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Haircut in Cuba

How the scam works:

This has been reported to happen more in Cuba. There are girls standing near the beach offering cheap hair cuts to tourists.

When they get potential customers, they invite them to their house, also telling a story about how the government will tax them. Needless to say, most of the victims are men.

At the house, there are several other girls who will surround the victim and get very touchy. While the man gets the haircut, he is also robbed. In the end, a few other males come out and demand extra money for all the attention the girls gave.

How to avoid:

Beautiful girls might get you to do a lot of things, especially since the price is very low. Keep in mind they do this several times a day and you might not really be a lucky one. Avoid the haircut deal in other places other than the real shops/salons.

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