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  • Domain Creation Date

    Tuesday 18th, January 1994 12:00 am

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    Not detected by any blacklist engine

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    Valid HTTPS Found

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30 years 5 months

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Publishers Clearing House

Publishers Clearing House




Country Code

Registrant Name: Publishers Clearing House Registrant Organization: Publishers Clearing House Registrant Street: 300 JERICHO QUADRANGLE DEPT 300 Registrant City: Jericho Registrant State/Province: NY Registrant Postal Code: 11753-2712 Registrant Country: US Registrant Phone: +1.5168835432 Registrant Fax: +1.231231234 Registrant Email: [email protected]


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SSL certificate valid

WHOIS registration date

WHOIS last update date

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Publishers Clearing House

Publishers Clearing House




Country Code



Publishers Clearing House

Publishers Clearing House




Country Code

Admin Name: Publishers Clearing House Admin Organization: Publishers Clearing House Admin Street: 300 JERICHO QUADRANGLE DEPT 300 Admin City: Jericho Admin State/Province: NY Admin Postal Code: 11753-2712 Admin Country: US Admin Phone: +1.5168835432 Admin Fax: +1.231231234 Admin Email: [email protected]


Technical Contact

Publishers Clearing House

Publishers Clearing House




Country Code

Tech Name: Publishers Clearing House Tech Organization: Publishers Clearing House Tech Street: 300 JERICHO QUADRANGLE DEPT 300 Tech City: Jericho Tech State/Province: NY Tech Postal Code: 11753-2712 Tech Country: US Tech Phone: +1.5168835432 Tech Fax: +1.231231234 Tech Email: [email protected]



Network Solutions, LLC


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[email protected]


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NS-1561.AWSDNS-03.CO.UK Review

The Scam Detector website Validator gives one of the higher trust scores on the platform: 82. It signals that the business is best defined by the following tags: Reliable. Legitimate. Secure.. We are confident about our score as we also partner with other high-tech, fraud-prevention companies that found the same results. So, why this score? We came up with the 82 score based on 53 aggregated factors relevant to's industry. The algorithm detected little high-risk activity related to phishing, spamming, and other factors, as noted in the Reliable. Legitimate. Secure. tags above. Long story short, we deem this a reliable and secure website. But let's explain in more detail.

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Risk Factors: Threat, Phishing, Malware, and Spam

These indicators reveal the vulnerabilities and elements embedded within the HTML code of They become especially pertinent if the website has received reports from internet users who've encountered unsolicited emails, ads, or messages related to the site. In the context of, our investigation continues working to pinpoint the specific category, but we welcome your insights in the comments below. A high Malware score generally implies the presence of suspicious code that might be unknowingly disseminated. Conversely, a high Spam score hints at a possibly spam-ridden email address associated with the business. Scores under 30 in both categories are reassuring, but any score surpassing this threshold should raise concerns. is an innocuous website, given all the risk factors and data numbers analyzed in this in-depth review. Share your experience in the comments.

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This term indicates whether has landed on any online directories' blacklists and earned a suspicious tag.

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Online Reviews of

  • Trustpilot
  • Score: 2.0
This site has been using Powered By Admiral.I can't get rid of it. You need to go incognito to allow ads.It slows the site down.REMOVE POWERED BY ADMIRAL!!
This company is a brutal scammer. So much empty promises of winnings, but in fact they are only asking you for money. When they are satisfied and you don't have any money left they just disappeaer from Messenger.
This is now set up so that you have to allow ads in order to play any of the games. If you have ad blockers you will get a box that states: It looks like you are using an is an advertising-supported site, which helps keep it free for our audience. Please consider allowing ads on PCH.comAllow Ads on PCH Powered by Admiral. When you do allow the ads to play any PCH game it will FLOOD your screen with a ton of adds which bogs your PC down. I've entered PCH for literally, YEARS, and this garbage comes up. Too bad.
I would really appreciate it if they would improve the pch plus game. It stops constantly. I have no trouble with any other app,so I know it's not my device.
I wonder why there are no reviews from actual winners. Why doesn't a PCH winner ever post a review. It makes me somewhat skeptical. I know it is near IMPOSSIBLE to ever win anything with PCH, but I am still trying. I guess it's because I am still 'hopeful.' I have ordered soooo many products thru them throughout the years, and have yet to win anything .. except for receiving a 10 dollar check for my birthday. And I have NEVER won anything thru the millions of tokens I have acquired. I feel like 'giving up' sometimes, but like many, I dream of a better life. I am tired of living on my limited Social Security income.
Whatever you do on PCH, don’t take their surveys. They promise 100,000, 250,000, and even 500,000 tokens if you answer a few questions but half the time PCH does not pay up; zero tokens. PCH owes me 3,500,000 to 4,000,000 tokens for answering questions on their surveys. They have never paid up even after sending them over 20 messages telling of the situation. Concerning surveys, PCH is dishonorable and dishonest. The only answers I get are computer generated responses telling me I don’t know what I’m doing.
Been using the PCH app for awhile....but it seems that Yahoo has paid them off to get preferential treatment. Their interactive ads are the only ads that do not time out, have a fast forward or exit. Their frequency extinguishes Any enjoyment gained from playing the games!
Games are also necessary with studies as it makes your mind free from the stress that is created by studies. At this time bubble shooter is a medicine for that stress that not only entertains you but also makes your mood in the fresh state to study again.There is one more game which not only the most downloaded or played game in the world but is also the most loved game all over the world. This great game is Bubble Shooter which is the only game in the world that is combinedly played by all the people of different age groups with the same interest.
Today's reality is that every action must pass muster on a racial and ethnic basis. Appointments to the highest levels of government are based on checking the correct boxes. PCH claims that their winner selection process is random and impartial. The latest big prized winner ($5,000/wk forever) seems to conform to the"woke" mantra - biracial couple with mixed race child. What are the odds???
I have been playing for years and have amassed over 200 millions tokens, I live on social security and can't afford to buy things on line nor do I wish to waste my time on surveys. PCH says their is a winner every 10 seconds and yet I haven't even won $1. Then they want you to look at CNN,WNBC, ETC to see if you won any prizes. I don't watch those shows and I shouldn't have to search to see if I won. They have all my personnel information. They can send e-mail stating that I won a prize followed by a time frame when prize would be delivered to my house. I am on their site 4-5 hours every day and now I'm starting to think it is a scam just to get people to order things on line. The other problem I have is they say you can only enter one time but yet they keep sending e-mails containing the same links. stop with 20-30 e-mails. By now they know I don't do surveys not do I purchased anything from their vendors so they should decease sending e-mails containing same. I'm going to give them another month then I will end this deceptive web site
I just completed a PCH Survey all the way through which took about 25 minutes. I have done many of these PCH Surveys, enough to qualify for higher "influencer rewards." At the very end (there were literally no more questions to answer) the message appeared "Unfortunately you do not qualify for this survey." Well if I was not qualified for the survey, why the hell did I go through qualifying questions in the beginning, then was taken to the survey (on a partner site.) Then answer numerous questions for 25 minutes? I did not receive my rewards such as extra entries, points, NOT Anything! I won't be wasting any more time doing surveys on PCH! Hopefully this gives other people hesitation too, lest they waste their time also.
I've been playing pch+ for a year and it just went through some changes with new contests and whatever but now all the sudden I get kicked off everytime I get on it and before I can even do the first entry. Somehow when yall changed things up yall also messed or screwed up everything. It never fails we as humans can't leave well enough alone with anything and we always make things worse
Why don't I EVER win with my PCH tokens? I rack up hundreds of thousands of tokens, and have entered continually for years! Why don't I ever win any prize at all?? Are the PCH token prizes a scam??
The consumer is led to believe that there is a solid chance of winning some real money. After playing the repetitive games for many hours and acquiring many tokens, it's just time wasted. For a company to be advertising millions to be won by playing these games, it seems to be very miserly and not very encouraging to boast the meager "winnings" of 5.00 and 20.00 dollars by players scroll on top of the page, raise the base amount to 100 dollars at least.
I have been with publishers clearinghouse for years I have gotten so many things from them. And I write out a money order and save my receipts because they’ve come back and said that I owe money for these items I paid for already and I know I paid for something twice until I noticed this was happening. There’s always that dream of winning the publishers clearing house and after 20 or more plus years I give up. I actually started to think it was a scam how can you sign up for something for 20 years and never hear anything from them good luck to everybody if you’re signing up for their sweepstakes.
It seems that PCH makes its money from Shipping and Handling (S&H). For the last item I ordered, S&H was 60% of the cost of the item. There is nothing wrong with modest S&H charges - but we are living in an era where free shipping is increasingly common. It is pretty obvious the PCH's margins are based on not very obviously disclosed S&H charges.
I have never felt so stressed, annoyed and disappointed with an app than I have with pch... I wished they would have just stuck with the old catalog that you could shop from; at least back then I actually bought stuff. They should have an online catalogue with useful but not overpriced items. Even rare, or exotic non-perishable foods, tools,garden supplies,winter items etc. Etc. . LISTEN and give me a job, I could get the ball out of the gutter!! This company needs more .You can't just keep coasting on your promise of potential winning$ !
Very disappointed in your contest. You say "no purchase necessary" but you have to scroll thru endless ads trying to sell - then you are subjected to endless emails begging you to buy products - only to be entered in something that no one close around wins. Big SCAM!
I like PCH 35 years with them good products. I don’t do surveys because I’ve been screwed on them. So there no for me. I found out tokens are not important. So I just stay positive persistent and patient by doing the daily contest. Search. Has dropped off my quest because the contest doesn’t popup anymore so off that. It use to popup in search every other day but not anymore. But I’m positive persistent and patient entering every contest until I die. I have cancer so I hope I win soon. I love PCH!
I wish I could give PCH's customer service negative stars.Horrible. Nearly impossible to contact them.If you can contact them, they misinterpret, misunderstand, misplace, and just plain miss.Your problem is up to you to fix.Don't count on them to provide any assistance. But do, however, expect a prompt email from them explaining that "your issue has been resolved."
  • Sitejabber
  • Score: 2.0 stars


I been with pch for a while and claiming my stuff until i had a question i called customer service got hung up on. Then called again the lady side step my question im dislike customer service not very friendly i m trying to figure out about the lotto i hit all the numbers but they wont tell me nothing there there starting be scandlist Service Value Shipping Returns Quality

“Ruined my mom's life!”

My mom is elderly and has been playing for 5 years now, she has a spare bedroom with all the stuff she has bought covering the whole bed. She keeps saying they'll be here any day now and she's on her phone constantly playing all the games. She just lost her house because she was expecting pch to come any day, she was behind on her property tax and had such faith in pch... it was ridiculous! Well they never came and her house I grew up in is gone. It should be against the law to do this to people.

“When will a poor person win”

I would like to see more often PCH giving a million dollar prize to someone in their 40s living in a $30,000 home. Instead of only upper middle class people. That makes me think the game is rigged much like the state lotteries. Always filtering the money to the upper class. Some people who only live on $12,000 a year should be winners at sometime. Products used:Flashlight Service Value Shipping Returns Quality

“My point of given young a chance at prize out of poor forgotten county's in America”

No one ever win black and young someone who could really make a difference with the founding like build safe havens for homeless in my home town or make a way for battered woman if I had a chance at pch I'd make it actually worth given the prize to a young driven to change our world and less fortunate world sum our system yet failing to accomplish after all their rules and restrictions to resources no homeless want to even get the help of the broken system if it ain't rules it's limits and hold backs Tip for consumers:Give black young contestants a chance Products used:Game player Service Value Shipping Returns Quality

“Need a "PCH Book for Dummies"”

I'm a PhD and have been playing PCH games/lotto etc. for over a year and have nothing to show for it but nearly 60m tokens in one account amd 25m in another. Every evening I spend up to 100k tokens for "rewards". We order some small item at least once a month. All we ever receive is some $ store item worth "a dollar or two" and at least 20 emails a day from PCH. Yes, playing is enjoyable but entirely non-productive. What am I not understanding?

“Playing over 30 years”

Its either racist, or search engine scam, started when I was 19 years old I am now 59 years old. I truly believe this is some kind of scam, magazine, search or the company is racist

“Over priced cheaply made products”

Items are cheaply made and over priced. Order something they say it's out of stock then out of the blue months later without checking to see if you still wanted it they send it to you anyway. Hard to come up with the money to send something back when you're on SS in the midst of inflation. Don't plan on ever winning anything from them. I spent 8 years making hundreds of entries buying many numerous item from them and have never received a cent from them. Do yourself a favor don't waste any more of your time or money. You would do better to give it to charity.

“They must be hurting”

This month they have changed the number of times you can apply to win a million/dollarized prize on their home page which was replete with games. Same with the 7 million or five million. Or any prizes amount they offer. Previously these amounts were able to be won in a variety of games they offer but Each game could only be played once. Now you play once for any amount and you're totally waiting your time playing for that amount anywhere else except in search, lotto, or two games they offer on line, oh and also in surveys, which I refuse to play. Have a ton of marketers know you most intimate info? No way! They are reducing the number of chances you have to win and killing the number of times the people who advertise with them get to have you see their ads or merchandise. They are now increasing the interval time in their on-line games with more ad time there instead. Both make anyone not want to play any of their games. Its very defeating. I have been a customer for 40 plus years. I only buy occasionally and it it only something I need. They say I've been a customer since 2004-5 but I started in the 80s (all games were played by mail) when they did not have computerized history. I did enjoy playing their online games but now they take twice as long to earn the same number of chances to win as before. I am not undergoing misconceptions that winning is nearly impossible. If you look at what a millionaire is; it's kinda deceiving. They take a million and divide it over 25 years into $29.000.00 a year increments. Considering the taxes on this, stand a chance to really to win only $14,000.00 a year. Not a million. And you have to live 25 years. With the dollar worth 10 cents on what it was in 1970, you get my drift. Recently they have allowed their largest "super prize" to be given to a successor when you pass. That is an awesome offer. But it has only been recent and on a few games. Haven't seen it much this year. All the amounts under a million-$900,800,700,600,$500,000 are similiarly broken down over 25-20 years. Thus you really will only garner $12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7000.00 a year Where you can will the entire amount is under 475K. There are prizes of $450,400,300,200,100,75,000.00, 50, 40, 30 15, 10, 6-5-and so on. But pay close attention to the rules because they are generally two years from today. The odds are in the "BILLIONS" to win a prize. The only prize being won is reduced further if it's offered (ea. Attempt is offered a billion plus times.) You have to hit the exact one. So we're really talking near impossible. It may be offered and the offer is not taken. Your best odds are really long, as long as winning the lotto and thats the guess the exact 5-6-7 numbers in their "lotto games". I have seen only one be won in last 5 years, and it was for $4000,000.00 oh and a couple of million games. It is a free chance unlike the store where you truly throw your money away trying to win the same. Thus this is their best game to play. To win a vehicle (valued at highest retail price) the odds are also incredibly long but the chances are free unlike games of choice that cost dollars. So my advice is playing games for free (which now demand you spend more time watching ads) is truly the best attempt to win. They have been much better at letting you know the cost of what you are buying,, showing you the mailing fee plus your item. The mailing fee, which is on an arbitrary system based on valuation rather than the actual mailing cost. So an item for $15.00. The mail fee is $7,00 thus making the total nearer $22.00 The item going for $20.00 has a higher mailing fee even though it does not weigh any more and might even be smaller. So Caveat Emperor I do enjoy playing the games personally because they are free. Free gambling is the best kind. Your time is the cost. What is your time worth? Playing all their games on a laptop and a cell phone to reduce the total time invested leaves you at approximately 5 hours daily. On one devise approximately 6-7 hours. You really must justify this. I figure hundreds of chances on their games beat once or twice all dy long. But still, you must divide 5000 chances into odds of billions I do play as I am retired and remember my Mom playing on her extremely limited income (SS) and wishing to heaven she'd win. I wanted to help her so very bad. Those days in the 60-80s were amplified with deception marketing practices where the person buying items was often led to believe they were on the cusp of winning. Or had won.Period. After multiple lawsuits PCH made the changes to spell out everywhere "that you had not yet won, but you might." Now a days,. It's strictly "you have not won, and buying won't enhance your chances" which is what they should have done all those years ago. My Mom really thought and believed she had won. One of the main reasons I play is to make her dream come true. Sure I could use the money, who cannot? But I have a deep desire to make her dream come true. I know the odds, I know the costs, now you do too Tip for consumers:Glad reviews are made possible that can help illuminate reality of using a vendor Products used:household utilitarian products, auto products Service Value Shipping Quality

“Crappy Merchandise”

Most everything Publisher's Clearing House pushes is junk. They also overcharge for delivery, which is done by a bulk rate company. I've received beaten up and broken items that were too cheap to even ask for a replacement. They flood my mailbox with large packs of offers with my name and address in multiple places throughout. Tip for consumers:It's a good waste of time but not so good waste of money. The chances of winning anything are astronomical! Products used:A radio Service Value Shipping Returns Quality

“Absolute lies and deception”

This sweepstakes company had led my father (elderly) for 16 years and he never received a dime or a show after multiple times telling him what days they are showing up with the "Prize Patrol". He even bought multiple products from them just to see if making purchases would help his chances. At this point we are looking to join a class action lawsuit against them.

“User unfriendly and confusing”

While I understand the goal of the app is have the user click as many adds and confuse the person, STILL I was expecting a degree of ethical conduct but I was wrong! The frustration of being stuck at a level and no matter what I clicked on, nothing worked! Site was frozen! This came in addition to receiving merchandise I did NOT order and being billed for it. My attempts to contact PCH customer service went unanswered! Scam all the way! Deleting this useless app and time to contact BBB about the merchandise I didn't order but I'm charged for! Tip for consumers:Beware! Products used:None Did not order them! I received items I did not ordered and charged for them! Service

“PCH Voices Could Be Experience's Of Gamification”

Arifur S.'s Reviews of Publishers Clearing House (PCH) & more | Sitejabber. PCH Voices Could Be Experience Of Next Generation's Gamification Knowledge Or Makes You Millionäre. Tip for consumers:Arifur S.’s Reviews of Publishers Clearing House (PCH) & more | Sitejabber. PCH Voices Could Be Experience Of Next Generation’s Gamification Knowledge Or Makes You Millionäre. Products used:No Language Service Value Shipping Returns Quality

“My Pchprize patrol reviews Tim.C”

Right now I only rate pch a one star rating because of there propaganda BS. To try to get you to purchase somthing before you can get to the part of the site to submit entry to munch product advertising online for those only wanting to play the online sweepstakes and sumitt a entry my guess is there clue of where there heading is Idaho because the clue said the state bird is the color of there uniform wich is Blue unless there misleading and there are other states that have a bird that's the color Blue Service Value Shipping Returns Quality

“Stop the intrusive ads”

I am a steady user daily going onto the pch app and web site and i love playing the games. I enter the sweeps and i like playing but now the intrusive ads are getting to me. Some ads let you skip after five seconds and i like that, what i dont like is some ads you dont have the option to skip. Sometimes you can refresh to get the ads you can skip. But other times whatever sweep your trying to enter goes away and takes you to another page. I am a person that doesnt like to be forced into watching or doing anything i dont like. Now before when i played the games there are ads that are on the bottom and you can X them out to get them out of the way. Now, whether i am on the app or website these ads are now poping up when i am trying to play majong and it is showing up on the game which then distracts me and then I lose my progress. Now all these ads are personally annoying and some offensive. Lately there is one that pops up about sex postions or something like that. So lets get to the ads, i dont want to watch an ad about health insurance ( I have my own, and if i didnt i would not be researching them from ads. Or ads about extravagant trips to exotic places, ( I dont want to watch them, Because I wont ever be able to go because I am low income and struggle to buy food. So i dont want to be reminded of that fact.) Or, Products that i cant afford to buy, why do i want to remind myself that i cant have that. And the one that bothers me the most is when it is showing cancer patients and showing something about medication or the trials or the experiencs of going through kemo or radiation treatments ( My mom had cancer, watched her go through both kemo and radiation, she past away after 6 year battle. I defiantly don't want to be reminded. PCH go back to allowing people to skip ads if they want, or whoever wants to waste there time watching these useless ads by all means. I just want to enjoy playing to take my mind off of real life and all that comes with it. Just want to play, but now I really dont because for a 60 second game i have to watch five mins of an ad. And honestly when I am forced to watch an ad i want to finish my game i will go to the rest room so i am not watching it anyway. But now the ads are so long, and there are multiple ads for one game and intrusive to what your playing, it isnt fun anymore. Please just let people enjoy there games, and don't force a person to watch the whole ad, give the option to skip, and stop the extra ads that pop up on the bottom, and in front of the game. This applies to both web site and app. None of these ads are worth watching, and even thought you need advertisers that's great but don't force it down my throat, give me the option to skip. I used to to all the sweeps, all the scratch cards and the lotto and all the games, but now i pick a select few because there is not enough time in a day for me to do them all now, not like I use too. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality

“PCH is a legal scam”

PCH main objective is getting you to buy cheap merchandise under the disguise of making you a millionaire they even say they Love their customers. I am 70 years old - have ordered from them since my 20's 50 years now. The merchandise is super cheap. I have never won any money and I I don't understand don't know anyone who has ever won a cent. I don't understand how they are legally allowed to take advantage of people especially elderly. Tip for consumers:Don't order!! Products used:Outside light that broke. A magnifying glass that is cheap. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality

“No incentive to hit a Billion Tokens”

Just did all the work to hit the goal of a billion tokens and it turns out nothing at all happens when you achieve it. No congratulations, no additional tokens of appreciation, no small cash prize, no item discount, nothing. So anyone reading this thinking to spend all the time and effort to hit the billion token mark, note that it means nothing to PCH other than the fact that you wasted a lot of time and effort to hit that number.


I've been using there app for a decade. They claim you win real money and tokens for prizes on there games. Yeah, you win tokens you have to redeem for prizes you might be able to win. I don't believe you win anything but tokens. Its just to keep you playing with the hopes of winning. They tell you there's a chance with every game. I play several times a day for years I've never won anything but tokens I have redeemed for prizes I never received. You decided!

“After going through a maze”

Trying to speak to a person I was finally able to do so, being persist paid off since they drop the amount of my bill. No free gift but at least I feel it was a fair solution. The people who I chatted with were helpful even though I was pretty upset. My beef was with PCH not their associates, Thank you for the help in this matter. Service

“It's not fun anymore”

I use to have fun playing pch but not anymore. No one ever wins anything anymore and tokens are to hard to get. Bummer bye PCH Value Shipping Returns

“Jason Ellis”

I really enjoy the new PCH app, very good graphics and easy to use, they have better games this time around.

“Are your entries being received or tossed?”

I recall that some years ago, PCH was found to have been dumping literally tons of unopened entries in a New Jersey landfill. This leads me to assume the same is happening today, but since the entries are via the Internet, they are being sent to the great junkyard in the sky. This is nothing more than a scheme to collect dollars from the innumerable ads they show, and to make money by selling good from their various associated vendors.

“Make a little gift card cash while killing time with games and surveys + other ways to earn”

Takes a little bit of time and patience. They only pay out with digital online cards now. I wish they would go back to the option of a physical card in the mail. Like Visa/Mastercard! Products used:Amazon deposit Service Value Shipping Returns Quality

“PCH Rip off”

Please do yourself a favor and NEVER order anything from PCH! It is a total scam and rip off! They trick you into thinking you will be the next big winner but it never happens! I have been a customer for 14 long years, filled out all the forms, emails and wasted all my time doing so... you will never win... this is just a gimmick to get your money... all their products are cheap, come form China and are overpriced... STAY AWAY from the PCH Scam Please! Tip for consumers:never use PCH it is a rip off Products used:household items Service Value Shipping Returns Quality

“Rating to low”

I have grown up with this company and have played & ordered product for close to 20 Years pch always no hassles with Returns and give you alot of good offers and there is the games where you can win big money and the games are free like front page Where you can find any info you need to look up and you get a chance to win real money who Does that pch that's who I have Been involved with this company for 20 years and i love the way They turn everyday people's life's Around always showing up at the Wright time of need This company Takes me back to the seventhies in some ways when life was a little more simple & fun and we had more trust in each other Tip for consumers:Just pay attention to what you are ordering your not going to find a 2 c diamond for 10 bucks but there are some fun deals Products used:House items , classic models things for the yard,flags water nozzle,tape, nostalgia signs and never one problem with returns Service Value Shipping Returns Quality

“Scammers all the way”

Games have gone to the dump. Act like they don't want anyone to play free online! They pull every stunt in the book to help you not finish a game. They drop targets. They freeze targets like crazy. New thing is this crazy blocking of targets. Seriously bad the past 2 months. Why advertise free: when obviously not their agenda? I know how to play. Once upon a time use to be enjoyable The game is Mahongg Minute Tip for consumers:AVOID!!!!! Products used:Phone holder Oven mitt

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Top 5 Effective Ways To Spot a Scam Website [VIDEO]

There are many types of fake sites in the online world. We have some good news. Watch the video below to see the 5 effective ways you can spot a fraudulent website in 2024:


How To Remove Your Information From the Internet

Whether you like it or not, unfortunately, the Internet has all your personal information stored. How did that happen? Every time you visit a simple site and accept cookies, consent to their forms, or download an app, unscrupulous data brokers collect not just your phone number, name, AND address. They also sell this to third parties, which creates a $1 billion industry a year. Your collected personal data is used by buyers to send you never-ending spam emails, targeted ads, and, of course, telemarketing calls. Crooks use all your data without remorse.


We can help. Many people have asked us about how to remove your personal information from the Internet. If you want your data deleted entirely from the online world, contact our official partners at Incogni immediately. This legitimate data privacy tool works on your behalf to officially require a ton of online brokers to remove your data.


Our staff verifies this service works and is trustworthy. It costs only $6.49/month but is worth the cost. U.S., UK, EU, Swiss, and Canadian residents only. Click below. button remove data online

How To Report Scams: FTC

Do you want to know how to report or other online scammers?Contact the Federal Trade Commission and fill out the form. You can also write down the names of suspicious sites or individuals in the comments section below. You will help thousands of potential victims.

How To Recognize Red Flags Online

Last but not least, here is another must-watch video you don't want to miss:


How To Protect Your Online Browsing From Installing Malware

We have two more powerful fraud prevention tools that you should know about. We've been asked over and over again about the most effective ways to stay safe online. After testing several fraud prevention products online, we could certainly say the winner is a browser extension called Guardio. It automatically blocks 100x more harmful websites than competitors and 10x more malicious downloads than any other security tool. It was tested and vetted by our Scam Detector team.


Guardio has over a million users, and while it is already affordable for the benefits it provides (just a few dollars a month), it covers up to 5 family members. For Scam Detector readers exclusively, Guardio offers a 20% discount this week. You can protect your online browsing from installing malware forever by clicking the button below: button remove data online


How To Stop Third Parties From Tracking Your Devices

The second most powerful fraud prevention tool you should consider is Surfshark. Here is why you should get it now, as the first 5 months are free:

  1. They have an award-winning VPN service, protecting your privacy and preventing third parties from tracking your device.
  2. They will notify you when your personal info is leaked online so you can delete your private data from the Internet immediately.
  3. Surfshark has a super powerful antivirus program. It offers you effective protection from viruses and zero-day threats, a lightweight, clean, and easy-to-use app, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  4. Check this: They hide your online searches, which means you will get only organic search results without tracking and follow-up ads. For example, when you search for a flight, and the next time you look at the same search, the prices are higher. With Surfshark, this doesn't happen.

For the Black Friday promotion, Surfshark offers 86% off + up to 5 months free to Scam Detector readers. You can get the deal only this week HERE or by clicking the button below. stop third parties to track my device button



Did You Lose Money to Any Scams?

Whether you have already lost money or not, when it comes to ANY type of fraud (other credit card scams, eBay, PayPal, financial, even romance scams, etc.), we are here to help. We have partnered with several powerful asset recovery companies. In an effort to help scam victims, we can take a look at your case. If you lost more than $1,000US to any type of fraud, please tell us your story and fill outTHIS FORM. The process of recovering the money is extensive and requires a lot of work. However, we're happy to take a look, so hopefully, you'll get your money back.

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