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Perfume Sample Robbery

How the scam works:

You’ve just had a long day of shopping at the mall and your arms are heavy with purchases as you make your way out the door into the parking lot.

Suddenly a woman, dressed very stylishly and holding a perfume bottle, approaches you. She advises you the store you just left is testing a new perfume and asks if you’d like a sample spray. You say yes, drop your bags, and she sprays the perfume on your wrist.

You tell her you like the way it smells when suddenly she sprays the perfume in your eyes. You are trying to stop your eyes from burning when a man runs up to you, grabs your purchases and runs.

How to avoid:

Be aware that stores do not test perfumes – or any product – in the parking lot of their store. They only give samples in the store. If someone like this approaches you, turn around, go back into the mall and alert the security guards. Also, call the police and advise them that someone claiming to work for the store approached in the parking lot. They are well aware of this scam and will be able to take appropriate measures to find the would-be thieves.

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