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Out of Stock Product

How the scam works:

You are shopping in South East Asia and find a video camera advertised for an amazing price.

You decide to buy it and, as the transaction goes through, the seller says they are out of stock and the camera you just played with is just for display, and doesn’t have a case or charger. “No worries, he says, we have one across the street, at our other store location. Let me call them, to bring us one.”

As you are patiently waiting for a long time, he will mention the camera is not really that good and some people had a few complaints about it - “but nothing major to worry, my friend”. What he is trying to do is get you to buy an upgraded version, which is more expensive.

Plenty of tourists fall for this, which is why the scam works for the seller.

How to avoid:

This one is quite simple. Pay only when you have the product on the counter, in front of you. If you are about to travel soon do your homework before; research your next destination and everything you might get involved in. 

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