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School Break Packages

How the scam works:

Most students work hard to pass all their exams. At the end of term, a vacation feels long overdue and students will find flyers are posted all over campus, on school announcement boards, or on Facebook walls. The offers are very tempting. Headlines such as “A Christmas break trip well deserved” or “Student Discount” might catch their eye, offering great deals and amazing prices.

Unfortunately, it has been reported that several of these deals are fly by night operations, where scammers set up websites with stolen information and pictures from real companies, and add their own phone numbers.

Rushed with phrases such as “15 spots left!” or “Offer expires this Friday”, the victims call to book the trip and pay the crooks without even questioning the veracity of the business.

How to avoid:

If you find a good deal, always double check the source, the website, and the reviews (if possible) – in every detail. If the website is cloned, look at the browser tab, it should have “https” instead of just “http”. Does the domain name look legit, such as the pure name of the business, or does it have spelling errors? 

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