Gentlemen’s Club Scam


Night Club Scam: How It Works

(with video below) This scam could be called in many ways: Gentlemen's Club Scam, Strip Club Scam, or the Lady Bar Scam – they are all operating in the same way. It's very dangerous and it targets male clients of bars that initially seem to be very friendly. It could happen to you anywhere, but it occurs predominantly in countries from Eastern Europe (Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, etc) or South East Asia (Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc.). How does the scam work? 

Watch the video below to see in action this scam exposed by a victim:

Gentlemen Bar Scam Exposed By A Victim Video

You could also read the Comments at the bottom of this article and add your own, if you've experienced something similar. Let's dive into it. 

Imagine this scenario: You and your buddies just arrived in one of the countries listed above for a great vacation. You want to have a good time. While trying to find out what are the hottest spots in town, you might be approached by certain people with 'recommendations'. Scammers spot tourists from far away.

If you hear "Lady bar? Lady bar?" and say yes, this is what will probably happen: you are taken to a "bar" (most likely on a darker street) where, once you sit down, a couple of girls will come to say hi and hang out. You don't mind, order a few drinks, but what will happen soon after is that several other cocktails or shooters will come out of nowhere, although you never ordered them.

The girls will drink fast one after another, while the waitress will keep bringing alcohol to your table. When you try to say that those shouldn't go on your bill, they will hide behind the language barrier and just say short phrases, such as: "tip, tip" or "drink, drink".

You feel something is fishy and try to get up and leave, but a few massive men will come your way, asking you to pay the $3,000 bill. It is reported that several victims leave these places either: with their credit cards maxed out, without their jackets and jewelry, or beaten up. Other times, they are escorted to the closest ATM machine, to get cash out.


Night Club Scam: How To Avoid

If you are escorted to a "bar" by the referrer himself –that should be your first red flag. Let alone the fact that the street where the bar is located doesn't have a soul on it. The best spots in a city are always advertised in other ways. The scenario above could happen not only in the South Asian or Eastern European countries, but anywhere else – so beware.


Night Club Scam: How To Report

Make your family and friends aware of this scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report Scammers To The FTC Here

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4 thoughts on “Gentlemen’s Club Scam”

  1. Princesa Club behind Novotel Warsaw Centrum is a scam and dangerous. A guy lured me to walk in to just see the club and girls without cover charge. I was in there, ordered a beer and sat there. Very attractive Girl came to me And we started talking. There were “free shots” and was literally forced to drink up a dozen of shots. After a while they promised laptop and jacuzzi inside and girl promised to go with me after that if I paid club. Waitress was well trained to scam. She said 307 zloti I remember and said OK. After they basically drugged me, I was asked to pay and I did using debit card. It was not 307 zloti. It was 3007 zloti that was taken out of my debit card. That is around 613 GBP or 680 Euros in one go. I was too drugged and too weak to argue and somehow got back to hotel. I feel so betrayed and want this ruthless scammers to be punished if there is any law and order left in this country. What a shame. I even have debit card receipt for this amount with a club name on it and a wrist band. Is there any advice anyone could give me??

  2. Avoid Cats Night Club Cabaret in Bratislava at all costs! Scammers! This place is run by criminals. They charged thousands of Euro on your card!

  3. I would like to inform you about a troubling incident some friends and I had when visiting Slovakia last week.

    19 guys from Austria including me arrived in Bratislava last Thursday for a nights out.
    We also visited a Club in Michalská street, called "Cats Night Club Cabaret":

    We went in there and where all escorted to a room where a waitress told us its €19 per Person, "all-you-can-drink" for the evening.
    But afterwards we couldnt order drinks, we just (seemingly) randomly received drinks/shots a few times.

    Some woman repeatedly separated guys from the group to pressure them into buying dances/drinks from the ladies.
    Apperantly some of the woman gave shots to the guys without telling them whats in them.
    The affected guys where absolutely certain that they where drugged through only one or two shots (not the alcohol!).

    The result was: three of the guys had no memory from this part on for the night and had between €600 and €1.000 missing.
    Not only was their cash missing, two of the people even used the in-house (!) ATM machine to withdraw money multiple times from their accounts, without remembering any of it or what they payed for.

    One guy needed to be escorted home by his friends because of serious consciousness disturbance – when he arrived in the accomodation he complained about feeling very badly. His heart was racing and he could hardly breathe, even though awake he did not react to the people around him. When uncontrolled vomiting occured during the night, someone called the ambulance. The ambulance arrived together with the police but they only did a quick check on him (checking pulse, eyes, …) and then apperantly determined that he is only drunk. NO drug check has been performed even though many people told them that his condition is not normal for an intoxication. He was also not brought to the hospital for observation.

    When reading the Google Reviews for this place that it became clear afterwards that this club is drugging and robbing people on a professional basis for many months.
    Not only do they rob people, they also put their health at serious risk.
    Just to make this clear again: these people know how being drunk feels, they where drugged, not intoxicated.

    From the effects the people described we believe it could have been "Methadone" that was mixed into the drinks, side effects include: abnormal heart rate, respiratory problems, nausea and vomiting,…

    We know that getting back the stolen money is not gonna happen but in a european city such life-threatening mafia tactics can not be tolerated.

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