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Where You Got Your Shoes

How the scam works:

This might sound funny, but tons of people fall victim to this trick, usually pulled in pubs or open places. People (typically massive dudes) might approach you looking at your shoes. "These look familiar, he might say. I bet $20 that I know where you got your shoes". Being from a different state or even country you might be confident that he will not even have a clue about the little shop you purcahsed your shoes from.

"I will give you twenty if I am wrong. Here", says the scammer, while handing you a $20 bill. Excited that you might get some cash, you say "Okay, go ahead". The answer comes right away. "On your feet", he says, as he asks for your $20. This trick might not be as funny as you think, as victims reported to have been assaulted if refusing of paying their bet, especially in downtown New Orelans.

How to avoid:

Now that you know the answer, you know what to say to them.

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