Hong Kong Antiques

How the scam works:

You are enjoying your Hong Kong trip immensely, and consider buying some souvenirs for back home. And there is your chance – a tiny 200-year old Buddha statue, on sale for only $47 dollars!

That’s a steal, isn’t it? You exchange your dollars in Yens in seconds and purchase the hot item, only to find the same mini-statue the next day, in a different shop.

How to avoid:

Several items in Hong Kong are sold as “antiques”. Never buy one that doesn’t have an authentication certificate. Chances are, if you bought your “antique” at the street market, it was probably made a few months ago.

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Regina Cieli Estrada

Thanks for the FYI. "SCAM" is such a strong word. This are known as replicas. The original s have certificates of authenticity and carbon dating test results. I’m going to visit Hong Kong this October to sell some of my Chinese Arts Collection. Museum tours,street food tasting and Disneyland.

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