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Romanian New Banknotes

How the scam works:

Here's an example where doing your research before visiting a new country pays off instead of burning a hole in your pocket.

A couple of years ago the Romanian Government decided to change the local currency by dropping 3 zeroes off the old Lei -- a thousand Lei became one.

As you can imagine, this wouldn't be an issue with the locals but ignorant tourists are getting duped left, right and center. Taxi drivers seemed to often lead the scamming way by giving tourists change in the worthless old currency.

How to avoid:

Do your homework before you visit any country. Jamaica, Indonesia, Columbia, Chile, Hungary, Vietnam and Laos are also countries where you should also be aware of the number of zeroes on banknotes.

Also, ensuring your guidebooks and information guides are current is going to help you avoid any sort of money mix up. If you don’t have a smartphone with you that could provide you an app, another idea is to carry a small calculator just to be sure you are getting the correct change. 

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