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Beach Massage

How the scam works:

It certainly feels good to relax on holiday and - to have a massage on the beach once in a while. However, there are destinations like Barcelona, Indonesia, Thailand, Bali, etc. – where massage ladies are all over the place.

Sometimes they walk along the beach in pairs. How the scam works is: after you agree with one of the ladies on a price, you turn and lay down. You close your eyes, listen to the ocean’s waves, and enjoy the back massage.

When done, two ladies are asking for the same price each, as the second girl probably touched you a few times, most likely massaging your legs.

Watch the video below to see other 25 tourists scams to avoid:

25 Tourists Scams To Avoid Video

How to avoid:

Negotiate all the terms before, including paying only one of them. You could also consider the professional massage sessions that are being held on the beach, in a specific accomodating white booth, by certified specialists. It's not as cheap as the walking ladies, but sometimes is worth it.

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