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The Scam Detector’s algorithm gives this business the following rank:


We explain below why received the 58.6 rank. You'll find a comprehensive analysis, along with tips on how to block all scam websites so you can stay safe at all times.

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What Is Company Details

  • Domain Creation Date

    Monday 13th, December 2021 12:00 am

  • Domain Blacklist Status

    Not detected by any blacklist engine

  • HTTPS Connection

    Valid HTTPS Found

  • Proximity to Suspicious Websites


  • Threat Profile


  • Phishing Score


  • Malware Score


  • Spam Score


As belongs to a dynamic sector, we tried scraping a paragraph from their website, below:

Dark Age Defense

While the section above may show’s business, there is a chance that its activities may expand beyond that. Let's look at a review. Review

The Scam Detector's algorithm finds having an authoritative rank of 58.6. It means that the business is Active. Mediocre. Medium-Risk.

Our algorithm gave the 58.6 rank based on 50 factors relevant to's niche. From the quality of the customer service in its industry to clients' public feedback and domain authority, we have considered many important details.

Other factors include, but are not limited to, WHOIS details, IP address, Alexa rank, modern technology used for their website, SSL certificate, and presence or absence on suspicious website lists.

What does "Active. Mediocre. Medium-Risk." mean? It is a business that's been online for a while. It seems like has received both positive and negative feedback (occasionally), just like many other websites. That means that you need to exercise caution if you decide to proceed with using it.

The Rationale Behind Our Analysis

You saw a few tabs within the Company Details section, each deserving a thorough examination. These were:

  • Phishing Profile
  • Threat Profile
  • Malware Score
  • Proximity to Suspicious Websites
  • Spam Score
  • HTTPS connection
  • Domain Creation Date
  • Domain Blacklist Status
  • While some of these aspects may be self-evident regarding, let's now shift our focus to the remaining components.

    Risk Evaluation: Threat, Phishing, Spam and Malware Scores

    These parameters provide insights into potential vulnerabilities and components embedded within the HTML code of Their significance escalates when the website has received reports from online users who've encountered unsolicited emails, deceptive advertisements, or unwanted messages associated with the site.

    As for, we are currently categorizing it, but we eagerly await your input in the comments section below.

    Malware and Spam Rating Assessments

    A high Malware score typically signifies the presence of suspicious code that might unknowingly propagate. Conversely, a high Spam score suggests a potential association with a spam-ridden email address linked to the business. Scores below 30 in both categories offer a sense of security, but any score surpassing this threshold should raise concerns.

    Overall, all these scores for are consistent, so there is some medium-risk involved. Therefore, caution is advised if you're about to engage.

    Status of Domain Blacklisting

    This term reveals whether has been blacklisted on any online directories and labeled as suspicious.

    Proximity to Potentially Suspicious Online Sources

    This metric quantifies the degree of connection, graded on a scale of 1 to 100, between and websites flagged as questionable. Higher scores indicate a more pronounced link to these contentious online platforms. 

    Most of the time, the website owners may not even be conscious of their site's proximity to these dubious servers or platforms. Nevertheless, if the "Proximity to Suspicious Websites" score exceeds 80, it strongly implies a high-risk website, while a score below 30 suggests a more benign status.

    Evaluating the Security of the HTTPS Connection

    This tab provides insight into whether incorporates an 's' at the end of the 'HTTP' protocol visible in your browser's address bar. While some individuals may lack an in-depth technical understanding, we won't delve into those intricacies here. If the tab appears in green, consider it a positive indicator.

    Let’s continue with fraud prevention tips on blocking all malicious websites, removing all your personal data online, and getting alerts when your data is leaked.

    In-Depth Analysis

    Our algorithm focuses on analyzing various factors, with a particular emphasis on a company's website, such as When assessing websites, we dive into professional details that provide valuable insights into a business's operations, including how they present themselves and their customer service quality. For instance, when evaluating a brewery's website, our assessment doesn't revolve around the taste of their beer; instead, we examine how effectively they market and sell their products online.

    It's important to note that our tool is not intended for vanity purposes. If you are the owner of and find yourself dissatisfied with your 58.6 ranking, it's crucial to recognize that your website serves as your digital business card. Therefore, it's essential to consider potential areas for improvement, such as your online management system, ensuring a secure HTTPS connection, and managing your public reviews, as these aspects play a critical role in your online presence.

    Is a Scam? How Would You Rank It?

    Let others know what you think. Is a scam? Share the good or the bad. Help everyone be secure online. If you have dealt with, how would you rank it? Please talk about your experience by leaving a comment or a review at the bottom of this article.


    How To Spot a Fake Website in 2023

    The advancement of e-commerce and the thousands of websites that are created daily also show us that there are several types of scams. Watch the video below to see 5 ways to spot a scam website in 2023:


    How To Report Scams

    Wondering how to report a scam, whether it's related to's industry or not? You can take official action by contacting the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Additionally, you can help others by sharing the names of suspicious businesses in the comments section below.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. What to do if you have been scammed?

    In case you've lost money to a fraudulent scheme, we're here to assist you. We've teamed up with reputable asset recovery companies to address your situation. If you've lost more than $1,000 to any scam, please share your story by completing the form on THIS PAGE. Recovering lost funds can be a complex process, but we're committed to helping you regain your money.

    2. Can you recommend websites similar to

    While many platforms resemble in the industry, we prefer not to endorse any specific one. However, if you come across a platform that interests you, we encourage you to use Scam Detector's website validator HERE to ensure its legitimacy.

    3. How can I protect myself from future fraud?

    Given the rise in online fraud, we frequently receive inquiries about effective methods to stay safe on the internet. Here are some powerful recommendations:

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    2. How To Remove Your Personal Data From The Internet

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    3. How To Detect The Red Flags of a Scam

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    Fraud Tips and Resources

    For more information on fraud prevention, you can check out the following educational articles:

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    14 thoughts on “ Review”

    1. I paid the price for the e-book and was able to download it immediately. I read it did explain how to build a strange coil, but it wasn’t pocket size. But it never explained how to take this coil and use it to power your house. It said to feed a specific frequency into it and you might have to vary that frequency to find the specific one for your unique coil winding (sounds like resonance). It implied that the output was greater than the input, but didn’t really document that well. Then I looked around on the web and found a video with all the information from the book in it and the pictures in the book are screen caps from the video. That sounds a little like plagiarism. The “infinity coil” is actually a form of a Rodin coil invented by Marko Rodin. It is supposed to produce a larger power output than the input, but the book doesn’t explain how to build or use it as well as the video does. If it works at all, then it basically found a way around Lenz’s law and allowed adding the input voltage to the output voltage of an air core transformer. It is something I had been pondering anyway, so to me the concept was worth the price. I have been trying to combine the concepts of T. Henry Morray, Lester J. Hendershott, and Nicola Tesla along these lines. I just wish I had gone for the free video on “Randy’s Donuts” first. That would have saved me a few bucks.and explained the construction better.

    2. He can’t sell completed “Infinity Coil Generators” because the FTC and BBB would come down on him like a ton of bricks when they didn’t work. But he can sell you worthless book downloads, and when they don’t work, you must have built it wrong. And kiss your money goodbye. BTW I have 40 years experience as an engineer for the USAF Research Laboratory.

      I wonder what his “pastor” says about cheating people.

    3. If Tesla didn’t finish it, I’m sure it’s definitely not that easy as a
      few items around the house! And he was a genius! From reading all the previous comments, people paying and receiving nothing, it’s a scam for sure.
      Thanks for all the input.

    4. I was very tempted by the very convincing video UNTIL my bank refused the charge on my debit card! I called them and they said there was a block on the company that usually results from their not trusting the site! That’s god enough for me and I am grateful for the bank’s actions.

    5. Linda Stewart

      This company took my trust, my money twice and sent me nothing, Shame on them! I had to stop debit card and file fraud complaint with my banking institution, they are scum!

    6. Garland Parks

      SO it’s small enough to fit in your pocket, but powerful enough to create electrical current to supply your home needs, and become totally energy independent. but “small enough to fit in your pocket, you can power your car with it, take it anywhere” etc. etc. ???? Nahh look at the other ripped-off reports. Truly fits the description of “If it sounds too good”… The plans that really would work can so easily get you killed for fooling around with your electric meter and hookups without proper knowledge. ONE FALSE MOVE and you’re dead.

    7. i ordered this book 6 weeks ago and never received it.i have not been able to reach any kind of customer service.

    8. Not going to get you food.
      Are they trying to sell survival kits (food included) on the side.
      If your lights are on, the public will be attacking your residence.
      Are they trying to sell weapons on the side?

    9. I have an e-mail subscription to Daily Trump Report, and today their message was entirely about this product, while also issuing a disclaimer about not necessarily endorsing messages from sponsors. I watched the long YouTube video linked within the e-mail, and was seriously considering purchase even though I had some concerns. 1) If his BIL actually worked for a secret organization or project like the narrator says, I’m certain they’d have known about this by now and shut the whole thing down. 2) It’s only available on their own web site, so you can’t find reviews anywhere else, and they control the ones you do see. 3) All on-line search results (via go0gl anyway) seemed to be for newly created web sites (based on my area, no less), all supporting the same site and products, which makes me thing the DAD folks made them themselves. 4) It’s not just $67 as indicated in the video, but a monthly subscription of $67; and based on the other commenter, sounds like a big headache to get your money back afterward. Searching with DuckDuckGo gave me this validator page, which I’m very grateful for. Stay safe, friends.

    10. I was hoping to see some great comments on how incredible and essential this book is. Of course, it was too good to be true and a scam. This is America. Russia wants to attack our junky grid what about their stupid grid? This is bullcrap.

    11. I was sent a link from blazetv as I am a subscriber to this website I watched the video and found it interesting so I made the purchase thinking that I was going to get physical copies of the book instead was giving links to download the books electronically once downloaded was not able to view the books downloads were corrupted deleted and re-downloaded to the same effect I contacted the business for a refund they told me it would be 7 to 10 days in which I contacted blazetv and told them that I was ripped off by a company they were in partnership with blaze in turn said they would contact the company and I was giving a refund the next day I don’t know if I’m the only one to experience this but in my opinion this company is a scam

      1. Thanks Jesse. Since it came to me through Blaze, I was tempted. But knew Blaze has no control over who advertises through them in being honest. Things were also said about other means of providing energy that weren’t actually factual. So I started digging up info on the infinity coil. I lucked up this blog. I figured it was a rip off. You saved me digging any further. I’ll stick with a dual generator, being solar and/or Propane fed. Peace be with you always.

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    The Rank of the website you are interested in is:


    Active. Mediocre. Medium-Risk.

    The rank is based on a 1-100 scale, with 100 being the most reputable.

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