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Thailand Visas

How the scam works:

Scenario 1. You are traveling through Thailand and getting closer to the border. Along the way, the bus stops for breaks. At one of these breaks, the shops around offer visas to go into Cambodia. “Get your visas from here. It is cheaper than what they charge you at the border”, you hear.

You pay, thinking you got a good deal, and when you get to the border you realize all the other travelers pay half the price.

How to avoid:

Especially in Thailand, try to get absolutely everything from only official points/sellers.

Scenario 2. If you are entering Cambodia from Thailand, you should pay $20 for a visa. However, customs will ask you for the equivalent in Bahts (official currency of Thailand), claiming to be 1,000 Bahts (over $30).

How to avoid:

Insist on paying for your visa with dollars, instead of Bahts. Poipet is a visa-free zone, so you can change your Bahts into US dollars right there.

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