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Compensation Claim


Compensation Claim: How It Works

This happens throughout the world, in busy cities. A stranger strategically bumps into you and drops his bag - and you both hear something that doesn’t sound good.

As he picks up the bag and looks inside, his porcelain souvenir (or photo camera, laptop, medicine bottle, eyeglasses, etc) is broken into pieces and a big scene takes place. You don’t hear the end of it, as he is loudly accusing you of breaking his precious item. He yells and calls for the police.

Being on holidays and not wanting to deal with local authorities, tourists prefer to give cash as compensation, just to get away. Some scammers collect up to $500/day.

How to avoid:

Don’t even give a penny. Counter attack, you be the one calling for the police. Call his bluff. Go towards a crowd and raise your voice. He will be out of there in no time.

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