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Public Beaches

How the scam works:

Scenario 1. As you are enjoying your time on the beach, you are approached by a young gentlemen, holding a paper pad and claiming to be a city rep.

He will show you the apartments located close to the beach and - stating that the beach is the property of that complex – he will ask for the “usual” $10 cover charge to use the beach. He could actually become aggressive if you hesitate.

How to avoid:

Beaches are public if a fence or something similar does not enclosed them. Don’t fall for it; tell him you are calling the police.

Scenario 2. If you are thinking of renting life vests, you will be recommended to purchase one, instead of renting if for several days – the deal would be better. You might be persuaded to buy one for $80US ($50GBP, 55EURO), while in reality, it really costs $15.

How to avoid:

Research your potential purchases before arriving there. Ask around as soon as you get there. Connect with tourists that have been there already and try to get as many little tips as you can.

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