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Scam Detector is the largest fraud prevention resource in the world and is operated by a full team of professionals providing the best safety measures, along with our world-class partners. We help millions of people around the globe to take conscious consumer choices, for a better life. Scam Detector is an official contributor to the Federal Trade Commission and has been accessed in over 169 countries. It updates the content daily with the newest scams so you can protect yourself from financial fraud.

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About Us

Scam Detector exposes the world's most notorious scams and educates the consumers on how to avoid them. Our service is free and will always be. The app was created after the outstanding success of The 419: The Nigerian Scam, a short amateur film which quickly became a viral hit, being viewed over a million times online. The docu-drama was the first movie ever made on the infamous 419 topic.

The production premiered worldwide at the West Hollywood International Film Festival in June 2008. Soon after, it won the Rappahannock Independent Film Festival in Fredericksburg, VA. The news traveled so fast across the Internet not only because of the sensitive topic but also because the movie was made with only $180, everybody volunteering!

Ever since, thousands of fans have inquired not only about the production of the full length feature of the film, but also about the creation of a smartphone application which would expose the most fraudulent activities in the world. And we did it! The rest is history and you're now looking at it.