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Vacation Rental: Renter

How the scam works:

You're looking to pull in a bit of extra income and put up your house/condo for rent online, as a vacation property.

One day, you receive a request from somebody inquiring about the apartment next month for a business trip. He even sends you a cheque in advance, to make sure you book the condo for him.

A couple of days before he is supposed to show up he calls you and says that, unfortunately, the trip has been called off, for various reasons (illness, death in the family, etc).

You are disappointed, since you had to turn down other rental offers, but he apologizes and suggests you can deposit his check and wire him back all but 10% for your troubles. You do so, and the cheque bounces a few business days later. You end up basically the same as you were, minus the few hundred dollars that you wired to him. So much for extra income.

How to avoid:

Wait until a check clears before counting it as your own money, and always be skeptical of deals that involve wiring money.

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