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Vietnamese Blackjack

How the scam works:

You are in Vietnam and have an amazing time, and the new friends you made are just great. One day, one of them invites you to their house and, as the night progresses, he tells you about how he got scammed playing Blackjack 21.

Now, he says, he has mastered the game and – a few drinks later and after teaching you a couple of tricks – he has a proposal. You should partner with him and make tons of money in the next few days. He has the plan and it sounds good to you, as he is explaining exactly the code you are about to use.

Next day, you go and play (at any location where he says you could make money, including his house, while he is organizing) and – lucky you! – a businessman with a bag full of money joins the table.

The potential is huge. You start playing, the plan works, and – just when you are about to win the biggest pile of money – the opponent requests that he sees you have enough money to cover. Your partner loans you the amount and then bam! – the plan fails.

You lose the game and the money and now you are being escorted by your “partner” and his two buddies to the closest ATM.

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How to avoid:

Never get involved in gambling schemes.

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