Insurance Bill Passing

How the scam works:

(with video below)

Auto coverage rates have skyrocketed in the past years. Auto owners are searching for the best rates and it often gets confusing deciphering claims made by the major insurers.

However, recently there has been a scheme regarding auto insurance in the United States, and the President’s name is being used to lure people into the scam. How does the scam work?

Watch the video below to see in action the ObamaCar Auto Insurance Reduction scam exposed.

ObamaCar Auto Insurance Scam Video

This auto insurance scam starts with an email or a social media post stating Barack Obama has signed a bill into law qualifying US citizens to an auto insurance decrease. Sometimes the rate is stated to be as low as $3 per week.

The scam also makes sure to show the date of the bill signing as having been very recent, making victims less wary that they’ve not heard about it in the news yet.

The email contains a link that will take you to what appears to be a legitimate website. What it actually takes you to is an unlicensed auto insurance site. The site has you fill out a form with all of your personal identification information, specifically your social security number, date of birth, name and address.

The scammers then sell your information to others, leading to the theft of your identity. Not all states have been reporting these emails, but there is a box on the email allowing you to enter your zip code (supposedly for “verification purposes”) therefore letting anyone, anywhere, enter the site and provide their information.

How to avoid:

Avoiding this scam is simple. Make sure you have updated spam filters on your email address. If you do, you will not usually receive this type of email. If somehow it does end up in your inbox, research the information online. Find out if any such bill has passed; any of the major news affiliates’ websites will have this information. Finally, be aware that as of the date of this writing, there is no bill on the floor of Congress involving lowering citizens’ auto insurance rates.

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7 thoughts on “Insurance Bill Passing”

  1. I hv seen a dif offer n dont know if it is for real. Its dif from whats stating above….it offers lower rates based on your personal driving records/history vs the ins. Companies base ppls cost on the location. .overall average. Now is this a real offer. I hv found the insurance company in several states just not 10 in 1 town. Like statefarm or allstate etc.. is this for real? Because it drops my total ins. Down about 15 dollars a mo. N the renters ins. Is 100 deductible vs 500 w/statefarm.

  2. I get emails about low insurance rates, but I don’t even click on it cuz" I DON’T OWN A VECHICLE" I delete it and move on.

  3. I get that pop up banner all the time when I play Candy Crush Saga on my Droid3!!! I fell for it, but part way through I exited the browser. I wonder if the app developers of that game know their app is being sponsered by a scam? Posting to FB and YouTube!
    A. Bodo, Indiana

  4. I have been receiving a ton of these insurance rate law changes" at my work email. So I googled it to see if there were any of these supposed "new laws" and I came across your post. I hate SPAM!!!

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