3 Ways To Prove You Are a Legitimate Seller To Online Customers


How To Differentiate Yourself From Scammers

Trust is hard to come by on the internet, and it's no wonder why. For every single honest retail site, there are a few more that are out to skim cash from the accounts of unsuspecting customers. These websites are ten-a-penny and are increasingly advertising on known social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

You'll probably have seen plenty of these ads – unknown clothing retailers that'll entice you with dirt-cheap sartorial options, only to cut and run instead of delivering the promised goods.

Why they're allowed to advertise on such platforms is for another article entirely. There's probably a book to be written on the pernicious degradation of trust, which occurs because of these scams. What we're interested in for this article is how you, an SME, can differentiate yourself from the scammers and increase trust in your business online – here are three top tips.

1. Gain Organic Social Media Buzz

A company with a meager social media following looks about as trustworthy as a cowboy builder demolishing a kitchen wall. It's the sign of a company without any traction – and that could signal a lack of trust to the discerning consumer.

If you want to prove your company isn't scamming on social media, then you may have to boost your followers artificially. Digital agencies like Greedier Social Media provide such a service, giving you a boost in the number of social media followers on your Instagram page.

It's a simple equation – more likes equals more trust, allowing you to provide a reliable service to an enthusiastic customer base. 

2. Use an Approved Storefront

Building your online storefront can be disastrous if you're an SME, especially one that isn't well-versed in the intricacies of web design. Not only will a shabby storefront repel customers, but it could also mean that they mistake your legitimate outlet for a scam, taking their business elsewhere in the process.

For ease of use, it's better to implement a third-party online storefront that suits your retail ethos. Not only will this ensure a front that looks reliable, but it will also save you a whole heap of time. It will, however, require a certain level of expertise to implement into your site, so expect to pay a web designer for their time. 

3. Use Trustpilot

Trustpilot has become the go-to site for internet users seeking to verify the reliability of a site. Effectively, this site compiles reviews for websites and gives them an aggregated trust rating. And, for the most part, it's a reliable system that's resisted manipulation from shyster sites looking to improve their rating falsely.

As a scheme, it has the flaw of relying on user reviews, meaning that newer companies will have to wait before they can gain a solid rating. Barring this, Trustpilot is a sure-fire way to reassure customers that you're not trying to scam them.

That's our list. For more information on business scams, explore the rest of our site. 


How To Report Scammers

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