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How the scam works:

This scam could certainly happen anywhere in the world.

As you are admiring the shops along the most popular streets in town, a well-dressed person posing as another tourist comes to you and asks for help.

She will inform you about a great deal at the store next door – a Gucci jacket on sale (or any other brand name handbag, shoes, jewelry – pretty much anything). She will say she already bought two and the cashier refuses to sell her any more because of a limit of two jackets per customer.

She hands you her money and, the good person you are, you go in and buy her the jacket. The scam? The store is legitimate, the deal is real, but the cash is not.

How to avoid:

Obviously, it could happen with any item for sale, not just clothes. Or stores. So be careful, there is always a reason they 'are not allowed' to purchase an extra item. When you are on the streets of any foreign country, never take cash from anybody. Not only can it be counterfeit, but it can also be claimed back as a larger amount (see also the Money Drop in Moscow Scam)

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