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Money Drop in Moscow

How the scam works:

This scam was reported to be occurring in Moscow (Russia) or Kyiv (Ukraine), but chances are you could face it in any other country.

As you are walking through the famous Red Square, amongst many other tourists, somebody (usually a well-built guy) is running between you and another person and “accidentally” drops a wad of a few hundred-dollar bills. The person beside you sees it, as well.

He begins to pick up the money, but because he knows you noticed, offers to share it with you, 50-50. You look after the owner of the money and he is long gone. You take your share of $200 and walk away.

Three minutes later, the original owner of the money, along with another couple of big Russian guys, tap your shoulder and ask for the amount back - the full amount. As you only have half, you will need to see the closest ATM in order to get away without being hurt.

How to avoid:

Never take the cash from the other “tourist”.

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