Airport Check-In Service

How the scam works:

(with demonstration video below) Imagine, you arrive at the airport for a restful holiday. When you are about to walk in, there is a friendly staff member from the airport approaching you, he offers to check-in your luggage for you. It’s a special free service of the airport, so you can peacefully enjoy your vacation. You think what a nice gesture, and you give your luggage to the staff member.

Then you go to the check-in counter while the staff member take your luggage away to check-in. You tell the person who’s arranging your check-in how happy you are with this special service. Then he tells you they do not offer such a service. You immediately look around for your luggage but off course is long gone…

How exactly did this work? First the scammers make sure you see them deliver luggage to another traveler, so their 'trust' is verified. Unfortunately, the other traveler is also a crook and is in on this scam. You're the next customer, he explains the special service to you and unaware you give your luggage to the nice staff member. Because he is wearing the airports outfit and is transporting the luggage with an airport trolley you are not suspicious. When you go to check-in inside, he rolls the luggage away. Instead of bringing it to the “luggage check-in” he gives it to the other scammer and he pretends like he is bringing her luggage back, she puts it in the car and drives away.

Watch the video below to see in action the Airport Check-In Scam exposed.

Airport Check-In Scam Exposed Video

How to avoid:

Never give your luggage to someone before you have checked in, especially at the entrance of the airport. The scammers can disappear quickly without anyone noticing it.

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