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How the scam works:

(with video below) You are a good person and always first in helping others. One day, you decide to post your resume online on sites such as, Urban Sitter or Craigslist, looking for a job as a caretaker. Not long after publishing your resume, you receive a message from a family. They say they’re moving to your city and that they have a handicapped member in their family, whether that’s a brother without injured legs, a super old grandmother, or a paralyzed sister.

They are friendly and are willing to pay an amazing wage as they really want the best for the unfortunate person. You are on a shortlist with some other promising candidates and they want to get to know a bit more about all of you so that they can make the best decision for their family. How does the scam work?

Watch the video below to see the Caregiver Scam exposed in the news, or read on.


Caregiver Scam Exposed Video


The scam comes in two parts:

Part 1. While at the interview, they mention that you are really their first option, but they’re concerned in case you are applying for other jobs and aren’t really serious about this one. They suggest you pay a deposit, which you will get back. You really want this job as they sound like nice folks and the wage is great. Now you are really worried in case they pick someone else from their short list so you agree to pay the deposit. You’ve just been scammed, since there is no family, just the scammer.

Part 2. After earning your trust by having several phone conversations, your ’employer’ will also ask for your help in assisting locally with the purchase of a brand new wheelchair for the handicapped person, for the day when they arrive in town. They will send you a check for a couple of thousand dollars just so you can buy the wheelchair in time. As soon as you receive it and deposit the check into your account, the scammer will ask you to purchase the wheelchair from a specific company right away, which will make you send $2,000 to an unknown company. Little do you know that the check they sent you will bounce in a few business days and you’ll be in debt.

How to avoid:

Don’t ever pay for a job – the job is supposed to pay you. Never accept checks in great amounts from companies you don’t know anything about. On the other hand, companies such as urges its users to be vigilant and background check the ’employees’ extremely well.

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