ask questions. Below
    are the required Payment and Sign-up detail you are to forward to us
    for filling and to mail you the aforementioned Paycheck for your
    Upfront and Wardrobe bills:

    Name to be written on check:
    Residence address:(Not Po. Box)
    Apartment number if any:
    City/state/zip code:
    Direct mobile phone number:
    Your available date:
    Your escort name if any:
    Your current occupation:
    Any of your available pictures:

    Do not hesitate to ask any question if any concerning the detail
    above. I hope to hear from you as soon as possible and we look forward
    to work with you on this project.

    Warmest Regards

  9. I received a message over Instagram for a job offer and having the feeling that it’s a scam… I sent them an email to the email that they provided. I did do research and there is a website with very similar information… but it all seems sketchy to me. First off, I feel like a real company would have better grammar. I just wanted to leave this here in case anyone else is getting these messages.

    The Instagram I was contacted by has the username: @riversidephoto101

    Here’s the email I received:

    My name is John Wesley Jr, a freelance photographer and casting
    director for Riversidephotography and our website is im in charge of selecting appropriate talents
    (models) to be used in an upcoming project. Specializes in
    commercial,voice-over, industrial, film, modeling and real people
    casting. We also specialize in a full spectrum of photographic styles
    and services. From action shots to portraits photographic
    restoration,we are born to fulfill your every photographic need. We
    take pride in delivering just the look and feel our clients desire and
    offers a wide variety of photographic services. The services include,
    but are not limited to: fashion, portraits, lifestyle, commercial, and
    editorial and travel photography.

    Production Detail:

    Our upcoming photo-shoot features a New Accessories Group who
    specializes in the design, production and distribution of fashion
    accessories. Yearning to supply high street retailers,high
    streetbrands,sports/equestrian & sailing brands, outdoor and
    leisurewear stores nationwide. We are seeking models help in order to
    these products on different commercial platforms magazine, online cart
    etc. In the concept of this shoot; we shall have a great opportunity
    to present different design with different sizes and shapes. We need
    some photos to sell these products where the models are used to
    portray an image on these products as the end product from this photo
    shoot fashion magazine, online classified ad and Billboards that will
    provide an excellent awareness for marketing and profit purpose
    worldwide. Selected models will pose with selected products in front
    of a camera with some good attitude of endowment.

    No level of experience required, no open or live casting!
    Models/talent are selected based on their unique characteristics and
    individual appearance and also agreement with gig/shoot detail as
    above and readiness to work with us in good attitude. If you are
    selected you’ll be notified in another e-mail after your submission is
    accessed and confirmed by our directorate.

    Event is schedule as follows:

    Shoot Date: February 2nd/3rd, 2019. Please note that this is a one day
    shoot, the dates were picked in sequence to enable you choose a
    feasible date depending on your availability for either on february 2nd or
    3rd, 2019,At least you will have enough time to prepare yourself
    ready and check your diary if any of those days is a free day for you.

    Location/Venue: shoot is scheduled to hold within
    ………………your locality (no long distance traveling is
    needed)our project manager will secure a suitable arena/venue for the
    shoot in your locality, and once a suitable venue is secured/hired we
    shall forward you the location info/address and driving directions if
    you are selected.

    Shoot Time: We normally kick start our shoot from 10:00 a.m. to 4 or
    5p.m. at most, a duration of (4 hours) shoot only.


    Our professional standard rate as endorsed for this assignment is
    $2000 flat for 4hrs, as we’ll be looking forward to working with you
    for 4hrs only. An advanced deposit of $1000 would be issued to you via
    a Pay Check according to the company’s policy to pre-endorse and
    engaged you for the shoot. Hereafter, a balance of ($1000) would be
    paid to you at the completion of the shoot.

    N.B – We’ll be responsible for your hair do, lunch and
    transportation,except for your wardrobe/costume that will be shipped
    to you directly from a contracted Designer in charge. You’ll be paid
    $2000, shall be mailed upfront to you to ensure your engagement on the
    upcoming project with us in line with our business ethics. Your
    wardrobe bills will not be from your personal pocket, in view of this;
    you will not only receive a certified paycheck of $1000 but also with
    an extra amount that you will use to pay for your wardrobe bills which
    you will forward to the Designer in charge of your Wardrobe after
    processing the check along with your measurements.

    The payment for your wardrobe and clothing measurements has to be
    forwarded to the designer by you, reason being that, the payment for
    your wardrobe has to be made or billed to your Name/info as requested
    and acceptable business terms by the Designer, to ensure a tallied
    customization and label to be printed on your costumes. Therefore, you
    must have an active Bank Account to deposit the check you’ll be
    receiving, all you need to do is to go to your Bank and deposit the
    check yourself to your account to take care of your wardrobe/costume
    bills and upfront payment. I hope this is clear?

    You may come with any escort of your choice, but remember to be
    punctual because the makeup artist would be at the location before
    9.00 a.m. for make-ups as soon as you arrived. I shall send you the
    venue info and driving directions a day before the shooting. If you
    must work with us, you must be approachable, stylish, contribute and
    ready to comply with all instruction and directives.

    If you have read and understood the content of this message kindly
    filled the "Sign Up Form" below to receive your payment and booking
    detail as fully discussed above.

    Name in full (to be written on check):-
    Current Home/Residence address: – (Valid address, Not P.O Box)
    State/zip code:-
    Direct Mobile phone#:-
    Daily access email address:-
    Any available pictures(Head shot)
    Work Experience: – (If Any)
    Referee/Guardian contact info:-

    Finally, when you get to the shooting location you will have to fill a
    model release form for this assignment before commencement of
    shoot.This project will be fun of its kind, featuring the best crew in
    the world of photography; dedicated to making colorful and alluring
    images that blows your mind. Several photo shoot sessions is expected
    as we look forward working with you soon. Please, be periodical with
    your email and responses, because we neither welcome nor appreciated
    late response to communiques as this is business. If you are selected
    will be notified in another email after we must have received the
    requested information from you.

    Thanks for your anticipations!

    Best Regards
    John Wesley Jr

  10. I’ve been approached by a man named Frank Coleman supposed to be director of the Larry price photography.
    They say there send a check including a 500$ booking fee for me to have plus to cover the outfit. And I’ll be sending that money to a stylist / designer.
    They say it’s a puma sportswear photo shoot to take place between Jan 28th 2018 and Jan 31st 2018.
    They say there going to cover travel to get me there. It’s a 5 hour shoot.
    And they are going to pay me 7500$ after the shoot as payment for Larry price photography and puma to use my photos and or videos for a period of 3 months.
    They hold the rights to the photos.
    I havent been able to find this scam or any scam nore email results for searching terms for both companies or searching the email they contacted me from.

    They said a couriour would be bringing my check.
    Didn’t specify.

    As much as this seems real.
    I’m still highly sceptical.
    And it came through in my priority inbox.
    No as spam.

    Not sure what’s going on.
    Can y’all confirm if this is real or fake??

  11. We have acknowledged the receipt of your information and application form via email, and have properly examined it. After going through your profile, Our Team Of Professionals have been able to access your credibility and potential therefore we are offering you the Consumer (Lead) role.

    Based on this fact, the Board of EuroLuxFilms have decided to grant you an opportunity to partake in this shoot. On the above subject matter, EuroLuxFilms hereby congratulates you on your successful emergence. It is a great honor to have you on our team. Congratulations and welcome! We hope you will have an amazing time working with us, we are looking forward for the company’s success with you. We believe in your skills, talent and knowledge that you can use for our clients and company’s improvement.

    Further details are as follows:

    REMUNERATION : $6000 USD [ (Upfront : $475) (Balance : $5,525 to be paid immediately after the shoot)

    RETAINER, PER-NEGOTIATIONS & WARDROBE EXPENSES : You’ll receive An All-In-One Check for $4,918.60 to cover for your upfront payment ($475) and that of your wardrobe. You’ll be using the difference ($4,443) for your wardrobe as soon as the funds clears your bank, further instructions on how and where to shop for your wardrobe will be provided to you. Please confirm that you understand and agree.

    LOCATION OF THE SHOOT : We have to make sure everything is in place before we confirm our location booking. We are currently looking between studios because we need to pick the one available at the time you receive your wardrobe and everything is ready to go. So I’ll let you know the details ahead of time as soon as you have your wardrobe in place.

    OTHER REQUIREMENTS : You must be able to take directions and easy to work with. Good working relationship can mean long term working relationship with the company.

    MEASUREMENT & STATS: Kindly furnish us with the information below where applicable



    Name on Check :
    Address and apartment number (If any) :
    City, State and Zip code :
    Cell phone number :

    MODEL RELEASE & CONTRACT LETTER : The model release and agreement letter has been attached below, kindly download it, sign it and revert via email. You can also sign it electronically. Please be kind to send the measurement & stats and contract letter as soon as possible as we cannot proceed without it.

    ATTESTATION : I, the undersigned, do hereby attest that I have read, understood and agree to the terms and condition of the model release form attached to this email.


    Stephen Hayes
    EuroLux Films

    I received the above email. Is this a scam ?

  12. Yup, there is this scammer claimin to be named David Robinson with Epic Talents Photography. He is scamming people in Columbia, Missouri…

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