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What Is Company Overview

  • Domain Creation Date

    Wednesday 2nd, October 2013 12:00 am

  • Domain Blacklist Status

    Not detected by any blacklist engine

  • HTTPS Connection

    HTTPS Not Found

  • Proximity to Suspicious Websites


The's business is associated with a popular BEAUTY industry, and we determined the connection is valid. We extracted some content from the website to see what they say about themselves. Here's the conclusion:

Fragrancebuy is proud to showcase a 100% Genuine Product Guarantee: We don\'t play around with our reputation We understand that in the online shopping world, it gets difficult and scary to identify the real fragrance sellers from the fakes. But when it comes to our reputation, Fragrancebuy takes it serious. We\'re not in the industry for the short-run. We\'re veterans and proud to showcase a 100% authenticity guarantee. Since we house all products ourselves at our warehouse, we take full quality control over our internal supply chain. We welcome you to read up about us on fragrance forums, read reviews and most importantly visit and join our growing Facebook community of thousands of followers, all of whom can attest to the quality of our service and originality of our products. Moreover, we have worry-free 14-day Refund Policy. If you ever feel your purchase isn\'t on par with the excellence it deserves to be, simply contact us and we will ensure the matter is resolved. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority and when you buy with Fragrancebuy, you can buy with confidence knowing you are getting the best product at the lowest possible price.

Read our in-depth review of below. Technical Analysis

Key Facts

Domain age
10 years 9 months

Company Data






Registrant Name: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Registrant Organization: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Registrant Street: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Registrant City: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Registrant State/Province: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Registrant Postal Code: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Registrant Country: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Registrant Phone: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Registrant Phone Ext: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Registrant Fax: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Registrant Fax Ext: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Registrant Email: Please ask the Registrar of Record identified in this output for information on how to contact the Registrant, Admin, or Other contacts of the queried domain name

Website Data


SSL certificate valid

SSL issuer
Let's Encrypt

WHOIS registration date

WHOIS last update date

WHOIS renew date













Admin Name: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Admin Organization: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Admin Street: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Admin City: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Admin State/Province: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Admin Postal Code: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Admin Country: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Admin Phone: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Admin Phone Ext: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Admin Fax: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Admin Fax Ext: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Admin Email: Please ask the Registrar of Record identified in this output for information on how to contact the Registrant, Admin, or Other contacts of the queried domain name

Technical Contact






Tech Name: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Tech Organization: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Tech Street: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Tech City: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Tech State/Province: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Tech Postal Code: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Tech Country: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Tech Phone: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Tech Phone Ext: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Tech Fax: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Tech Fax Ext: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY Tech Email: Please ask the Registrar of Record identified in this output for information on how to contact the Registrant, Admin, or Other contacts of the queried domain name


Name Co.

not applicable

Register website

[email protected]


Server Name Review

The Scam Detector website Validator gives one of the higher trust scores on the platform: 91.9. It signals that the business is best defined by the following tags: Trustworthy. Quality. Safe.. We are confident about our score as we also partner with other high-tech, fraud-prevention companies that found the same results. So, why this high score? We came up with the 91.9 score based on 53 aggregated factors relevant to's industry. The algorithm detected no high-risk activity related to phishing, spamming, and other factors, as noted in the Trustworthy. Quality. Safe. tags above. Long story short, we deem this a secure website. But let's explain in more detail.

Explaining Our Analytical Approach

We've displayed some important information within the Company Details section above, each deserving more explanation:

  • Proximity to Suspicious Websites
  • Threat Profile
  • Phishing Profile
  • Malware Score
  • Spam Score
  • Domain Blacklist Status
  • HTTPS connection
  • Domain Creation Date

While some are self-explanatory concerning, let's look closer at the remaining ones.

Proximity to Potentially Harmful Websites

This metric gauges the connection, scored on a scale of 1 to 100, between and websites marked as suspicious. Elevated scores point to a stronger link with these questionable online destinations. It's worth noting that website owners might not always be aware of their site's proximity to these dubious platforms or servers. However, a "Proximity to Suspicious Websites" score surpassing 80 strongly indicates a high-risk website, while a score below 30 signifies a less-threatening site.

Risk Factors: Threat, Phishing, Malware, and Spam

These indicators reveal the vulnerabilities and elements embedded within the HTML code of They become especially pertinent if the website has received reports from internet users who've encountered unsolicited emails, ads, or messages related to the site. In the context of, our investigation continues working to pinpoint the specific category, but we welcome your insights in the comments below. A high Malware score generally implies the presence of suspicious code that might be unknowingly disseminated. Conversely, a high Spam score hints at a possibly spam-ridden email address associated with the business. Scores under 30 in both categories are reassuring, but any score surpassing this threshold should raise concerns. is an authentic, safe website, given all the risk factors and data numbers analyzed in this in-depth review. Share your experience in the comments.

Domain Blacklisting Status

This term indicates whether has landed on any online directories' blacklists and earned a suspicious tag.

Assessing HTTPS Connectivity

This section provides insight into whether boasts an 's' at the end of the 'HTTP' protocol listed in your browser's address bar. If the tab displays in green, consider it a positive sign.

Safe Check

We want our trust scores and reviews to be as accurate as possible so that you can protect yourself from online fraud. Our algorithm aggregates factors that efficiently analyze a company's website, in this case,

Online Reviews of

  • Trustpilot
  • Score: 4.8
I have worked in customer service a looong time so I really appreciate a fabulous buying experience! Consistently prompt to respond and friendly personalities come through, they are very kind.The selection is excellent, best I've found online. Old faves & new to market, niche & designer, Fragrancebuy has it all really. And a handy 'Notify Me' feature. (I missed until today haha:) Great points program. And they just had the Best Canada day sale of any in my inbox, hands down! Very generous!
What a wonderful online shop for all your fragrance needs! I’ve known about them for years but never took the plunge until recently. Don’t know why I’ve been waiting so long because shipping was fast and fragrances are packed with care. From now on, if I’m looking to buy a certain fragrance, I’ll be sure to check here first.
I use Fragrancebuy most of the time for my perfumes purchases and they have an excellent service and quality. Very happy with them and I will continue using them as my first choice to buy my perfumes.
My favorite online fragrance retailer. Wide variety of fragrances, amazing customer service and competitive discounted prices. I want to stress the amazing customer service feedback as I think this is of most importance. I like to spend my money where I'm appreciated. Thank you!
I've shopped with for over 2 years now and I would definitely recommend others to do the same. They offer some of the best pricing and customer service. You also get the peace of mind from knowing your fragrance will be authentic despite the great pricing.
One of my top sites where I can buy confidently and get it delivered in couple days !! I love this site and recommend it for everyone who is seeking a good deals for a good price!
They cancelled my order stating an "insurance" issue. No explanation why, i've ordered from them once before with no issues. Pretty pathetic of a company, especially after waiting 4-5 days just to have my order changed to processing state. Definitely going back to using FragranceX.
I'm located in Texas. It only took 7 business days for me to receive my order and I was very pleased. My order was very well packaged. I was so impressed that I have already placed another order with and plan on continuing to do business with them in the future.
Been purchasing from Fragrancebuy for a few years now and my experience has been nothing short of great! Highly recommend!!
Julia was so helpful and supportive throughout the process. The team was very prompt and professional with responses and I truly appreciate all the help I got with my package stolen.
Great selection of fragrances at discounted prices! Have had many amazing finds on this site. Love that they alert you when you request to get notified on out-of-stock items that have become available again. Fast and secure shipping as well!
I’m from the United States and I only have good things to say about this website.Packages come in a timely manner and the presentation/packaging is beautiful. I recommend this website and would give it a 10/10Thank you
I'm from the U.S. my favorite discounter and the best hands down, always fast ships you gets your orders quick, they have thousands frags to choose from and at low prices. is number 1 in my book.
Fragrance Buy is a national treasure!….best selection and prices hands downJust wish there was an annual subscription for customers to provide free shipping…..literally the only negative…..Paying $15 for shipping on a $25 fragrance blows.
amazing prices, amazing shipping, 10/10 selection and my order came with a free sample. Best fragrance store out there, will be recommending to friends and family and shopping here again.
I bought a used tester bottle of one of my favourite fragrances. The bottle was packaged with care and it arrived sooner than I expected! And, I was happy to have bought it at a discounted price. Thank you FragranceBuy!! I will be ordering from them again in the future. is hands down the best place to get fragrances they always have the best prices fastest shipping and excellent service I've been purchasing for years from them and will continue to do so. Best selection and cheapest discounter out there.
I needed a reliable discounter and FragranceBuy was recommended (per customer reviews). I did try them out and I got a decent deal. Customer support was a top notch experience.
I'm very cautious about ordering higher dollar items from new-to-me sites; I wasn't sure if the site was legitimate, but they are. I did a little homework before purchasing. I was fairly confident in ordering, but still a bit leary.My order was fulfilled and shipped promptly. The fragrance is not a fake and I will probably order more from this site. Very happy I took the "risk" and ordered!
Hands down the best selection, pricing, packaging, and shipping in the biz. Recently got a tester of TT Arrakis for ~$100. You just can’t beat that!!
  • Sitejabber
  • Score: 4.8 stars

“My first go to!”

I have made several purchases and, for the most part, Fragrance Buy offers the best prices. There is also a good selection of fragrances available. The rewards program is very helpful in saving shipping costs. The delivery time is about the same as other sellers, maybe a slight bit longer since I live in the US. If I want a particular fragrance, I try to wait for it to be re-stocked rather than purchase elsewhere. So yes, I am a happy customer!


I was apprehensive about buying fragrances online. After reading what others had to say about Fragrance Buy on Reddit, I took a leap of faith and ordered two fragrances. I am very impressed by their service, pricing, packaging, and delivery time. Products are authentic as I have bought these same fragrances multiple times in the past from stores, and there is no difference! I will definitely be ordering again.

“Authentic and reliable”

I have ordered a total of 5 perfumes before with Fragrance Buy. The fragrances are always authentic and at the best prices. They are very clear about the process the package will take between order and arrival, as I live in the US and not Canada. I never worry after ordering through Fragrance Buy. I just received Pink Me Up and it's been the perfect upscale fruity-champagne fragrance for the start of spring. Beautiful bottle too. Such a joy to have this in my collection.

“The best discount fragrance store-!”

Always a pleasurable experience dealing with Order comes quickly and safely every time. Although i wish as much as i spend i can get better and more samples and earn points quicker and that points shouldn't ever expire. But they added afterpay which i asked them a few years ago so that's greatly appreciated. Now i can buy in bulk and make payments overtime while increasing my collection quicker.

“Fastest of shipping!”

I always check these guys first for all of my fragrance desires. They have an amazing selection at amazing prices. is a pleasure with which to deal and shipping was faster than most of the the places in my own country! I also loved the fact that they notified my when something I was looking for came back into stock.


I'm constantly coming back to buy these fragrances because there's nothing like this out there. I have pretty good collection of fragrances. I understand that the price is a little steep but you have to take in consideration, the quality of the product you're getting. The website is so easy to use, I've had to email for help and I get a response quickly and always with a resolution. Fragrance One will keep getting my money because the products do not miss! Service Value Shipping Returns Quality

“Great Value! Great customer service!”

I have bought many times from FRAGRANCEBUY. Always a great value for what you spend. Four out of five of my fragrances in my most recent purchase smelled lovely. The fifth fragrance smelled off. FRAGRANCEBUY refunded me the full amount I paid for the fragrance, even though it was open. Great customer service, I will definitely purchase fragrances from this online company again. Thank you! Products used:Fragrances Service Value Shipping Returns Quality

“I am a new fragrance collector/hobbyist.”

It didn't take long for me to discover Wow! - I got both of my orders earlier than expected and everything was fine. In my short experience, I've been unable to find another merchant with lower prices than yours. Thanks so much and keep up the excellent service. My wish list and cart are being loaded now for my next order.

“Fragrance Buy Team is better than Santa's Elves!”

I am always so impressed with the impeccable service at Fragrance Buy. I would have never thought my order placed on December 21st would arrive on December 23rd! They must have been working around the clock to ensure their customers receive their Christmas orders, and it is greatly appreciated. I tell everyone about Fragrance Buy, their wide variety of products, amazing prices, and stellar customer service. Can't wait to place my next order!

“Out of 3 fragrances, only 2 smelt true to their scent”

Ordered Versace Blue & YSL homme for myself and Ari for my girlfriend. The YSL does not smell like the true scent, it smells way more floral than the original and a much more feminine scent. This is the second time this happened to me, on the last order, I purchased CK One for a classic scent that I love, again, the exact same thing. My girlfriend said the same for both and I ended up giving her both bottles. So $300+ dollars later, I only have one cologne to show for it. Extremely disappointed with this. UPDATE: the company reached out about my experience and was willing to rectify the situation. I am actually really pleased with the reach out and the offers to make things right. We have this resolved and I will continue to shop here for my fragrances in the future. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality

“Fantastic Experience”

Have been purchasing from Fragrance Buy since 2012 and the experience has been excellent. The products are always genuine and reasonably priced. They arrive quickly and safely, in proper packaging. In addition, love the rewards program; had enough "sprays" to get free shipping which is a great bonus. Highly recommend Fragrance Buy and refer them to friends and family whenever I get a chance!

“Amazing value and service on hard to get fragrances in Canada!”

Learned about this site from a popular YouTube frag channel with a recommendation for a hard to get fragrance in North America. Ended up grabbing 4 bottles (3 niche PDM, Nishane and 1 luxury/designer Dior). Value was amazing. I wouldn't have been able to afford all 4 of these were at full MSRP. Packaging was superb, secure and fast. I've already placed a second order (Lalique) and have a long wish list saved when items restock. So pleased to have found this site.

“First time ordering at Fragrance buy”

You have been recommended to me by an employee working somewhere else And she said you were very good and have really low prices compared to a lot of all places. I ordered and only a few days after I already had my order by fedex delivery. It was fast, well delivered, a really secure package. I already recommended it to my daughter and she will order shortly. For me, it was the first time but won't be the last. Thanks a gain for the efficiency and have a nice day

“Birthday Purchase bonus”

I purchased a bottle of Salvador Ferragamo's Signorina Misteriosa for my birthday this year, and was so happy to get a bonus gift with my super discounted purchase! It was a full-sized bottle of a new perfumed spray that I have never tried before called I Am White by Ana Abiyedh - 200 mL. And I REALLY like it! The shipping was reasonable and fast with my order, and the packaging kept it safe during travel. Highly recommend!

“Beautiful scent”

I could not believe the find! ABSOLUTELY is the bomb! I'm so glad I made the choice to go with this difficult find,! It's certainly a compliment getter.I don't recommend it for those warmer and hot days, but cooler and rainy days and nights are best! Thankful it was still in stock when I searched for it! I'll probably buy another as a backup soon...if its still available!

“Good products and delivery, but...”

The perfumes are authentic and high quality and the shipping is almost always faster than they say. Still, I've made 2 purchases each worth approximately 200$, and got a single sample with each order. Other shops give at least 2 samples for each purchase regardless of its worth. Not only does this seem like a cheap practice, but it also prevents enthusiasts from testing top-tier products that are usually not found in shops and reduces your profits.

“A reliable company”

After a short period of time, they refunded me the money for the perfume that did not reach me due to a mistake made by the carrier company. As a company that sells only online, I did not think that they could be reliable in such problems and even in refunding money, but Fragrancebuy company got full marks from me. From now on, I can continue shopping safely. Thank you Fragrancebuy.

“First Time Buyer”

It always feels risky trying a new company but I was pleasantly surprised. Quality authentic product arrived as expected. Quick delivery with good shipping packaging for product. I will be shopping here again when I'm looking to add another fragrance to my collection.

“Fragrance Buy EVERYTIME!”

I appreciate a good business model and Fragrance Buy is pretty darn good. I have had issues with other discounters and as of yet, nothing but good results when I place my order. Though they are from Canada, my orders still make it within 10 days (worse case). I wish the selection was a lil bit better, but they usually have pretty much what I'm looking for for a fair price and re-stock accordingly. How about More free samples! Products used:Colgnes and perfumes Service Value Shipping Quality

“Great Fragrance discounter: Easy, Fast, and Reliable”

It was my first time purchasing fragrances from an online discounter and I was very surprised with how reliable and efficient ordering actually was. I was skeptical at first, but all my fragrances smelt amazing, came in perfect condition, and were shipped to my house in under 3 business days. I can confidently say this is a legitimate site and worth every penny.

“Wrong Fragrance but Issue has been fixed”

I ordered boadicea complex 2020, I was sent boadicea complex the original. Totally different fragrance. Fragrance buy was quick to act and relieve the issues. Their service is fantastic and they understand how to find a resolution the right way. The thing I love about this company is that they stay in communication until the issue is fixed. Thank you for finding a resolution and I'll happily shop here again. Tip for consumers:Great customer service Products used:Fragrance Service Value Returns Quality

“Overall good, but...”

I've been a customer for a few years now. Never had a bad experience until recently. For whatever reason while im browsing, I'll basically get "locked out" of the website because I'm scrolling too much? That gets me out of the mood to even come back and complete my purchase most of the time. I hope this gets fixed SOON. * Fragrance Buy attempted to help this customer through the Sitejabber Resolution Center, but the customer did not respond

“Best place to get cologne online in Canada with the best prices, period!”

Prior I used to find deals at local stores, but since finding Fragrance Buy, I have yet to find a better price for my cologne. Which always ships out fast, and the optional no box or open box options for even better prices, can't be beat and will be back multiple times over. Thank you

“Great Selection, Great Prices, Reliable delivery”

Have over 20 orders from FB since 2019. In my experience the fragrances are totally authentic. The Selection is great and never had issues with delivery. The incentive program also keeps me coming back. Would recommend to anyone making their first online fragrance purchase.

“Pleasant first purchase”

I bought three fragrances from them and they came very well packaged inside a red box along with a free sample fragrance (10 ml). All fragrances in top notch condition and 100% original (I verified the batch code). On the other hand, FedEx took 9 days to deliver my package with only a couple online tracking updates, but that's another story

Is a Scam? Share Your Experience

How did you find this company/page? Online ads, suspicious Facebook advertisements, Instagram, email? You can help out many people today by commenting below.. Is a scam? If you interacted with this website, what score would you give it? Please share your experience below by leaving a review. Now, let's look at some powerful fraud prevention tips.

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Do you want to know how to report or other online scammers?Contact the Federal Trade Commission and fill out the form. You can also write down the names of suspicious sites or individuals in the comments section below. You will help thousands of potential victims.

How To Recognize Red Flags Online

Last but not least, here is another must-watch video you don't want to miss:


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We have two more powerful fraud prevention tools that you should know about. We've been asked over and over again about the most effective ways to stay safe online. After testing several fraud prevention products online, we could certainly say the winner is a browser extension called Guardio. It automatically blocks 100x more harmful websites than competitors and 10x more malicious downloads than any other security tool. It was tested and vetted by our Scam Detector team.


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