Wildlife Collections Scam

wildlife collections scam

Wildlife Collections Scam: Sea Turtle Conservancy

Tons of people wrote us on Christmas Day to report the Wildlife Collections scam involving a sea turtle conservancy campaign that sells bracelets. Apparently, if you would have bought a sea turtle bracelet from Wildlife Collection, part of the proceeds would go to the conservancy program.

However, it seems like hundreds of people ordered back in October but still didn’t receive the bracelets two months later. Here is a screenshot of purchase confirmation (did you get one of them, too?):

sea turtle conservancy

Here is how many people report the Wildlife Collections scam:

“I purchased two sea turtle bracelets that would track a turtle from Wildlife Collections on December 5 via PayPal and my credit card. They were purported to arrive before Christmas. I received an acknowledgment and order number but did not hear from Wildlife Collections again, despite submitting 3 inquiries; 2 through the website and one email.”

“I made a post to their website with the above information. They posted a defensive response, and soon after, both posts disappeared. I’m sorry that I did not check this site before I purchased the bracelets”, complained Torrylin on ScamPulse.

Sea Turtle Bracelet Trick

Many people blame the fact that Wildlife Collections scam lures people in with the sea turtle conservancy trick.

“They say they donate $100,000 to wildlife but also say through 10% of profits. That means a sweet $900,000 is going to someone. Best bet is to buy your own jewelry and donate directly to wildlife.”, says Richard, who also mentions he purchased the sea turtle bracelets back in September.

Here is more about the so-called Wildlife Collections scam and the sea turtle bracelets:

“I ordered December 7th. It took them 9 days to “ship,” if you can even call it that. When they claim to ship orders next or same day… I literally live 6-8 hours from Vancouver and haven’t received it. Christmas Eve is tomorrow….. so the way to ruin a Christmas gift, you guys…. I’ve sent countless emails with zero response to any of them. I want my money back if you can’t honor what I’ve paid for!”, says Shawna on TrustPilot.

She added: “Not to mention, and I ship packages and letters all over the place regularly, it has NEVER taken this long to ship across Canada let alone across BC…..this tells me that my parcel was never shipped, to begin with.”

As a matter of fact, the company has received tons of negative feedback in the last few days.

Is Wildlife Collections a Scam?

For those asking about the integrity of this business, we can say that Wildlife Collections is a legitimate company. Unfortunately for them, it lost a lot of credibility by not delivering during these times. We would not call this the Wildlife Collection scam, but rather a poorly managed business with good intentions.

Besides the 60+ negative reviews on TrustPilot, they also received over 550 five-star ratings.

Wildlife Collections: How To Report a Scammer

Let your family and online friends know about this Wildlife Collections article by sharing it on social media. You can also officially report any suspicious activity to the Federal Trade Commission using this link:

Report To The FTC Here

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Renata M Koehler

We got all 5 of ours in a week – they are a small company and did not realize the high volume of orders.

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