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Cuban 3 Peso Banknote

How the scam works:

As you are looking for cheap souvenirs to bring back from Cuba, you encounter a local who is “willing” to sell you a rare item: a 3 Peso Cuban banknote with Che Guevera on it. “This was printed in very limited amounts, just under a hundred, as an anniversary banknote”.

Tourists buy it for $10, while in fact the bill is widely available. This scam is notorious in cities like Havana, Varradero, Cienfuegos, Cayo Coco, Santa Clara, Santiago de Cuba, Cayo Largo del Sur, and Matanzas.

Watch the video below to see other 25 tourists scams to avoid:

25 Tourists Scams To Avoid Video

How to avoid:

Don’t do it, unless you don’t mind paying.

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