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Take Pictures with Characters

How the scam works:

If you visited major cities you might have noticed the people dressed in characters (famous singers, historical figures, movie characters, etc) in the most popular parts of the city. 

We bet you saw an Elvis Presley in Los Angeles, Roman gladiators in Rome, or Transformers robots in Las Vegas. Naturally, tourists want to take pictures with these people, to remember the trip.

Most of the people dressed up in characters are actually taking these pictures with the tourists for a living. Nothing wrong with that, as they put effort and maintenance into this work. A two-dollar per picture does the trick most of the times, and everybody is happy. 

However, some of the 'characters' are shady and ask for $10-20, or more, once the picture is taken. They would not let you go and cause a scene, embarassing you in front of everybody. That's because you never asked the price, in the first place.

How to avoid:

The trick here is to ask the right question before jumping in: "How much?", instead of "Can I take a picture with you?". Let another tourist take a picture first and see how much they pay. Every memory is nice remembering when traveling, but for the right price.

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