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Peanuts on Your Table Scam

How the scam works:

You enjoy an evening out with your friends on a patio. The trip has been good, and the drinks are pouring. Amongst waitresses serving around, a young girl might stop by your table and drop off a small paper cone with ten roasted peanuts and a napkin. The she leaves.

As she doesn't show up anymore, you and your buddies start eating the peanuts. Suddenly, she shows up asking for $4, 5 or 6 dollars or EURO (or the equivalent currency in that country). As you thought was complimentary she starts creating a scene, saying she is hard working girl, half deaf, etc, while embarassing you in front of the other customers. You might hand her the money just to get away.

Oftentimes, the bar managers know about this, but very few decide to keep these peanut sellers away from the patios.
How to avoid:
Just don't eat the peanuts. That's it.
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