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Mexican Mayan Dollars

How the scam works:

You are soaking up the sun in the Mayan Riviera and couldn't be happier about it. Strolling through the town nearest to your resort, freshly buzzed from your last margarita, you find a street vendor who sells great items for super cheap. He has everything: beer tees for $5, fake Oakley’s for $5. You pick out one of each and hand him a $20 bill. He gives you back $2.

You were never good at math, but you can figure this one out! You ask for the rest of your change and he informs you that the prices are in Mayan dollars, not US dollars. You walk away with two items you only bought because they were cheap and it turns out they weren't even cheap.

How to avoid:

Mayan dollars don’t exist. Ask for your money back. Don't be afraid to make a scene. Far too many customers just pay the full cost out of embarrassment or confusion.

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